Follow the story of the courage of the Prophet David AS

The example of the Prophet David AS- As a Muslim in general, you will certainly know about the stories of the prophet who are always told when listening to religious lectures, be it in mosques, schools, or other places that are holding religious events. As is well known, the stories of the prophets are true stories that have occurred centuries ago as part of the history of the development of the Islamic religion to this day. Faith in the prophets and apostles is the fourth pillar of faith. For Muslims, the pillars of faith are things that must be practiced. Before cultivating faith in the prophets and apostles, one must first understand and study the stories, miracles, history, and journeys of all 25 prophets and apostles.

The lesson to be learned from believing in the Prophets and Apostles is that we can motivate ourselves to be more active in worshiping Allah Ta’ala, stay away from all the prohibitions of Allah Ta’ala, follow and emulate the attitudes of the prophets and apostles. and have good behavior according to God’s commands. Prophets and apostles who have good morals with honest and true faith. The Prophet Daud AS was no exception, who was also the messenger of Allah SWT to spread goodness and convey Allah’s commands that there is no god but Him. Even though he was hit by various obstacles while carrying out the task of conveying God’s commands, he remained patient and determined to be able to get through it. Therefore, it is very good for us Muslims to emulate the qualities of the prophet David A.

For this reason, as a guide in living this life, we also have to know what role models the Prophet Daud AS used and in this discussion we have summarized the example of Prophet Daud AS for Sinaumed’s friends to learn and practice in everyday life.

Furthermore, we have presented the discussion below!

History of the Prophet David AS

David or Dawud (Arabic: دَاؤُوْد) Dāʾūd‎ Hebrew: דָּוִד, Modern Davīd Tiberias Dāwīḏ, Greek: Δαβίδ, translit. Davíd) is a character in the Koran, the Bible, and the Tanakh. He is seen as a prophet. Dawud is known as a figure who has defeated Jalut (Goliath) and as a pious king. Abrahamic religions generally view David as an ideal role model king.

Dawud is seen as a prophet in Islam. In the Qur’an, the mention of Dawud is more emphasized on his strengths or miracles, not on the chronological flow of his life as in the story of Yusuf or Musa.

The Qur’an mentions Dawud as a figure endowed with kingdom, wisdom, wisdom, guided, knowledge, a servant of Allah who is obedient and has strength, and a caliph who has a close position with Allah and a good place to return. His name is also coupled with other prophets, especially Sulaiman who is his own son. Muslims also know Dawud from his fast which is called the Fast of David.

A history of hadith states that Dawud died at the age of one hundred years. It is stated that Allah revealed to Adam his future descendants. When he saw Dawud, it was stated that his age allowance was sixty years, and Adam asked that David’s age be increased by forty years from his own age. But when the angel of death came to Adam, Adam dodged it on the grounds that he still had forty years left and he had forgotten to give it to David.

A history says that David died on Wednesday suddenly. Apart from Harun and Musa, there was no other prophet’s death that made the Children of Israel more anxious and sad than Dawud’s death. His funeral procession was attended by many people and Sulaiman ordered the birds to gather to make shade and blow the wind so they wouldn’t get too hot.

Biblical sources state that Dawud died at the age of seventy after having ruled for forty years. He was buried in Jerusalem. In the Midrash, it is stated that Adam gave seventy years of his life to Dawud.

Follow the story of the Prophet David AS

The example of the Prophet David is one of the inspirational stories that every Muslim should emulate. In Islam, there are 25 prophets and messengers that must be known.

The prophets we have to believe in they seem to have exemplary stories for Muslim life. However, one of the stories that we should know, remember and emulate is the story of the Prophet David.

The story of the Prophet makes us as Muslims learn a lot. Because there is wisdom in a story or story. From pious people we learn to gain the pleasure of Allah SWT.

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For that, let’s look at the example of the Prophet David AS below.

  • Prophet Daud AS had great courage because he always believed in the help and strength of Allah SWT

During the reign of King Thalut, Prophet David AS was just an ordinary soldier who fought when he reigned. At that time, King Thalut announced a contest to kill his enemy Jalut.

Prophet Daud AS accepted the challenge and dared to advance against Jalut. Everyone was shocked, his two sisters who were also soldiers were fiercely rejected. Jalut who is much bigger and stronger will definitely beat Prophet Daud AS easily.

Prophet Daud AS believed that everything is possible with Allah’s permission. With this belief, the Prophet Daud US took out stones and slingshots to target Jalut. A rock hit Jalut’s forehead, causing him to collapse.

For that we need courage to go through the hardships of life. If we are sure that we are on the right track, we have nothing to fear! Rest assured that Allah SWT will always help us.

If he truly believed in the power of God, Prophet David AS would not have to be afraid of what he had to go through. This was seen when he had to deal with Jalut.

Jalut was a very tall man. The body is big and strong. Previously, no one dared to go against him.

The belief that God will help him if he does it right makes him brave against Jalut.

In the end the Prophet David AS succeeded in defeating Jalut on the battlefield. Something that no one else had thought of at the time. But if God wills, everything is easy.

We must emulate the attitude of taking risks when it is right. Prophet David was able to bravely defeat Jalut because he believed in Allah. Even though he was an ordinary soldier before.

  • Have a Humble Nature

Shortly after the Prophet Daud AS succeeded in defeating Jalut, he was raised by many people. But that just made him uncomfortable. He felt that he was not great, but an all-powerful God.

Prophet David did something sincerely in the name of Allah SWT. Not because he wanted praise from people. Nor is it for the pursuit of wealth. He even went to the mountains to avoid people. He prayed and silently prayed to God.

When King Thalut expected nothing in return, he actually married his daughter. Then he became king of the Israelites.

The success of Prophet David AS in defeating Jalut for a time made him praised by many people. King Thalut not only wanted to give him an important position in the kingdom, but people also wanted to give him gifts. Seeing the praise spread, Prophet David AS even stepped aside to a mountain and prayed to Allah SWT.

His courage against Jalut is only because he wants to fight evil. The goal is the pleasure of Allah SWT. And when he dhikr in silence Allah SWT sent down the Zabur Book.

If we look at life today, there are still many people who crave praise and get angry when their kindness is not appreciated. On the other hand, if you’re really sincere, you shouldn’t need people’s compliments.

  • Abundant wealth actually makes worship more obedient to worship, one of which is by fasting the Prophet David

Prophet David is a prophet who has so much wealth. He married the daughter of Thalut and became the greatest king at that time. This does not necessarily weaken his enthusiasm for worshiping Allah SWT.

Everything he had brought him closer to Allah. He spent his time taking care of his people and worshiping Allah SWT.

Even the Prophet David was so famous for his fasting. To this day, many Muslims imitate the Prophet David. This made the prophet David closer to Allah SWT. One day fasting and one day not. This is done from time to time.

Prophet David AS, who replaced King Thalut, succeeded in becoming a leader who was loved by the people. No wonder his empire was thriving. The wealth and throne obtained brought Prophet David AS closer to Allah SWT in the form of gratitude. The afternoon is filled with da’wah and government affairs, then the evening is spent in worship.

Prophet David AS really understood that wealth is just a deposit. This is an example of the example of the Prophet David AS who taught us how to behave. Do not let the toil of accumulating wealth make us forget the Creator and neglect worshiping Him.

  • Even though he was very rich, Prophet David AS still worked hard

Even though he has become king, he still works to support himself. The Prophet David sold the weapons he made. God gave a miracle in the form of the ability to soften iron.

Then he prepared armor for battle. He made it his business.

Many bought armor. Even at the time of the Prophet David, such armor existed for the first time. This made his army very strong. Stronger than any army.

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The Prophet once said: Prophet David never ate food that was not the result of his own labor. We should emulate this high work ethic.

Many people can relax with wealth that they did not earn through hard work. Finally he is lazy. Spending time on useful things is good. Do not rush to claim wealth.

Allah SWT gave the Prophet David AS the ability to soften iron. This is a miracle that the prophet David did not want to miss. Despite his wealth, the prophet David continued to make armor and make a living from it.

Despite the fact that Prophet Dawud’s army earned a lot of money from the armor trade, they were also hard to beat because of their strong armor protection. Wealth should not make us careless, because time must still be filled with useful work.

  • Wise and Fair

The Prophet David was a prophet who was gifted by God with wisdom. His ability to be fair and wise is exemplary. He can solve the problems of his people.

One of them is when a greedy person comes to ask for someone else’s only goat. Even though he has 99 goats.

Prophet David said why was he so greedy when he already had so much. It solves the problem fairly.

But he just realized that making him wise is God’s test. He understood that God was guiding him.

He bowed and kowtowed to ask for forgiveness. Then Allah will forgive him. His ability to understand issues and relate them to his own experience is a smart move.

When he has to be a judge, he understands that he cannot be impartial.

We can learn this from the attitude of the Prophet David. He knows how to be fair. Can also think about other people’s problems.

Becoming a king who is loved by his people and remaining committed to worshiping Allah SWT certainly requires wise time management. Prophet David AS advised that humans should not ignore the four seasons.

First of all, it is time to pray to God. Second, it’s time to think. Third, time to connect with other people. Fourth, time to enjoy life as long as it is within the limits of the law.

  • Has Polite Speech and Soft Voice

His words can soften a heart as hard as a rock. The Prophet David AS softened a hard heart with a poem he said about his words. This is one of the examples that can be emulated from the Prophet David AS, namely when you want to convey something, you must speak politely and not hurt someone’s heart.

This made the sermon of the Prophet David AS acceptable to his people. He could convince everyone to follow the orders of Allah SWT. It is not surprising that Allah SWT sent the Prophet David AS after the death of Prophet Musa AS and Harun AS to straighten his path.

When the Psalms were revealed to him. Prophet David used a different voice when reading the book. Some even say he can read the book in 70 different tones.

He has such a beautiful and gentle voice. Many people enjoyed hearing his reading. In fact, every time they heard this statement, someone moved as if they were dancing in joy.

Not only humans, birds and plants also sing the tasbih. Until now, no one has been able to match the voice of the Prophet David.

Never before has God given someone such a beautiful voice. He hums the recitation well and eloquently.

The benefits are like the benefits of the good looks of the Prophet Yusuf. There are also many stories that say sick people get better when they hear his voice. The water is calm and the wind is blowing calmly.

The mountains bowed to praise. The flying birds then stopped to worship David who glorified Allah SWT.

All elements are related to praising God. Every morning and evening they pray to Allah SWT. Besides being melodious, he can also read quickly and fluently.

It is said that while he was preparing for the journey, he read the Psalms.

Before he could perfectly finish the saddle on the beast’s back, he finished his entire reading.


That’s all for a brief discussion of the example from the story of the Prophet David AS. From the story of the Prophet David AS mentioned above, there are many examples that we can learn and lessons that we can learn to live our daily lives. Reading and emulating the story and character of the Prophet David AS teaches us to always be grateful and not arrogant with everything we have because it is all entrusted and will return to the Almighty.

This is a review of the exemplary story of the Prophet David AS. For Sinaumed’s who want to learn all about the story of the example of the Prophet David AS and knowledge related to other religions, you can visit to get related books. As #FriendsWithoutLimits, sinaumedia always provides the best products, so you have the best and latest information for you.