Quantum Physics: Understanding and 5 Interesting Facts

We often hear the term Quantum Physics through various films. For Sinaumed’s, who is a fan of science-fiction films, especially the MCU or Marvel Cinematic Universe, such as Ant-Man in 2015, and also Avengers: Endgame in 2019, they often hear the term quantum physics. But what exactly is meant by quantum physics?

Quantum Physics is a science that is also often referred to as modern physics. Where, in general, the type of physics that we learn in school is classical physics or also often called Newtonian Physics which is based on the name of Isaac Newton who became a pioneer in Physics.

Meanwhile, quantum physics itself was first introduced by Albert Einstein which opened many people’s views regarding the universe, just like how Isaac Newton succeeded in changing people’s views regarding the laws of the universe in his day.

If you take it as an example, classical physics is a science that discusses the laws of solid objects that we encounter every day, but quantum physics itself is a science that discusses objects that are very small and cannot be seen with the naked eye. Check out the following information.

Understanding Quantum Physics

Quantum physics itself is a science or study that studies the behavior of matter and energy at the molecular, atomic, nuclear, and microscopic levels, as well as smaller matter and energy as well.

The word quantum itself is taken from a direct translation from Latin, namely quantum which means how much. This refers to the discrete units of matter and energy that are observed and also predicted in quantum physics.

In various studies related to physics on this one, the researcher cannot directly see the object he is studying, but can only feel its presence through a certain detectable size.

For this reason, quantum physics is a study that is difficult to study and is not discussed in detail in school subjects because it generally focuses more on mathematical concepts and formulations without using direct observations, because this is difficult for most people to understand.

Quantum physics is also sometimes called quantum mechanics or also known as quantum field theory. Quantum physics itself is a science that examines the various very small objects that make up the universe.

Quantum physics also studies the behavior and properties of these various quantum bodies and their resulting impact on the universe.

From the point of view of quantum physics, everything we see is not what we see. For example, a solid object that we generally see and feel has a solid shape and is hard, is actually a collection of various constituent molecules.

The existing molecule itself is a collection of atoms. The atom, which is often said to be the smallest building block, also consists of various subatomic particles which have no density at all.

In reality, subatomic particles themselves are both bundles and waves of information and concentrations of energy. Based on this, it can be said that 99.9% of the atomic particles are empty space.

Based on the explanation above, it can be concluded that all parts of the world and the physical objects in it, including us as humans, consist of emptiness. So, what distinguishes an object from other existing objects is the frequency and vibration of the energy that exists.

Pioneers of Quantum Physics

Prior to Albert Einstein, a German physicist had contributed earlier to the development of quantum physics through his scientific papers on the topic of black body radiation which were published in 1900.

In addition to the two figures, there is also a scientist named Niels Bohr who also proposed the shape of the real atomic particles that we know to this day. There are also other names such as Erwin Schrodinger, Werner Heisenberg, and various other scientists.

As discussed above, the various concepts of quantum law stated by these scientists themselves have different views from existing classical physics.

The concept of the laws of quantum physics cannot be observed directly, but the truth can be known through the behavior of other objects and mathematical formulations that can be validated.

Theory of Quantum Physics

The theory of quantum physics itself arises because of various phenomena that are not in accordance with the ideas that exist in classical physics. Through this, quantum physicists draw conclusions regarding this theory, as follows.

  • All objects in the universe are a collection of molecules consisting of a collection of atoms. All these physically visible objects are nothing but vibrational energy. This phenomenon causes these objects to appear real, whereas in reality this is not true.
  • Matter that exists in the universe comes from empty space and is an energy that appears and also vibrates.
  • Quantum physics scientists also say that a real reality is just an illusion.
  • Quantum physics scientists have also proven that an object can be in 2 different dimensions at the same time.
  • When the spirit in the body completely dominates the body, then the laws of quantum physics apply within it.
  • A person can become immortal or immortal if he can travel at the speed of light. At that speed of light, both past, present, and future can exist at the same time.
  • Quantum consciousness is a theory of consciousness in which all existing people and everything in the universe are related to one another or have a connection. This is stated based on the fact that the quantum field can reach everything.
  • Lazan expressed his opinion that several universes could simultaneously exist. This means that people who have died and also people who travel using the same tunnel, will end up in the same world they lived in before, this can also be called reincarnation. Lazan also added his opinion, that the world does not end when a person’s body dies.
  • The existing biocentrism theory states that the human body can die, but the existing consciousness will always exist or be eternal. This means that the death of consciousness does not exist.
  • Interactions carried out between fellow living things can affect everything in the universe.
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Applications of Quantum Physics

The application of quantum physics in Indonesia itself is still rarely done because this science focuses on a concept. Therefore, until now there is still no special quantum physics department in Indonesia.

However, in various developed countries the field of quantum physics is in great demand because in these countries they have developed a technology that uses various concepts of quantum physics in it.

One of the technologies is a quantum computer that uses the principles of quantum physics in its processor calculations and a fusion reactor to create a small artificial shell that is used as an energy source.

Apart from quantum computers, there are also the results of observations of black holes or black holes which were carried out for the first time and at that time went viral. A black hole or black hole itself is a singularity that cannot be explained through classical physics. With the help of quantum physics, the phenomena that occur can be further explained.

Interesting Facts Regarding Quantum Physics

1. The world of quantum physics is not smooth

The first fact regarding quantum physics is that the world of quantum physics is not smooth. By parable, for example, if Sinaumed’s is going to a shoe store to choose a pair of shoes with the right size.

However, in this quantum subatomic world it uses this analogy, which has also been proven by Albert Einstein when he won the Nobel Prize in 1921.

In his research in 1905 entitled “On a Heuristic Point of View Concerning the Production and Transformation of Light”, Albert Einstein again proved the concept of quantization of energy, which stated that energy is present in multiples of quanta. For this reason, this field of science is called quantum physics.

Quanta itself is the Planck constant derived from Max Planck and is the father of quantum physics. In 1900, Max Planck tried to solve the mystery related to black body radiation by using the celestial object of the Sun, based on this research Max Planck succeeded in producing Planck’s Law.

Based on these results, the theory issued by Max Planck is also in line with the experiments conducted by Albert Einstein.

2. Waves and particles are commonplace in the world of quantum physics

A fact related to the second quantum physics is that waves and particles are commonplace in the world of quantum physics. Where, in 1906, a British physicist named Sir JJ Thomson won his Nobel prize thanks to his discovery of the electron as a particle.

However, in 1937 the son of JJ Thomson, whose name was Sir George P. Thomson also won the Nobel prize for successfully demonstrating the nature of electrons as waves. Of the two findings, which one is correct according to Sinaumed’s?

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Both statements turned out to be equally true. Where the duality between waves and particles is a foundation of quantum physics that applies to electrons as well as light.

Sometimes pua, we also need to see a light as an electromagnetic wave. However, light can also be described by means of articles known as photons.

For example, a telescope can focus light waves from a distant star and act as a vessel for that light to collect photons. This means that light can also exert pressure when photon particles hit an object.

This principle itself is not something new. Where, this principle is also applied to move spacecraft through the sun sails, and change the path of dangerous asteroids so they don’t crash into planet Earth.

3. One object in two places at the same time is not impossible

The fact related to the third quantum physics is that an object in two places at the same time is not impossible. Where apart from being the foundation of quantum physics, the duality between waves and particles is also a concept of superposition.

Where this happens when a quantum object exists in several states at the same time. For example, an electron can be in several locations at the same time. Based on this, then physics on this one discusses matters related to probability.

The existence of the object itself can best be interpreted after we see it. Based on these various opportunities, it is then formulated into a wave function.

However, making these observations can cause the wave function to collapse and destroy the superposition, which forces an object to enter one of the many possible states.

This is what Erwin Schrodinger wanted to prove, who was an Austrian-Irish physicist in 1935, also known as Schrodinger’s cat. By having a conversation with Albert Einstein, Erwin Schrodinger conducted this imaginary experiment by providing a paradox about superposition from quantum physics.

For example, a cat is placed in a chamber with a radioactive substance and a Geiger counter. Since the device is in two states until the measurement is taken, the cat is in an on and off state until we intervene.

However, if we only want to make observations, then the superposition will collapse.

4. The multiverse becomes possible in quantum physics

The fact regarding the fourth quantum physics is that the multiverse becomes possible in quantum physics. This statement itself arises from the idea that an observation can destroy the wave function and force the quantum choice which is also known as the Copenhagen interpretation by Niels Bohr and Werner Heisenberg of quantum physics.

It is this statement that creates an understanding of the multiverse or different universes. However, proponents of the idea of ​​a multiverse also say that there is no choice at all.

Where when measurements are made, reality is split into two copies of itself, where one copy produces A, and the other copy produces B.

However, in the theory of quantum particles so far, there is only one reality which is extremely complicated and consists of so many tangled layers. When the reality is scaled down, the various layers unravel into the multiverse. This process is also referred to as decoherence by physicists.

5. Physics helps in understanding the stars

Facts related to the fifth quantum physics is that this physics helps in understanding stars. Where in 1913, Niel Bohr who was a Danish physicist and also Ernest Rutherford who was a New Zealand physicist drew a model which stated that electrons orbiting in an atom also experience quantization.

Electrons become based on a predetermined size, and this concept itself is called energy levels. When an electron drops from a higher energy state to a lower one, photons with the same energy level and gap size are emitted.

An electron can also absorb light particles and use this energy to jump to a higher energy level. This concept is often used by astronomers.

So, that’s a brief explanation regarding quantum physics which has a different perspective from the classical physics that we learn in school. Based on the information we found above, we can also find out various interesting facts about this science regarding the truth of the multiverse and the contents of this universe.

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