Prayers Ask for Matchmaking and Practice to Accelerate Matchmaking

Prayers Ask for Matchmaking and Practice to Accelerate Matchmaking – Humans on this earth were created by Allah SWT in pairs. A life partner or what is also called a mate is one of Allah’s secrets, and only Allah SWT knows.

If until now you haven’t had a soul mate or a partner, maybe now is the time for you to pray frequently for a mate, and find out some practices to speed up the arrival of a soul mate, and need to remember a few things when you are looking for a mate.

You can pray at efficacious times, namely in the third part of the night, that’s when the angels come down to hear the prayers that you make.

Because, in fact Allah SWT has promised a partner for all his people. As Allah’s word in the Qur’an reads that: “And we have made everything in pairs, so that you may remember the greatness of Allah.” (Qs. Adz-Dzariyat: 49).

Finding a partner who is according to your own desires, of course, is one of the great joys. However, whatever kind of soul mate that comes to you later, that is the best choice that Allah SWT has given you. Because, Allah will give you a mate according to what you need, not just what you want.

Prayers Ask for Matchmate as Desired

For those of you who don’t have a life partner yet. Here are some prayers asking for a mate that you can pray for. Are as follows:

1. Qs. Al-Furqan Verse 74

“Rabbana hab lana min azwajina wa zurriyatina qurrota a’yun.” Meaning: O our Lord, bestow upon us our spouses and our offspring as heartwarming and soothing. You can recite this prayer when you finish the wirid prayer, so that Allah SWT can answer your wish to get an ideal partner, and live in heaven.

2. Qs. Al-Anbiya Verse 89

“Rabbi la tazarnii fardaw wa anta khairul wa ritsin.” Meaning: O my Lord, do not let me live alone without a descendant and you are the best heir. This prayer is lifted from a story of a prophet named Zakaria who experienced a trial, namely not having children after several tens of years. Even so, this prayer can also be used as a prayer to ask for a mate for people who have not met their soul mate or life partner.

3. Qs. Al-Qasas Verse 24

“Rabbi inni lima anzalta ilayya min khairin faqir.” Meaning: O my Lord, in fact I really need something good that you sent down to me. In addition to getting goodness, this verse is also recited as one of the prayers for a mate. Because the goodness referred to in the verse has universal characteristics, it can also be interpreted that kindness takes the form of a righteous and righteous partner.

4. Prayer Asks for a Matchmaker for Women

Prayer for a partner for women that you can practice, which is as follows: “rabbi habli milladunka zaujan thayyiban wayakuuna shaahiban lii fiddini waddunya wal Akhirah.” Meaning: O my Lord, give me the best husband from Your side, a husband who can be a friend in matters of religion, affairs of this world and the affairs of the hereafter.

5. Prayer for a soulmate for men

Prayer for a mate for a man that you can practice, which is as follows: Rabbi habli milladunka zauhatah thayyibah shaahibatan lii fiddini waddunnya wal Akhirah.” Meaning: O my Lord, give me the best wife from your side, the wife I proposed and married, and the wife who became a friend in matters of religion, world affairs and matters of the hereafter.

This prayer can be recited by a man when he finishes praying, and also prays. The meaning of this prayer is truly noble, because it contains content related to the desire of men to find a partner who is very suitable in world affairs and in the afterlife.

Similar to the female version, this prayer for a mate for men is intended so that the partner who comes is according to his wishes. However, you also need to always surrender to God’s choice. Because it will be the best figure for matters of religion, and the world for you later.

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Practice to Accelerate the Coming of a Soulmate

There are several practices that you can do so that your soul mate will come soon with Allah’s permission. Not only praying to be able to get a life partner, but you also need to try to get a soul mate. Because prayer without effort will be in vain, while effort without prayer will be impossible.

When someone prays for a good partner, of course someone will ask Allah SWT to make it easy for them to find a life partner. In addition, endeavor should always be carried out as a form of surrendering oneself to Allah SWT, that the soul mate given by God is the best mate.

Here are some practices you can do, including the following:

1. Doing the Tahajud Prayer in a third of the night

Doing the midnight prayer is one of the sunnah prayers that the Prophet Muhammad used to do. Not only that, this prayer is also one of the good deeds you can do. Because, the time that is done in the third part of the night is a precious moment full of blessings, and very appropriate for praying.

As written in Qs. As-Sajdah Verses 16-17 which means: “Their stomachs are far from their beds, they pray to their Lord with fear and hope, and they spend part of the sustenance that we give them.

So no one knows what is hidden for them, namely various kinds of favors that can be pleasing in return for what they do.

So apart from getting a very extraordinary reward for doing the midnight prayer, you can also continue it by reading a prayer for a mate. Because at that time was the right moment to pray to get a mate.

2. Perform Hajat Prayers in a third of the night

As with the midnight prayer, the hajat prayer is also one of the sunnah prayers performed by Rasulullah SAW. This sunnah prayer is usually performed by people who have an intention or desire that they want to achieve immediately.

One of them is praying for a mate. If you do it seriously, and sincerely, then believe that Allah will grant your request. You can do this prayer time in a third of the night. This one practice is a practice that you can do to speed up the arrival of a mate.

3. Keeping Ablution and Maintaining the Five Daily Obligatory Prayers

There are several benefits of ablution, one of which is to make the face look cleaner and pleasing to the eye, because it doesn’t look dull. In addition, you can also be free from all hadas, both small and large.

By taking care of ablution, you can also protect yourself from doing any activity or activity that has the potential to be negative, so that it can eventually lead you to sin.

Not only maintaining ablution, you also need to maintain the five daily obligatory prayers, this prayer is one of the most important obligations that needs to be done for every Muslim, whether done alone or in congregation.

Carrying out the obligatory prayers, it will make you closer to Allah SWT. So you can pray for a mate. With that, it can be given the convenience of quickly meeting someone with the permission of Allah SWT.

4. Sunnah Fasting

The fourth practice that you can do is to get closer to Allah SWT through the implementation of sunnah fasting. By doing sunnah fasting, you will reduce the bad or bad qualities that are in yourself.

And it can make you given convenience in all matters, one of which is to meet someone who harbors his love for Allah SWT.

5. Surrender, Trust, and Reflect on Yourself

The next practice that can speed up the arrival of a mate is by surrendering, putting your trust in yourself, and not forgetting to reflect on yourself. Problems regarding life, death, sustenance, mate are something beyond human control. Surrender is a form of humility as a living being.

Even though there is a saying that “your soulmate is not going anywhere”, it doesn’t mean that you don’t want to do anything. You need to try to improve the quality of yourself by muhasabah.

Because soulmate is a reflection of yourself. As written in the letter An-nur verse 26, it means: Abominable women are for abominable men, and abominable men are also abominable women, while good women are for good men, and men Good men for good women too.

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So that after you have done all that, you need to surrender all decisions to Allah. Because all that is best according to you is not necessarily the best for Allah SWT.

6. Maintain Hospitality

Maintaining friendship is one practice that you can do to anyone. By often maintaining hospitality, it will be able to extend a sense of affection to anyone. You can even find your partner in the gathering.

Things to Keep in Mind When Looking for a Match

Even though you have said several prayers for a mate, and carried out a number of the practices listed above, keep in mind that no one among other humans truly understands their own journey in life.

Even the prophet though, did not know the journey of his life. Because, it is a part of God’s secret, and can only be known by God.

For those of you who have been looking for a soul mate or life partner for a long time, but haven’t found one yet. Then you need to remember a few things below when looking for a mate.

By remembering these things, it is hoped that it will give you a feeling of enthusiasm that never ends. What are they? Let’s look at the following discussion.

1. You Are Not Alone

You are not alone in finding a life partner. Because there are still many friends, friends, and people out there who are also fighting for a life partner. Each person’s love story is very different from another.

Your soul mate is out there trying to find you. He is struggling in his own way to meet you. So don’t feel alone in looking for a partner.

2. Every Patience Will Bear Sweet Fruits

Patience, and continuous patience is one way to overcome problems when you are about to give up. Maybe it feels like you really want to stop looking for or find a partner.

But you need to establish yourself to be patient again, so that one day you will not be alone again. So you need to be patient, because being patient will produce sweet results. Maybe being patient is a difficult way to do for everyone, but you need to do it so that you get beautiful results in the future.

3. Anxiety is natural

As you get older, and some people ask about when you got married. Even friends, and best friends, you all live in households. It will make you feel anxious, but that is normal.

You don’t need to panic, you can calm down by breathing slowly, because there will be an opportunity or opportunity that you can meet or find when you find a life partner unexpectedly.

4. Everyone Has Their Own Struggle, No Need to Compare

You will never know the struggle, as well as what kind of hard work the people around you have gone through in finding or looking for a life partner. Everyone has their own love struggles. So there’s no need to compare. Maybe now your soul mate is not as fast as someone else’s match. But you need to keep the spirit to keep going.

5. You Can Stay Happy Anytime

All this time you always think that you can be happy when you already have a life partner. However, that thought turned out to be wrong because you can be happy at any time without waiting to have a life partner to be happy.

You can be happy in your own way. With you happy now, when you meet a partner in your life later, then you will get happiness that is very layered.

Feeling confused, sad, and anxious when looking for a partner is something that is very common for him to face. But don’t let that make you give up, and don’t want to find a mate anymore. So you have to keep the spirit in finding a mate.

6. Be Yourself

Being yourself when looking for a life partner is very important. You can be yourself by starting to know who you are. It becomes something that needs to be done in order to create a sense of confidence in yourself.

Confidence can create encouragement for you to keep moving in looking for a life partner. If you already have the belief that you deserve to have a more serious relationship then you will be able to be more open when looking for a life partner. Not only that, you also need to consider what kind of life goals you want to achieve.

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