Masochism Is: Definition, Symptoms, Causes, and Treatment

Masochist Is – Today, the term masochist is often used in various discussions both orally and in writing. Not infrequently, this term is heralded as something great, but in fact it is not like that. There are also many people who don’t understand the definition of the term masochist, so they often use it to make it look cool. But the truth is that this masochist is a form of sexual deviance, you know… and can even risk the death of his partner. So what is a masochist then? What are the symptoms and causes of masochism in a person? How do you overcome a masochist in someone? So, so that You understands these things, let’s look at the following review!

What is a Masochist?

The term “masochist” originally came from the name of an Austrian writer in the 19th century, namely Leopold von Sacher-Masoch. In the novels he wrote, it is quite common to mention characters who have an obsession with the combination of sex and pain. That is what underlies the definition of a masochist, namely a person’s disorder where a person will feel passionate if he is hurt or even humiliated (verbally) by his partner. In a broader sense, this masochist refers to an experience of receiving pleasure or satisfaction from painful suffering.

Not many people know that this masochist belongs to the paraphilia section, which is a disorder related to impulses, behavior, and the desire to generate strong sexual arousal through deviant sexual behavior. Often, this sexual disorder is associated with sadistic behavior, because the perpetrator will indeed do sadistic things during sexual intercourse to get sexual satisfaction, on a reciprocal basis. In a sense, the perpetrators of sadism will get sexual arousal satisfaction through efforts to hurt their partners, while their partners will also feel satisfied after they have been hurt or humiliated (verbally).

It should be noted that this masochistic activity can lead to death. Of all the activities of masochism, the most dangerous is hypoxyphilia. In this hypoxophilic activity, the patient will be sexually aroused by the lack of oxygen consumption. Starting with using plastic bags, rope snares, to chemicals that can suppress the chest so that breathing will be disturbed and cause death.

Since this masochistic actor likes painful things to gain sexual satisfaction, he will also do things that most people rarely do. For example by tying or hurting himself when he was having sex fantasies or masturbating. Meanwhile, if the masochist is going to have sex, he will ask his partner to tie him up, close his eyes, and whip him to make him more aroused. This masochist is referred to as a sexual disorder that turns out to occur from childhood to adolescence and is usually experienced by women.

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The hallmark of a masochist is to hurt himself. Related to this, masochism is divided into 2 things, namely moral masochists and eros masochists. This moral masochist refers to someone who has an unconscious pleasure when someone hurts his feelings. When her feelings are hurt, of course she will cry and look sad, but that sadness actually makes her feel “happy”. Meanwhile, masochist eros deals with things that are physical in nature and not only in sexual activity.

Symptoms of a Masochist

Reporting from , someone who has this masochist causes symptoms in the form of:

  • Having intense and recurring sexual fantasies, usually 6 months old. Starting from the act of being beaten, tied up, humiliated (orally), or made to suffer as much as possible.
  • Having significant sexual disorders can actually cause problems in various areas of life, both social and work.

Things That Lead to Masochists

Actually, there is no underlying theory about what causes a masochist in a person. However, there are several theories that “try” to explain that masochistic activity is included in sexual paraphilia in general.

1. Trauma

Trauma that is felt by someone, especially during childhood, will really make an impression until he becomes an adult. Based on psychoanalysis, trauma experienced in childhood, especially due to sexual abuse, will greatly trigger this masochist when he grows up later. Now, over time, this painful experience tends to make it a sexual deviation, so that he will really enjoy the pain from the trauma he experienced.

2. Environmental Factors

Sexual disorders are also strongly influenced by environmental factors, you know! Yep, how the condition of the surrounding environment will greatly affect how one’s mindset, behavior, lifestyle, to sexual tendencies from within a person. The closest environmental factor is the family, especially those who often commit violence, which can make them a masochist.

3. Sexual Violence

Previously, it has been explained at a glance that an environment that often commits violence against it, can make it a masochistic sufferer. This violence does not only have to be about sexual violence, but also physical violence. Although in fact, this cannot be confirmed clearly, bad experiences or trauma caused by sexual violence can make him a masochistic person.

4. Runaway

Reporting , there is a theory that suggests that sadomasochistic behavior, aka sexual activity that enjoys torturing their partner, is a form of escape. Through his sexual fantasies, the masochist will experience new things that are different from before.

5. Sexual Fantasy

This masochistic behavior initially occurred because he had forbidden sexual fantasies, so his passion would be stronger when “suppressed”. Therefore, when he is having sex, he will become more aroused in a state of stress.

Treatment for Masochist Actors

Unfortunately, someone who has masochistic behavior in him, rarely seeks professional help. In fact, this sexual disorder can be treated with psychotherapy and drugs, especially to reduce sexual arousal.

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The first way to treat people with masochism is with psychotherapy, which can aim to reveal and overcome what are the causes of this behavior. Usually, the form is in the form of cognitive therapy which includes correcting disturbed thought patterns to practicing empathy.

In cognitive therapy, which is in the form of correcting this disturbed mindset, it is intended to improve the beliefs of the masochist about anything that can trigger these actions. While in cognitive therapy in the form of empathy training, it is intended to help masochistic actors take the point of view of their victims. This is so that he can also understand the potential dangers that can occur later.


Usually, the drugs used are testosterone-lowering drugs which are very useful in terms of reducing the frequency of erections. Then there are also antidepressant drugs that are useful to reduce sexual desire. However, please note that these drugs can only be obtained through a doctor’s prescription.

Masochist Becomes a Life-Threatening Sexual Disorder

For You , who is old enough and has seen the film Fifty Shades of Gray , he must be aware that the film shows a sexual disorder in the form of masochism. Since this sexual disorder is often used as a theme in a film, surely many will consider it understandable. When in fact, when viewed from a psychological perspective, this sexual disorder can be very dangerous and can even be life threatening, both for himself and his sexual partner.

This masochistic behavior often manifests his sexual fantasies by injuring himself. So that not infrequently, he will cut his skin or burn himself in order to get sexual satisfaction. Indeed, often perpetrators realize that their sexual fantasies only apply in an effort to “play a role” when they are having sexual intercourse. However, it is not uncommon for the hardness to level up to the stage of autocortic asphyxiation.

Just a little trivia, this autoorotic asphyxiation is a subtype of sexual masochism, in which the culprit deliberately suffocates or suffocates himself. Usually, masochists at this level of asphyxia will wrap their heads in plastic until they run out of oxygen. Then, there were also those who wrapped ropes around their necks so that they suffocated. This of course can cause a lack or depletion of the supply of oxygen from within the body so that it becomes difficult to breathe and dies.

So, that’s a review of what masochists are often talked about by adults today. This knowledge is included in sex education , but you have to be old enough to learn it…