Masochist Is: Definition Along with Perspectives on Human Rights and Legislation in Indonesia

Masochist Is – Today, many people don’t understand the definition of the term masochist, but often use it to make it look cool. But the truth is that this masochist is a form of sexual deviance, you know… and can even risk the death of his partner. Indirectly, the laws in our country have regulated that this masochist action is strictly prohibited because it violates the rules. So, what is a masochist? What is the perspective of human rights and law in Indonesia in viewing this masochist action? So, so that You understands these things, let’s look at the following review!

What is a Masochist?

The term “masochist” originally came from the name of an Austrian writer in the 19th century, namely Leopold von Sacher-Masoch. In the novels he wrote, it is quite common to mention characters who have an obsession with the combination of sex and pain. That is what underlies the definition of a masochist, namely a person’s disorder where a person will feel passionate if he is hurt or even humiliated (verbally) by his partner. In a broader sense, this masochist refers to an experience of receiving pleasure or satisfaction from painful suffering.

Not many people know that this masochist belongs to the paraphilia section, which is a disorder related to impulses, behavior, and the desire to generate strong sexual arousal through deviant sexual behavior. Often, this sexual disorder is associated with sadistic behavior, because the perpetrator will indeed do sadistic things during sexual intercourse to get sexual satisfaction, on a reciprocal basis. In a sense, the perpetrators of sadism will get sexual arousal satisfaction through efforts to hurt their partners, while their partners will also feel satisfied after they have been hurt or humiliated (verbally).

It should be noted that this masochistic activity can lead to death. Of all the activities of masochism, the most dangerous is hypoxyphilia. In this hypoxophilic activity, the patient will be sexually aroused by the lack of oxygen consumption. Starting with using plastic bags, rope snares, to chemicals that can suppress the chest so that breathing will be disturbed and cause death.

Since this masochistic actor likes painful things to gain sexual satisfaction, he will also do things that most people rarely do. For example by tying or hurting himself when he was having sex fantasies or masturbating. Meanwhile, if the masochist is going to have sex, he will ask his partner to tie him up, close his eyes, and whip him to make him more aroused. This masochist is referred to as a sexual disorder that turns out to occur from childhood to adolescence and is usually experienced by women.

The hallmark of a masochist is to hurt himself. Related to this, masochism is divided into 2 things, namely moral masochists and eros masochists. This moral masochist refers to someone who has an unconscious pleasure when someone hurts his feelings. When her feelings are hurt, of course she will cry and look sad, but that sadness actually makes her feel “happy”. Meanwhile, masochist eros deals with things that are physical in nature and not only in sexual activity.

Masochist Becomes a Life-Threatening Sexual Disorder

For You , who is old enough and has seen the film Fifty Shades of Gray , he must be aware that the film shows a sexual disorder in the form of masochism. Since this sexual disorder is often used as a theme in a film, surely many will consider it understandable. When in fact, when viewed from a psychological perspective, this sexual disorder can be very dangerous and can even be life threatening, both for himself and his sexual partner.

This masochistic behavior often manifests his sexual fantasies by injuring himself. So that not infrequently, he will cut his skin or burn himself in order to get sexual satisfaction. Indeed, often perpetrators realize that their sexual fantasies only apply in an effort to “play a role” when they are having sexual intercourse. However, it is not uncommon for the hardness to level up to the stage of autocortic asphyxiation.

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Just a little trivia , this autoorotic asphyxiation is a subtype of sexual masochism, in which the culprit deliberately suffocates or suffocates himself. Usually, masochists at this level of asphyxia will wrap their heads in plastic until they run out of oxygen. Then, there were also those who wrapped ropes around their necks so that they suffocated. This of course can cause a lack or depletion of the supply of oxygen from within the body so that it becomes difficult to breathe and dies.

Masochist in the Perspective of Human Rights and Criminal Law in Indonesia

According to a research article written by Inna Fauziatal Ngazizah and Maria Ulfa Fatmawati with the title Sadomasochism in Indonesia Perspective on Human Rights and Criminal Law, it states that in fact masochist actions which are included in the form of sadomasochism have included actions that are prohibited by criminal law as well as violating human rights. This research was conducted using the field observation method, then analyzed using the description-analysis method.

Does You know what sadomasochism is? This sadomasochism is cruel, vicious, or violent behavior that actually gives sexual satisfaction to the perpetrator. So, it can be said that sexual satisfaction will be obtained by hurting or being hurt by the person he loves, both physically and spiritually. This action actually becomes a form of mental disorder , you know… which makes the sufferer will get satisfaction when hurting or being hurt by other parties. If based on the term, this sadomasochism comes from two meanings namely “sadism” and “masochism”. Sadism itself is a form of sexual deviation by obtaining satisfaction, through the torture givento partner. Meanwhile, masochism is a form of sexual satisfaction he receives from his partner.

In Islam, scholars have agreed to prohibit marital relations with all forms of violence. The thing that is needed is how to create a relationship that upholds equality based on respect and affection. Well, the opinion of these scholars is also almost in line with Law Number 23 of 2004 Article 5 which states that “Everyone is prohibited from committing domestic violence against people within the scope of his household in four ways. The first is physical violence in the form of beatings, pinching, grabbing, collisions and so on. The second is psychological violence, such as body shaming, insults, reproaches, harsh words. The third is sexual violence. Fourth is home abandonment, such as leaving home without information on the causes and reasons.”

In this study, sources were taken from research that had previously been conducted with the title “Sexual Deviations in Husband and Wife Relationships Perspective of Islamic Law and Law Number 23 of 2004 Concerning Domestic Violence (KDRT)”by Mawardi. In the previous journal, it also discussed sexual deviations in husband and wife relations from the perspective of Islamic law and Law no. 23 of 2004, here only explains that the form of sexual deviation in a husband and wife relationship is in the form of sexual sadism and sexual intercourse in the wife’s rectum which is usually carried out by homosexual couples. This is in Article 8 Letter A of Law no. 23 of 2004 including acts of domestic violence (KDRT) and in Islam it is not allowed because this causes harm, persecution, and is not in accordance with Islamic religious teachings and is contrary to the goals of Islam, namely Rahmatan lil alamin which means to bring mercy to the universe .

Yep, the existence of this sadism and masochist is a form of sexual fantasy that involves torture in sexual intercourse. For sufferers of this masochist, they will be satisfied with their partner’s torture, from being whipped to dripping with hot wax. Therefore, the couple of a sadistic and masochist must in practice give and receive pain to each other to stimulate their sexual libido. In fact, not infrequently, this couple will exchange roles between sadistic and masochist when having sex.

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The masochist action that deserves attention from HAM is hypoxophilia. Hypoxyphilia is sexual arousal by experiencing limited oxygen with the media of ropes, plastic bags, chest compressions which can reduce oxygen levels for some time (Noermala Sari, 2006: 625). Masochism traits have the same form as sadistic traits.

Factors that cause masochist behavior are parental behavior, guilt and a deep sense of love for their partners. Parental behavior arises during childhood when their parents hit them in the erogenous area and get satisfaction because of that treatment. Thus causing the incident to occur repeatedly. A person’s guilt towards his partner will make him try hard to get his partner’s forgiveness even though he gets a sense of suffering. A deep sense of love is the beginning of masochist behavior to get pleasure in sexual activity.

This act of sadomasochism becomes a form of violence in a relationship between two people in their relationship. It was recorded that there had been a lot of violence in the household until 2018, namely around 1046 cases of complaints. This number increases every year and around 22 cases are sexual violence, with the following description:

  • The victim was forced to carry out sexual activities using an intermediary tool. Threats are made by the partner if they don’t follow their wishes.
  • The victim experienced bleeding from her genitals because her partner used objects or accessories on her genitals.
  • The victim was forced to have sexual intercourse with a partner who had a venereal disease.
  • The victim was forced to have an unusual relationship. The unusual relationship meant that one of the partners had a tendency to sexual deviation before having intercourse, such as being beaten first.
  • The victim experienced torture in sexual intercourse.

The cases of violence described above are of concern from the aspect of protection which is still lacking because almost every day cases of domestic violence still occur. Even though Article 28 G paragraph (1) of the second amendment of the 1945 Constitution states that: “Everyone has the right to protection of himself/herself, family, honor, dignity and property under his control, and has the right to feel safe and protected from threats of fear to do or not doing something that is a human right”

The Criminal Code outlines that abuse and violence perpetrated by men against women in a relationship has an element of greater sanction when compared to the usual criminal acts of abuse that have no legal relationship, as described in articles 351 to 355 of the Criminal Code. The forms of violence referred to in the law are:

  1. Physical violence, directly in the form of beatings, scrapes to destruction, sexual violence and direct physical violence.
  2. Psychological violence, acts that result in fear, a feeling of helplessness and self-doubt.
  3. Sexual violence, acts in the form of coercion of sexual intercourse, coercion of unnatural relations.

The form above becomes part of the character of sadomasochism. Violence committed or received by one of the spouses can basically be criminalized if the act is unwanted or disliked by society. The benchmark is an act committed to bring victims or aggrieved parties. Physical violence becomes more problematic if the victim of violence cannot show physical evidence of the violence committed by their partner.