Goal Setting: A Guide to Setting and Achieving Goals

Goal setting is one aspect of self management . By having a clear goal setting , life will be more meaningful. 

Sometimes a person is too focused on the usual work to have no other purpose in life. 

As a result, at some point they will feel life becomes colorless. Or feel no progress in life

That is the importance of having a goal setting

Definition of Goal Setting

Goal setting is all the processes needed to achieve a goal. People who have goal setting will have a better quality of life. 

By having a clear vision and mission in life, a person will be able to develop himself to be even better. 

How to Create Goal Setting

It’s never too late to start good habits. There are some tips for create goal setting . What are they? Check out the following explanation, yes. 

1. Know Priorities

Before determining the goals you want to achieve, you should know the priority goals you want to achieve. 

Think about the goals you want to achieve in life. It doesn’t have to be long-term goals, short-term goals can be. 

If you have many goals to achieve, choose the goals that you think are most important first. 

Working on one goal first will make you more focused on achieving it than working on multiple goals at one time. 

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2. Use the SMART Method

The second step is to use the SMART method. What is the SMART method?

The SMART method stands for Specific , Measurable , Achievable , Realistic , and Timebound

This method is used to set specific goals . The goal is that someone can find out how far the progress he has achieved. 

In addition, this method is also useful to find out whether someone has succeeded in achieving the target or not. 


3. Write down the target you have

Most people will have a passionate desire to reach the target at the beginning. However, over time they will forget the target they want to achieve. 

That’s why it’s important to write down the goals you have. 

After writing down the target you have, you can put the writing in a place that is easy for you to see. For example on a study table, bedroom wall, cupboard, and so on. 

The goal is that you always remember the target you want to achieve. 

Also try to write targets with positive words so that you are more enthusiastic about achieving the targets you have. 

4. Make an Action Plan

Many people think too much about the target they want to achieve but forget to take steps to achieve that target. 

Therefore, you need to make an action plan . This action plan contains small plans or targets that you want to achieve in order to realize bigger targets. 

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To avoid the habit of procrastinating work , you can create a timeline . Give a certain period of time for you to complete one target. 

The goal is for you to be more motivated to achieve it and avoid wasting time. 

5. Consistent to Achieving Target

The next step is to start taking steps to achieve the target to be achieved. 

Usually on the way to achieving this target a person will experience a phase of ups and downs of motivation. 

In fact, not infrequently they give up and eventually forget the target they want to achieve. That is why in achieving a target, you also need self motivation to be consistent. 

6. Evaluate

The last step is to evaluate. Take time at least once a week to evaluate the steps you have taken. 

This evaluation will help you to find the obstacles and challenges you encounter in implementing these targets. So that later you can find a way to solve it. 

This evaluation can also be a means for you to appreciate your efforts in achieving the target. No less important, make it a habit to give self-rewards when you succeed in achieving a target. 


Those are the steps to make goal setting from sinaumedia . Dreams will make life more colorful. Moreover, if the dream comes true, life will become more meaningful. Keep on making dreams come true!