7 Elements of Management and Their Definitions, Functions, and Types!

Elements of Management – Talking about management maybe what you think is about the business world or maybe the office world. This is indeed true, where management is always applied in the world of offices or the business world.

However, management doesn’t just stop there. In our daily life the existence of management is also very necessary, you know . Simply put, management is a person’s ability to be able to manage everything well, both for himself and within a certain group.

Well, given the importance of management skills in this life. Of course, you also have to know management in more depth. Relax, you don’t need to be confused if you don’t really know what management is.

Because, in this article will be explained more broadly about management. Starting from understanding, elements of management to all matters related to management.

Definition of Management

The first thing that we will discuss together is about the meaning of management itself. Previously, it was explained briefly what management is. However, this point will be explained more broadly so that we also know what management means.

Management is a process in which an individual is able to manage everything he does for himself or for a particular group. Where management is also very necessary so that it can more easily achieve goals or targets from himself or the group cooperatively by utilizing available resources.

From this explanation, the science of management can be interpreted as the ability to organize something so that the goals to be achieved can be more easily fulfilled. In everyday life everyone has applied the science of management. However, maybe they are not aware that the routine they do contains management knowledge.

The word management comes from the English language, namely manage, which if interpreted is to organize, plan, manage, strive for, and lead. Meanwhile, etymologically, management can be interpreted as an art of organizing and implementing.

In addition, management can also be interpreted as a form of planning, coordinating and also managing existing resources in order to achieve goals more effectively and efficiently. Where when someone applies management science it is expected to be able to do something that can be completed on time without anything being wasted in it.

Definition of Management According to Experts

If previously we have learned together about the meaning of management in general. Next, we will learn about the meaning of management according to some experts. The reason is, there are some experts who argue related to the notion of management itself.

Below are the opinions of some experts on management.

1. Mary Parker Follet

Mary Parker Follet explained that management is an art in completing tasks through intermediaries. In this case, management can also be interpreted as an activity that will be carried out by a manager to be able to direct subordinates or other people in completing work in order to achieve real goals.

2.George Robert Terry

George Robert Terry argues that management is a distinctive process of various kinds of actions such as planning, organizing, moving to controlling. Where basically all of these actions have the goal of achieving a target by utilizing the available resources.

3. Ricky W. Griffin

Ricky W. Griffin explained that management is a process of planning, organization, coordination and control of resources in order to achieve goals more effectively and efficiently. Where the meaning of effective here is when the goals are able to be achieved in accordance with the plan and to be efficient means if management will be carried out carefully, organized and on time.

4. Lawrence A. Appley

Lawrence A. Appley has an opinion about management as a skill in arousing other people to be willing to do something. It will not only be owned by an individual. But management expertise is also very much needed in an organization or certain groups.

5. Hillman

Hilman argues that management is a function that is needed to achieve targets through intermediaries and also requires supervision. If you do this, then the goals will be more easily achieved together.

So, those are some opinions from experts about management. Every opinion about management as above is not far from trying to be able to achieve a goal by managing and also supervising.

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Elements of Management

After we all know what is the meaning of management. Next, we will study together about the elements of management. Implementation of management can run well if some of these elements are met.

So what are the elements of management? Here is a full explanation.

1. Man or Man

The first element of management is human. The position of humans in the management element is the most important. Apart from that, in the operating system, the human element is also quite crucial.

In this case, humans are a resource that is very necessary to lead, mobilize employees or subordinates and mobilize energy and mind for the sustainability of an institution. In short, human management is needed to be able to get maximum work results, create a healthy and conducive work environment and also create various innovative ideas.

2. Material or Ingredients

Next, there is the material element in management. This material or material element is the raw material needed in carrying out a business process. When the availability of raw materials is not properly available or access to obtain raw materials is very difficult, it can automatically result in a decrease in the performance of the production process.

This condition will also affect the business processes that you are running in the short and long term. Therefore, the raw materials used in business must be strictly selected in order to obtain the best quality.

In addition, when used, raw materials can be used as effectively as possible, so that no raw materials are wasted. Then, during the process of purchasing raw materials, it must also be adjusted to business needs and the budget that has been planned from the start. It is important for business people to be able to get quality raw materials that also have affordable prices.

3. Machine or machine

The machine is also one of the management elements that is so important. Machines can be interpreted as equipment used by an institution or agency. Where the machine can provide support for the smooth process towards the goals desired by the company or a business that is being carried out.

The existence of the machine will also make raw materials to be processed to become a product with high quality. That means, machines can speed up and simplify a job so that the business being run will be more efficient in terms of time, money and energy.

Therefore, in the process of buying and using the machine here, it must also be designed effectively. This also includes getting a machine with decent conditions but at a low price and can provide the best production performance.

In order for the machine to last longer and not be easily damaged, it must be used effectively and as well as possible.

4. Money or Money

Next, there is money which is also an element of management. In this case, money can be interpreted as an important element that underlies all business activities such as management activities in order to achieve the desired goals.

All work processes that will take place will require money. For example, such as buying equipment, supplies and other things needed for a business or company.

Therefore, money must also be managed and budgeted more wisely and carefully so that sustainable management can remain more optimal. Usually, the process of purchasing materials or raw materials will get affordable prices when the payment system is made in cash.

Not only that, when buying goods in large quantities it is not uncommon for sellers or vendors to cooperate with them to give discounts.

5. Method or method

Methods are also a part of management elements. The method itself is a management element that will be used to regulate the process of carrying out activity procedures. The existence of a method in business activities will really help all the necessary processes.

In addition, the method can also make processes in business activities more efficient. By using a method that has been created in accordance with each division in a company, employees will become like specialists and it will be easier to distribute them.

Methods must also be applied properly, effectively and standardized in order to get satisfactory work results and in accordance with the desired goals.

6. Market or Market

Market or market is the next element of management. Just like other management elements, market elements are so important, especially for a company or an ongoing business.

This is none other than because basically a market or market is a place or an area that is often visited by many people. In contrast to other elements that can stand alone, specifically for the market element it is still divided into several parts.

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Starting from the planning, organizing, controlling, implementing programs, policies, strategies, to marketing techniques that can be used to create demand related to product and service offerings.

The existence of a market can cause products that have been produced to be sold and can find out the advantages and disadvantages of these products. In this case, of course, producers can improve or maintain existing quality. In addition, the specific strategy used can also cause the product to spread more quickly and widely to be liked by consumers.

7. Minutes or Time

Finally, there is the element of time which is the most valuable asset which also requires prominence from the management planning process. In a business, you have to be able to calculate time as effectively as possible.

For example, how long does it take to introduce a product to the market? Then, you also have to know how resistant the business you are running can survive the competition? Therefore, it is so important to make the best use of time.

Those are some elements of management that are so important to be able to make management work and function better. So, always pay attention to all the elements above when you want to make a management.

Management Function

As explained earlier that management is an ability to be able to manage everything for individuals and for a group. Of course, the existence of management also has several functions of its own.

So, for more details related to some of the functions possessed by management, here is a full explanation.

1. Planning or Planning

The first management function is planning. Where management is needed to be able to facilitate the process of preparing plans and strategies when starting a business or activity.

As for planning, it can be interpreted as determining what will be done first. In making a plan it will also contain several elements such as what, why, where, when, who , and how . In addition, a plan must contain a strategy that will be formulated to achieve the goal.

2. Organizing or Organizing

Furthermore, management also has an organizing function. Organizing is a function that basically aims to divide tasks according to their abilities.

The existence of organizing is also considered important in managing a group or organization. Within an organization or company there will be tasks that are divided according to their respective positions.

For example, the duties for directors, managers, staff, and members will definitely be made differently according to their respective abilities. Then, later on those who have got the task must take full responsibility.

3. Directing, Actuating or Actuating

Next, there is the directing function which is also needed after the task is completed to be divided between individuals and groups according to their respective fields. This direction is needed in order to achieve the goals to be achieved better and is expected to be able to minimize the risk of hampering a plan.

Then, the steps that need to be carried out in this function are such as guiding, consulting related to assignments and providing motivation.

4. Monitoring and Evaluation or Controlling

Finally, management has an evaluation function. This management function is used to assess the work that has been done. Evaluation is indeed needed in order to be able to control the progress of the plans that have been prepared previously. In addition, evaluation can also be used to assess whether a change in strategy is necessary or not.

Meanwhile, the supervisory function is very necessary so that the work carried out can more easily achieve the goals of the company, supervisory measures will usually be used to prevent irregularities. In addition, an organization or company really needs one of these management functions. This is none other than so that the goals of the organization or company can be more easily achieved effectively and properly.

So, those are some of the functions of management that you can read in full.

Type of Management Science

The existence of management is one of the activities that is so important to always be applied in a field. In addition, the types of management knowledge are also quite diverse. Several types of management science are strategic management, administration, organization, marketing management , production, time, human resources, risk, and other types.

That’s a summary of management, starting from the understanding, elements of management, functions and types of management knowledge, you can read in full here. Hopefully the discussion in this article can provide benefits as well as add insight to Sinaumed’s.