Examples of Minor Human Rights Violations and Their Punishments

Examples of Minor Human Rights Violations – Does Sinaumed’s know what human rights are?

Yep, HAM which stands for Human Rights are the basic rights that every human being has as a form of God’s gift since they were born. This basic right must be applied to all human beings without discriminating against ethnicity, religion, race, or certain groups.

In our country, the process of upholding human rights or human rights is carried out based on the national ideology, namely Pancasila. Especially in the 4th precept which reads Just and Civilized Humanity , so of course it puts forward human values.

In fact, juridically, these human rights have been regulated in the Constitution of the Republic of Indonesia Number 39 of 1999 concerning Human Rights, which states that if human rights are violated either intentionally or unintentionally, then the perpetrators will receive the punishment they deserve.

These human rights violations can be grouped into two forms, namely minor human rights violations and gross human rights violations. With regard to the punishment, of course it has been regulated in the 1945 Constitution.

Then, what are the examples of mild human rights violations in our environment? What is the punishment for this type of human rights violators?

Let’s look at the following description!

Examples of Minor Human Rights Violations

In the Community Environment

  1. Acts of violence or beatings
  2. Defamation
  3. Preventing someone from expressing an opinion
  4. Mistreatment of others over trivial matters
  5. Not getting social justice in society
  6. Slap other people
  7. Committing theft
  8. Obstructing someone’s worship
  9. Sound the exhaust brong that can disturb the public peace
  10. Burning garbage carelessly
  11. Setting up loudspeakers to disturb public peace
  12. Slandering others
  13. Environmental pollution
  14. Use of hazardous substances in food and drink
  15. Comment maliciously on other people’s social media posts

In the School Environment

  1. Not getting equal education and health services
  2. Involved in fights
  3. bullying
  4. The teacher punishes his students in the form of physical punishment, such as twisting or kicking
  5. The teacher discriminates his behavior towards students based on wealth and intelligence
  6. Disturbing friends who are praying
  7. Giving empty vaccines to students (especially in the midst of a pandemic like today)
  8. Harassing friends
  9. Forcing students to buy books that are not related to the lesson
  10. Teachers are lazy to teach and explain material to students
  11. Bullying friends
  12. Disturbing friends while listening to teacher material
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In the Family Environment

  1. Not getting equal education and health services
  2. Parents force the will of college majors on their children
  3. Parents torture their children
  4. Employers act arbitrarily towards household assistants and each other
  5. Parents force their children to work
  6. Children torture parents
  7. Children do not want to care for sick parents
  8. Parents do not allow their children to do refreshing activities
  9. Parents do not provide nutritious food to children
  10. Children commit acts of lying to parents

Punishments for Light Human Rights Violations

Every year, cases of human rights violations continue to relatively increase, both minor human rights violations and serious human rights violations. This indirectly shows the low awareness of respecting human rights in most Indonesian people. In fact, human rights themselves are clearly regulated in the 1945 Constitution Article 28.

So, in an effort to uphold human rights in Indonesia, public support is needed. In addition, society must also play an active role in respecting human rights. In order to be implemented, it is necessary to have a punishment that is a deterrent effect for violators.

What are the penalties for these minor human rights violations?

1. Imprisonment

This punishment is in the form of imprisonment for a period specified in the Criminal Code. In the Criminal Code, there are regulations that determine which actions or violations of human rights are included in criminal acts, so that the sentence regarding the number of years of imprisonment imposed can be adjusted according to the violation.

The prison sentence is divided into life imprisonment and temporary imprisonment. The minimum prison sentence is 1 year and the maximum is 20 years. During this sentence, convicts who commit minor human rights violations must stay in prison and are obliged to do work inside and outside prison, and convicts do not have the right to release a fist.

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It should be noted that the right of vistol is the right of the convict to change his destiny by paying a certain fee

Then, there is also life imprisonment. This sentence is usually imposed on convicts of gross human rights violations. In life imprisonment, the sentence is calculated based on the entire remaining life of the prisoner, but in various jurisdictions the period varies.

2. Fines

This criminal penalty is in the form of a penalty involving a certain amount of money to be paid in court. There are two types of fines, namely monetary fines with a fixed amount, and daily fines that are paid according to the income of the convict of minor human rights violations.

Criminal Law Resources:

  • Criminal Law, among others:
  1. Book I Concerning General Provisions (Articles 1-103).
  2. Book II About Crime (Articles 104-488).
  3. Book III Concerning Violations (Articles 489-569)
  • Laws that regulate special criminal acts made after independence include:
  1. UU no. 8 Drt of 1955 concerning Immigration Crime.
  2. UU no. 9 of 1967 concerning Drugs.
  3. UU no. 16 of 2003 concerning Anti-Terrorism, etc.

So, those are some examples of minor human rights violations in Indonesia. Indirectly, the behaviors that we often encounter in everyday life are in fact a form of minor human rights violations, right… Has Sinaumed’s ever seen these minor human rights violations directly?

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