Examples of Great House Rules to Implement

Examples of Rules at Home – Family at home is the figure that is first encountered when an individual is first born into this world.

The family at home usually has a father, mother and siblings. However, it is also undeniable that in a house there is a complete family with grandfathers, grandmothers, aunts, nephews and others.

Wherever we are, be it at home, school, or in the public environment, there must be certain rules. The rules in a house are usually not the same as in other houses, but in general, the rules are the same.

These rules are made so that family members at home feel comfortable with each other and do not cause certain problems. These rules must also be obeyed by all family members.

Examples of House Rules

Here is an example of the rules that exist in a house:

  • You can’t waste electricity. When finished using an electronic device that requires an electrical connection, turn it off immediately. During the day, there is no need to turn on the lights, unless it is necessary.
  • If you want to enter another family member’s room, knock on the door first.
  • You have to get up early and make your own bed.
  • Can’t waste water. Use water sparingly.
  • Helping clean the house, for example sweeping, mopping floors, washing dishes, cleaning window panes, and so on.
  • Do not speak in a high and harsh tone.
  • If the child is baligh, teach him to wash his own clothes.
  • You can’t insult other family members.
  • Must ask permission first if you want to use the belongings of other family members.
  • Return the item to its original place.
  • Study hours start at 19.00 (optional), so other family members must respect.
  • For Muslim families, the five daily prayers are obligatory and must be performed on time by all family members.
  • Don’t sleep too late because it can disturb your morning activities.
  • It is mandatory to have breakfast before your daily activities.
  • Throw garbage in its place. On certain days, the trash in the bins must be disposed of in an environmental trash can so that it can be picked up by the cleaning staff.
  • Cannot scribble on the walls.
  • If you want to leave the house, get permission first from your parents or other family members who are at home.
  • Put shoes on the shoe rack, not in front of the door.
  • If there are serious problems in the family, discuss them with other family members and give each other opinions regarding these problems.
  • Make it a habit to brush your teeth after eating and before going to bed so that your teeth are well cared for.
  • Schedule washing dishes can be done alternately. If there are family members who are unable to do so, talk to other family members.
  • Must do homework by yourself. If something is not understood, immediately ask a parent or sibling.
  • Always say thank you after getting help from others.
  • Always say the word “I’m sorry” when you are guilty of someone else.
  • Must love and respect each other family members.
  • Make it a habit to say hello when you come home.
  • Maintain the good name of the family by not acting and behaving recklessly.
  • Manage pocket money wisely. If there are additional needs that are considered important, immediately talk to your parents.
  • If you come home late, tell other family members so they don’t worry.
  • Say the word “please” when you want to ask for something or help from other family members.
  • Always wash your feet and hands after coming home.
  • After school, the uniform is immediately hung if it is still being used for the next day. If the uniform is dirty, immediately put it in the wash.
  • After eating, the food on the dining table is immediately covered with a serving lid so that flies don’t fly.
  • Hold a special time to tell stories or share among family members about how activities are today. For example on Saturday night.
  • If you feel sick, immediately talk to your parents to get the right help.
  • You are not allowed to wear sandals inside the house because it can cause dirty floors. Use special slippers that are provided in the house.
  • After bathing, towels should not be placed on the bed. Dry immediately.
  • After using the toilet, try to dry your feet on the mat first.
  • Put unused items in the warehouse. Don’t just throw it away. Who knows, it can still be used someday.
  • Do not interfere with the activities of other family members.
  • If there are guests, must greet and be polite.
  • Always lock doors and gates at night.
  • Provides a curfew with a maximum of 9 p.m.
  • Make it a habit to exercise to keep your body healthy.
  • Can’t pick and choose food. When you cook, you are not allowed to order food from outside the home.
  • Making instant noodles is allowed a maximum of three times a month.
  • When homework is finished, you can play cellphones or play with friends.
  • Do not make noise because it can disturb other family members or even other neighbors.
  • If you have a tree on the terrace of your house, when the leaves fall, you must alternately sweep and clean the yard between family members.
  • Sharing with other family members, both in terms of food and today’s stories.
  • Giving friends’ contacts to parents so they can be used in conditions or emergencies.
  • Teach children from an early age to understand parents’ names, parental telephone numbers, and home addresses. If there is an emergency, the child can report to the authorities.
  • If you have pets, you must routinely feed and drink them. Don’t forget to provide a cage as well as a place to defecate.
  • Must help mother cook and clean the house, when she is free.
  • Do not eat in bed because it can cause ants and other animals so that sleep will be disturbed.
  • Always thank Mom for the food she has made.
  • Must close the toilet door after use.
  • It is not allowed to make litter carelessly or tuck it in certain places.
  • If you have a guitar instrument, after use, put it in its original place or hang it on a special hanger.
  • Must respect the privacy of other family members.
  • It is not permissible to ridicule or ridicule other family members.
  • For Muslim families, when Maghrib time comes, leave activities beforehand to fulfill the obligation to pray. After that read the holy book Al-Quran.
  • Obey parental orders.
  • It is forbidden to steal the belongings of other family members.
  • Can’t lie. Whatever happened, tell the truth to your parents and other family members.
  • Help each other with other family members.
  • Do not watch television until late at night.
  • Prepare for school needs at night.
  • It is not permissible to issue bad opinions towards other family members.
  • You have to come home from school on time.
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Well, in educating children to become good personalities, it must start early. By having rules in the house, it will train them so that when they grow up, they can be useful for this nation and state.

Dear children, don’t be lazy and angry if the rules in the house seem “limiting”. Your parents don’t mean to curb you , they just want you to be a disciplined individual.

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