Example of Domicile Certificate and Terms and Tips for Making it!

Certificate of domicile – For Sinaumed’s who are going to move to another area – for work, school, or something else – they are required to prepare various important documents. Such as Certificate of Domicile (SKD), Identity Card (KTP), and Family Card (KK).

This provision is regulated in Article 15 Paragraphs 1 and 2 of Law no. 23 of 2006 concerning Population Administration which reads:

Article 15 Paragraph 1 “Residents of Indonesian Citizens who move within the territory of the Unitary State of the Republic of Indonesia are obliged to report to the Implementing Agency in the area of ​​origin to obtain a Certificate of Transfer.”

Article 15 Paragraph 2 “Moving as referred to in paragraph (1) is resident domiciled at a new address for more than 1 (one) year or based on the relevant needs for less than 1 (one) year.”

So it can be concluded that an SKD is a document that contains Sinaumed’s’ personal data and information that you are a newcomer to the area you are going to. So, as stated in Article 15 Paragraph 1 above, this letter must be ratified by an authorized official.

This document will make it easier for Sinaumed’s to take care of various needs at the new domicile. Starting from applying for a job, opening an account, to marriage.

You need to remember, for administrative arrangements in Indonesia, there are certain terms and conditions that must be met first. The following is a complete explanation that can help you when making a Domicile Certificate.

Definition of Certificate of Domicile

So that you have a little picture, a Domicile Certificate (SKD) is a piece of paper (letter) which functions more or less the same as a KTP. The difference is, KTP is valid for life, while SKD is only for 6 months.

In essence, through this SKD, the RT and RW administrators at your new place of residence will know the reason for your move, where your original domicile is, who you really are. To put it simply, this document can be said to be proof that you are not a bad person or have evil intentions.

As stated in the book Science of State Administration by Sahya Anggara. This book discusses things that are an introduction to administrative science, including the understanding of administration and administrative science, administrative development, and administrative development.

More than that, you can use SKD for various personal interests in the future. For example, making a Trade Business License (SIUP) if you plan to start a business in a new place, NPWP, TDP, or something else.

Stages of making a Domicile Certificate

SKD can only be issued by the village or sub-district office where you are from. But before coming to the sub-district/district office, there are several steps you need to do, namely:

  1. Make an application letter for SKD making and then submit it to the RT and RW heads. After that, Sinaumed’s will be given a domicile certificate.
  2. Prepare the necessary documents, namely: 3×4 passport photo, cover letter from RT and RW, KTP and KK (original and photocopy), application letter with a stamp of IDR 10,000.
  3. After the file is complete, you can come directly to the local sub-district / sub-district office.
  4. At the kelurahan/kecamatan office, tell the officers what your needs are. Later the officer will ask Sinaumed’s to take a queue number.
  5. When it’s your turn, hand over all the files you asked for to the officer
  6. Wait for the SKD creation process to finish
  7. After getting the SKD from the officer, a photocopy of the letter is then legalized to the village/district office staff.

Function of Certificate of Domicile

As a substitute for an identity card (KTP), although only temporarily, SKD has many uses and benefits for Sinaumed’s. In particular regarding administrative matters, such as:

  1. In lieu of a transfer certificate
  2. Requirements for applying for scholarships, NPWP, school registration, applying for jobs, getting assistance from government programs
  3. Complementary documents when making a child’s birth certificate
  4. Able to open an account
  5. Requirements to take care of various legal documents
  6. For companies or businesses, SKD can also be used as an official domicile address
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SKD types

It turns out that there are many types of Domicile Certificates and they are not limited to the SKD where you live. There is a Company Domicile Certificate (SKDP) and a Business Domicile Certificate (SKDU).

Company Domicile Certificate (SKDP)

According to the Ministry of Investment/BKPM, a company domicile certificate is a business license that verifies a community-owned business. This document is usually issued by the kelurahan office with the permission of the lurah in charge. If you are in a village, then the village head has the authority to issue an SKDP.

Certificate of Business Domicile (SKDU)

Certificate of Business Domicile (SKDU) is a document stating the domicile of a business entity. This document is very necessary in the processing of various legal documents, such as SIUP, NPWP, Company Registration Certificate, and other trading businesses.

Seeing the importance of the functions and benefits of a Domicile Certificate, Sinaumed’s should not forget it. Even though there are no specific sanctions if you don’t have this letter, you may face a quite complicated process when dealing with various permits and other legal documents.

It cannot be denied that Indonesia’s bureaucratic system, which is quite convoluted, often hampers the development of the business world. If Sinaumed’s has experienced this and wants to know what solutions can be used, try reading the book State Administrative Law & Public Service Policy by Dr. Ir. H. Juniarso Ridwan, M.Sc., MH, Achmad Sodik Sudrajat, SH, MH Through this book, all problems and solutions in the administration of public services will be analyzed in depth based on the legal concept of state administration and the concept of implementing regional autonomy.

Example of Certificate of Domicile

Residence SKD

A Domicile Certificate is only issued by the sub-district or sub-district office in your original domicile. Even so, the arrangement must be carried out by the applicant directly and as much as possible not represented by other people.

As previously mentioned, when making a Certificate of Domicile of Residence, you must prepare various documents. Such as a 3×4 passport photo, photocopy of KTP, cover letter and statement letter from the Head of RT RW.

Well, the complete provisions regarding these files differ from one region to another. Therefore, you must reconfirm with the officer to reduce errors that will waste your time and energy.

You can see an example of a residence permit letter below:

Company SKD

If a person or individual must have an Identity Card (KTP) stating their place of residence or domicile, then the company must have a Company Domicile Certificate (SKDP). In this context, SKDP functions to state the location of a business entity.

This document is only issued by the kelurahan/village office and must be signed by the village head or lurah in charge. After being signed by the village head or lurah, the SKDP must be brought to the sub-district office to be signed by the sub-district head.

For companies, SKDP can be used in making various licenses related to business, such as Trading Business License (SIUP), Business Entity NPWP, or Company Registration Certificate.

Generally, SKDP is used as a complementary requirement when a company proposes to produce all of these important documents. The aim is to prove that the company or business entity submitting the application is indeed located in the location listed in the SKDP.

The validity period of this SKDP is only 1 year, so if it has expired the company must extend the SKDP. If not, other permits related to the business cannot be processed at all.

Requirements for making SKDP

If Sinaumed’s wants to make an SKDP, you must prepare several documents that are required, namely:

SKDP application letter

This document is addressed to the Kelurahan PTSP Head of Satlak and must be signed by the Main Director of the company or business entity concerned. It contains various information about the company, such as the number of employees, line of business, and others.

Document validity statement

Next is a Statement of Document Validity signed by the Responsible Company or Main Director and equipped with a stamp.

Notary deed of establishment

The next requirement that you must prepare is the Notary Deed of Establishment and Change of Company (if any). Have the original documents and photocopies ready!

Building Permit (IMB)

For this building permit, you need to pay attention that the designation must be an office, not a residential house. Attach the original IMB and a photocopy. If the building doesn’t have an IMB for some reason, you can replace it with a stamped statement from the building owner and it must be known by the heads of the RT, RW, and Lurah.

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Provisions regarding building permits vary from region to region, so to be sure, it’s better to ask the local Kelurahan office directly.

Documents owned by company officials

If the Director or Person in Charge of the Company is a genuine Indonesian Citizen, then he must attach his KTP (original and photocopy). However, if you are not an Indonesian Citizen, what is attached is a Passport or Kitas.

Apart from an identity card, you also have to attach several other documents such as a Family Card (KK), personal NPWP.

Statement of no objection

If your business location is in a residential area or adjacent to residents’ buildings so there is a possibility it will disturb neighbors, attach this document in the application file, okay!

Other important documents

Other important documents that you need to attach are:

  • Photocopy of proof of land ownership. It can be Land Certificates, Sale and Purchase Deeds, or Girik
  • Photocopy of the current year’s PBB Payment Slip
  • Photocopy of the nuisance license fee deposit slip and advertisement tax
  • Photocopy of Business Place Permit (ITU)
  • Employment BPJS registration certificate
  • Regional Retribution Tax Statement.

For an example of a company domicile certificate, you can see below:

Example of Business SKD

Certificate of Business Domicile (SKDU) is an official certificate issued by the local Village/District Headquarters. Inside there is an explanation that verifies the address or domicile of the business that you have.

SKDU’s function is for one of the complementary documents required in the management of various licenses such as:

  • Nuisance Permit (HO)
  • Business license
  • Certificate of Company Registration
  • company TIN
  • And other operational permits

Besides that, SKDU can also complete the information on the place of business domicile that you have in the deed of establishment of the company that you get from a notary. Usually, what is listed is only the name of the City/District where your business is located.

Requirements for making SKDU

Some of the requirements that you must complete to make an SKDU are as follows:

  • SKDU application form
  • Photocopy of Identity Card (KTP)
  • Copy of Family Card (KK)
  • Photocopy of Taxpayer Identification Number (NPWP)
  • Neighbor approval letter
  • Cover letter from the Head of RT and RW
  • Proof of ownership of the place of business, if the place of business is not yours then
  • Attach proof of rental agreement
  • Building Permit (IMB)
  • Business place photo

For business entities that will apply for an SKDU, they must complete several other additional requirements, namely:

  • Deed of Incorporation
  • Photocopy of the Director’s KTP, KK, and NPWP

After all the documents that are the requirements are complete, all you have to do is visit the local Kelurahan office then fill out the SKDU application form while submitting all the requirements.

If the kelurahan officer has checked and stated that the documents are complete, you only need the kelurahan office to issue the SKDU.

The following is an example of a Business Domicile Certificate

Tips for making a Domicile Certificate

To make the process of obtaining a Domicile Certificate easier and smoother, you can try the following tips:

  • Ask for cover letters and forms from the head of the RT and head of the RW in the afternoon or evening. Usually from morning to evening, the heads of the RT and RW work outside.
  • If you still can’t, try making an appointment with the family members of the heads of the RT and RW.
  • Arrange for a Domicile Certificate at the Kelurahan/District Office during operating hours.
  • Try to come to the Kelurahan/District Office from 08.00. Usually in the morning the queue is not too much.
  • Complete the requirements before coming to the Kelurahan/District Office so that the Certificate of Domicile can be collected as soon as it is ready.
  • There is no charge at all for SKD management. For RT and RW you are welcome to donate as sincerely as you like.
  • Especially for an extension of domicile letter, it is better to arrange it no later than 14 days before it is due.

The process of making a Domicile Certificate involves many parties which often creates misunderstandings. Therefore, Sinaumed’s must know how the ethics of population administration and public services should be. For this reason, you can use the book Ethics of State Administration by Agus Hiplunudin as the right reference.

This is the definition of a domicile certificate and examples that you can use as a reference. Sinaumed’s can also read related books by visiting sinaumedia.com so you have #MoreWithReading information.

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