Definition of Gotong Royong and its Benefits and Examples

Understanding Gotong Royong – Gotong royong is one of the characteristics that is still inherent in the life of Indonesian society. Broadly speaking, gotong royong is contained in Pancasila in the third precept which reads Unity of Indonesia.

Gotong royong is ingrained and has even become the personality of the nation, as well as a culture that is firmly rooted in people’s lives. In addition, as part of social life, almost all regions in Indonesia instill the value of gotong royong.

Gotong-royong comes from the word gotong means work and royong means together. In order to find out a more complete explanation regarding mutual cooperation. Let’s pay attention to the discussion below.

A. Definition of Gotong Royong

The definition of gotong royong has various explanations with the same meaning, including:

1. According to the Big Indonesian Dictionary (KBBI)

Based on the Big Indonesian Dictionary (KBBI), states that gotong royong means working together. Such as helping each other, or helping to help among members in a community.

2. According to Pudjiwati Sakjoyo

According to Pudjiwati Sakjoyo, which she wrote in the book Rural Sociology, stated that gotong-royong is a custom of mutual help between people in various fields of social activity, be it according to kinship, neighbors, and practical efficient relations, as well as other collaborations. .

3. According to Koentjaraningrat

Based on Koentjaraningrat which he wrote in a book entitled Introduction to Anthropology, stated that mutual cooperation is a form of cooperation where a person is said to be a believer if he loves his brother as he loves himself.

B. Benefits and Purpose of Gotong Royong

The benefits and objectives of mutual cooperation carried out by the community include:

1. Growing a sense and attitude of helping each other, volunteering, helping each other, and having a family nature.

2. Fostering good social relations with the surrounding community.

3. Creating a sense of togetherness and fostering a sense of affection.

4. Strengthening friendship or brotherhood.

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5. Lighten the work and save time in completing a job.

6. Increasing work productivity.

7. The creation of a sense of unity and oneness in the surrounding environment.

Benefits and Purpose of Gotong Royong
Benefits and Purpose of Gotong Royong

C. Types of Gotong Royong

Gotong royong is divided into various types, such as:

1. Community Service

Community service is a joint activity in a social environment of the surrounding community. This activity is a form of being able to increase the sense of mutual help and care among others.

2. Disaster Response

Disaster response is a response from the community to work together in a condition affected by a disaster. The disaster response activity was formed from a sense of concern for the surrounding community to help others who were in a difficult situation.

3. Deliberation

Deliberation is a medium for reaching consensus and gathering with the aim of solving problems and making decisions together.

With deliberation, the community can exchange thoughts and opinions with the aim of reaching the expected consensus and mutual benefit for all parties.

4. Great Harvest

The main harvest is the condition of the harvest season on a large scale from all types of agriculture. This harvest season generally occurs within a year twice or depending on the type of plant planted.

5. Study Together

Studying together is also included in the type of mutual cooperation, where a student and a student try to complete difficult material together until it is finished. As well as implementing knowledge as best as possible.

D. Mutual Cooperation Values

Gotong royong has mutual cooperation values ​​contained in it, including:

1. Unity

2. Unity

3. Socialization

4. Volunteer

5. Please Help

6. Family

E. Characteristics of Mutual Cooperation

Gotong royong has several characteristics that you must know and understand, including the following:

1. Gotong-royong is one of the basic characteristics that is the pre-eminence of the Indonesian people and is not shared by citizens of other countries.

2. With gotong royong, many people have a high sense of caring and togetherness is created in every activity carried out together. As well as having noble values ​​from ancient times to the present for generations.

3. Gotong royong highly upholds the values ​​of humanity and concern for others. In gotong royong activities, all activities and work are carried out together. Does not discriminate or look at the position and degree of a person.

4. Gotong royong also has the meaning of helping each other to achieve harmony and happiness in living life in society.

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5. Mutual cooperation activities are also carried out voluntarily so that they do not expect any reward or reward.

F. Example of Gotong Royong

Example of Gotong Royong

You can do mutual cooperation anywhere. Here are some examples of mutual cooperation that you can do, including:

1. In the School Environment

Gotong royong in the school environment, such as:

  • Clean class together.
  • Do community service activities, for example cleaning the school yard together.
  • Doing group assignments together and fairly.

2. Within the Community

Gotong royong in the community, such as:

  • Mutual cooperation in building mosques.
  • Mutual cooperation in carrying out agricultural activities, such as planting and harvesting agricultural products.
  • Mutual cooperation when repairing the house.
  • Community service cleaning the village environment.
  • Mutual cooperation builds bridges between villages.

G. Efforts to Preserve Mutual Cooperation

Efforts to preserve gotong royong are one of the hopes of all members of the community so that the spirit of gotong royong will always exist and remain sustainable. Don’t let this fade away as the digital age advances. Therefore, several efforts are needed to preserve mutual cooperation behavior so that it can survive. Here are some efforts you can take to preserve mutual cooperation, including:

1. In preserving the attitude of mutual cooperation, you need the awareness of all parties or members of the community to have an attitude of being willing to sacrifice for the public interest.

2. Reducing and minimizing a number of assumptions that reveal that mutual cooperation behavior is not important to do. In this way, it is possible to motivate the community and make them aware that instilling mutual cooperation is important and needs to be done.

3. There is no society that uses certain things or cases, such as race to ride it with mutual cooperation behavior. If this is done, it will hurt and tarnish the values ​​contained in the mutual cooperation attitude.

4. Reducing the distance that exists between layers and members of society. With that in mind, of course when you want to do mutual cooperation, each individual has the potential to feel awkward.

5. You need the government’s role to continue to voice the importance of mutual cooperation.

Well, that’s information related to mutual cooperation. Hopefully the discussion on gotng royong above can be useful and help you. And always maintain mutual cooperation.