Candid Is: Definition and Tips for Getting the Best Candid Photos

Candid Is – Does Sinaumed’s often use the term candid in everyday language? Well, this candid term is actually included in the field of photography but now it has entered into slang which is often used by young people. Basically, candid photography is a style of taking someone who doesn’t seem aware of the camera’s existence. This photo-taking style is also still popular among young people and think that being candid is very suitable for uploading on an Instagram account to make it look more aesthetic . So, what exactly is candid? Is candid different from the term paparazzi that is often mentioned in western countries? What is the right technique so that we can take good candid photos? Well, so that Sinaumed’sTo understand these things, let’s look at the following review!

What is Candid?

The word “candid” is actually a foreign word from English so it is not included in the Indonesian entry. If interpreted in Indonesian, the term “candid” which is included in the realm of photography has a definition of ‘natural or original with all things made up’. In the context of photography, this candid includes a photo style with an object (a person who wants to be photographed) not knowing when and where the photographer will take the photo. That is, someone who is about to be photographed will behave as natural as possible, while the photographer will take the picture in secret. That’s why, in candid photos, the person being photographed is not looking at the camera, but rather looking away with a more natural expression.

According to the OXFORD dictionary, the term “candid” has a definition in the form of ‘ Photograph is one that is taken without the person knowing that they are being photographed ‘. That is, the object to be photographed is not aware of when and where the photographer will take it. Please note, that in applying this candid technique, you don’t just have to “snap” it. Must pay attention to the right moment, especially on facial expressions and behavior of the object.

As the times progress, the style of this photo will also develop. Currently, the candid photo style is often directed first, so that later it will look as if it is really candid. Reporting from katadata , the term “candid” was first disclosed by London Graphic around 1929, which was then used to refer to a photo belonging to Erich Salomon. Erich Salomon is actually a photojournalist who often secretly takes pictures of officials, both at trial, party meetings, and in the lobby.

The use of this candid technique is most often used for journalistic purposes. This is because through this technique, the photographer can get photos of the actual incident, without any engineering or taking sides. Just a little trivia , the main focus of this candid technique is facial expressions, behavior, to funny and embarrassing scenes from the object. Especially on facial expressions that can have their own “story”.

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The difference between Candid and the Paparazzi

Basically, candid and paparazzi don’t really have any difference , because both are related to each other. Yep, candid is a technique of taking pictures or taking pictures using a camera device against living objects without their knowledge. This technique is often used by paparazzi, especially when stalking famous artists to public officials. Why do the paparazzi do this technique? Because famous artists and public officials are sometimes reluctant to be interviewed or photographed.

As the times progress, candid techniques are no longer used on well-known artists or public officials. Even we as ordinary people can still use this photographing technique. Not infrequently, wedding events also use this candidi technique, especially to photograph the expressions of the bride and groom who are smiling, worried, happy, or moved when the wedding process takes place. The tool does not have to use a camera, but can still use a smartphone camera.

Tips for Getting Candid Photos

Actually, to get candid photos through this technique, it’s not that difficult. It’s just that, to find a photo object that has a facial expression “full of stories” is not easy. A surefire way to get candid photos that are “full of stories” is to come to an event or festival that is full of people. The more people, the more facial expressions with their respective stories. Reporting from photography.lovelybogor , there are several tips for getting candid photos, namely:

  1. Take a camera wherever you go. If you don’t have an adequate camera, just bring a smartphone camera.
  2. Go to events or festivals that are full of people. Usually, in the event, unique events or scenes will appear.
  3. First do a scan of the surrounding environment about small things that can be used as photo objects. For example: people yawning, people laughing, people who are entertaining small children, people daydreaming, and so on.
  4. Use the AUTO mode so you don’t have any difficulties in the process of taking photos.
  5. Don’t use flash because it will surprise and be recognized by the target as a photo object. If you want light, just set the ISO on the camera.
  6. Since this candid technique focuses on the story of the object in the photo, focus only on facial expressions, behavior, and funny scenes.
  7. Feel free to press the shutter button and shoot. In applying this technique, it is better to produce lots of photos that can later be deleted than to miss the moment that happened.
  8. When you want to take a picture, don’t face the light. Although in its application, this candid does not require complicated techniques, but of course you have to consider the darkness of the light.
  9. If using a camera, set it at ISO 400 or just use Auto mode. Through these settings, later the shutter speed can move quickly and is very useful for moving objects.
  10. If you want to make a person’s object your object, make it a habit to photograph it from the waist, OK? If you use a standard position that is at eye level, it will actually make the object conscious.
  11. Use a zoom lens if the object is far away. The use of this zoom lens will also have the opportunity to make objects less aware that they are being photographed as targets.
  12. Avoid taking photos from behind which will result in back photos. It’s best to take photos from the front or side because they can show natural emotions and facial expressions.
  13. Must be patient to wait and observe objects specifically, so as not to miss funny and interesting scenes.
  14. Never feel afraid that the object will be angry because it was photographed secretly. If Sinaumed’s is the type of person who doesn’t feel comfortable, after taking pictures of people, just allow the person concerned that you have taken the picture and show how it went.
  15. In order to further accentuate the emotional side and facial expressions of objects, just use the B&W alias black and white effect.
  16. Pay attention to the color of the object and its background. The color between the object (usually the clothes) and the background must match so that candid photos are still interesting.
  17. Constantly practicing by taking to the streets directly to “hunt” moments.
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So, that’s a review of what candid is and the right way to apply this photo technique. Is Sinaumed’s interested in taking photos in the field using this candid technique?


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