Animal Communicator: Definition & Signs of a Fake Animal Communicator

Animal Communicator – Many animal owners may want to know what their pets are thinking. Through an animal communicator, or also known as a pet psychic, this thing that sounds impossible turns out to be possible. As the name suggests, animal communicators are people who are able to talk or communicate with animals.

This profession itself has become a topic of conversation on social media, after being popularized by several content creators and YouTubers . The use of animal communicator services varies for each person. There are those who want to know about the problems experienced by their pets, there are also those who want to have a better and closer relationship with these animals.

Animal communicator services are generally used to deal with sick animals, behavioral problems, or various certain behaviors carried out by pets. For example, a dog that pees carelessly, doesn’t want to eat, or keeps barking in the middle of the night. These behaviors can then be indicative of a problem the animal is experiencing. Actually, what profession is Animal Communicator. Let’s see the discussion!

What is an Animal Communicator?

Pet owners must often feel curious about what their pets really feel. However, this curiosity was never answered because of differences in communication between animals and humans. However, have you known the animal communicator profession? Animal communicator is a person who has the ability to communicate with animals. An Animal communicator can communicate through direct contact with animals or just using photos.

Usually, the animal communicator will also ask for some important data to help him connect with the pet. Not only communicating, in some cases, animal communicators are believed to be able to find lost animals or communicate with pets that have died.

In Indonesia alone, there are already several animal communicators, namely Anggie, Jasmine Jawie, Yuniarti Sumarjo, and many more. The communication results of the animal communicators have also been uploaded on their Instagram social media.

Animal communicator services are generally used to deal with sick animals, behavioral problems, or various certain behaviors carried out by pets. Usually, animal communication can be done using many ways, such as through visual indications, sounds, chemical compounds, and various touches or movements.

By studying and analyzing the language of these animals is one way animal communicators can communicate with animals. There is also an animal communicator that uses the telepathic method by making a strong connection with the animal you want to contact. Some animal communicators even learn this method with professionals.

In addition, there are also those who are born with the talent to talk to animals. Information received in this way is generally expressed in sight or energy sensed by the animal communicator.

The Origin of the Animal Communicator

Do you have pets? You may often wonder what he is thinking and feeling at any given time. This is very reasonable because of the differences in the way of communication between animals and humans. Animal communicator or also known as ancom then has the ability to communicate with animals.

From the desire of pet owners who want to know the purpose of this pet’s behavior, the animal communicator appears.

Procedures that are carried out alone generally begin with a consultation session by asking some important data to be able to help him connect with the pet. Not only famous abroad, this one profession is also quite well known in Indonesia, you know . So, have you used the services of an animal communicator?

Communication Is Made Via Telepathy

Actually, each practitioner has a different way of communicating with animals. The communication method used depends on the animal being contacted, as well as the ability of the practitioner. Please note that animals can communicate using many ways. Can be through visual indications, sound, chemical compounds, touch and movement.

Therefore, an animal communicator will then study and analyze language or the way animals communicate. Not only learning animal language, there are also many animal communicators who use telepathic methods.

This method is then used by making a strong connection with the animal you want to contact. Some of these practitioners learn this method with professionals. However, there are also those who are born with such a “talent” to communicate with animals. Information received in this way is generally in the form of vision or energy sensed by the animal communicator. The animal communicator service itself can be used to deal with animals that are sick or have behavioral problems.

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Signs of a Fake Animal Communicator

The animal communicator profession is a valid and recognized profession. Even so, you still have to be careful and watch out for some irresponsible persons. Some of these individuals often abuse the use of this profession to deceive people who really need it.

Compared to using various methods, these irresponsible persons generally only use the cold reading method to be able to identify their customers. Not infrequently they only rely on knowledge of human psychology and animal behavior. Then, what are the signs of a fake animal communicator? Here are some signs of a fake animal communicator, including:

1. Saying Certain Things

The observations they make are actually just saying what many people can definitely see, such as when they see a dog biting its nails. From this information, he will say that the dog is uncomfortable with his nails

2. Using Ambiguous Language

In order to trick people, they are also very likely to say things that have multiple meanings or are not specifically stated, so that it will confuse the other person.

3. Saying the Most Likely True Thing

For example, most indoor cats like to sit by the window and look outside. From this information, the unscrupulous would most likely say that domestic cats are very curious. Even though this information is most likely true which is actually commonly known by many people.

4. Asking Many Questions

They will most likely take the opportunity to ask questions in order to extract as much information as possible and they will use this to trick the customer.

How to Communicate with Pets can be Learned

How to communicate with cats can actually be learned. The ability to communicate with animals, including cats, is not something that is gifted or inherited. You can learn it or learn from Jasmine Jawie who is an animal communicator. He then opened an online Intuitive Animal Communication workshop for beginners.

This class has been open since early 2021. Here participants will be explained about what intuitive animal communication is , recalling their intuition and then practicing with other participants’ animals. Intuition is not occult, because every creature, including all humans, has intuition, just as humans have muscles. It’s just that with age and roles and responsibilities in life, humans then become more logical.

Like a muscle, intuition that is not trained can be said to be weakened even though it remains in humans. Conversely, when this intuition is trained, it will then become stronger and stronger. Trained intuition can become stronger, so that it can connect with animals and communicate with them. You don’t need to be face to face with animals, because later you will be connected to their energy without being limited by distance and time and this can be called telepathy.

Anyone can learn how to communicate with cats or other animals. After all, this is not meant to make someone a professional. By attending workshops and practicing, you can better understand pets at home. Requirements for joining the class are also simple. You just have to be open to new things and willing to practice.

Pet owners who wish to use the services of an animal communicator will generally first contact them via electronic mail or via direct messages on Instagram. After expressing the problem and the animal communicator agrees to communicate with the pet, you will be given a form containing the animal owner’s name, animal name, animal photo.

According to the animal communicator, animals know when their owners are trying to communicate with them, even though not all animals agree to be invited to communicate, and this usually occurs in animals that are sick or suddenly disappear. Sick animals usually don’t have the energy to communicate and need a lot of time to rest. Meanwhile, in the case of missing animals, animals are usually reluctant to talk to them because they are sulky.

Humans have a special relationship with their pets and we believe that pets can understand what we say. The researchers themselves have proven that some types of dogs or even dolphins can understand spoken language.

In one study, a border collie dog breed named Rico himself can recognize the names of more than 200 objects and is able to retrieve these objects according to the commands given. In another, similar study on a border collie named Chaser, not only was he able to distinguish 1,022 objects, but he was also able to infer names from new objects that had never been seen before.

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For example, if asked to take a stuffed monkey named Mr. Monkey that he had never seen before, he was able to determine which one was Mr. Monkey by eliminating other dolls whose names he knows. Interestingly, Chaser was able to repeat this similar process 1 month later, having only seen certain new objects once.

In fact, he also understands verbs and nouns which are then used in different contexts. For example, the Chaser may indicate being told to put his nose to a ball, then pick up or touch something.

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