7 Interesting Facts About Multimedia Majors You Need to Know!

Majoring in Multimedia or often abbreviated and referred to by many people as “MM”. The multimedia major is one of the many majors in the computer field that studies the use of computers in order to present data in the form of text, sound, images, animations, and videos that are made as attractive as possible with available tools such as Adobe Photoshop , CorelDraw , Freehand, Adobe After Effects, and others.

If you want to know more about the facts from the multimedia department, then you can see a more complete explanation about the multimedia department below.

Facts About Multimedia Majors

What’s Learned?

Basically, multimedia is divided into two types, namely Linear Multimedia and Interactive Multimedia. Linear Multimedia is multimedia that runs without being equipped with a controller or can be operated by the user. For example in film and television.

Meanwhile, Interactive Multimedia is multimedia that is equipped with a controller that can be operated by the user, resulting in interaction with the user. Examples are games or multimedia learning. Multimedia if based on its use is also divided into two, namely:

  1. Multimedia Communication and Multimedia Content Production . The definition of Multimedia Communication is the use of media that has the function of publishing information. The media used include TV, radio, films, games, music, entertainment, tutorials, the internet, and print media. With this Multimedia Communication will make it easier for users to convey and obtain information.
  2. Multimedia Content Production is the use of several different media such as text, animation, audio, video, images (graphics) combined to produce multimedia products, such as music, games, films, entertainment, and others. The media used in Multimedia Content Production include writing media (text), animation media, special effects media , audio media, video media, image media (graphics), and interactive media .

Do You Have To Be Able To Draw To Take This Major?

Many of you have probably often heard that if you want to major in multimedia, then drawing is the start. In fact, it doesn’t have to be. Multimedia is not just about learning to draw. However, there are tons of fields that you will study.

Even so, it’s great if you have the ability to draw from scratch, because this will facilitate the process of learning multimedia. However, for those of you who are not proficient, don’t worry, because later you will be taught basic drawing techniques before moving on to other lessons.

Place of Internship for MM Major

For multimedia students, you can decide where to do the internship according to your interests or major. If you are interested in matters regarding design, you can try to do an internship at a printing press so that later you will be placed in the designing section. If you like photography, you can apply to a photo studio company. If you want to feel what the atmosphere is like behind the television screen, try sending an internship application to a local television station or national television.

You will Create Many Professional Works

Multimedia majors students are required to produce works. You will create a lot of masterpieces. Therefore, generally students majoring in multimedia must have high creativity. The work that is created must have various uses, especially for oneself or the public. If you pay attention, actually there are many works that can be produced by students majoring in multimedia which are spread on the internet media.

More Sensitive to Surrounding Issues

Even though not all students majoring in multimedia undergo online lectures , multimedia students can be more sensitive to the problems around them. The problems in question include political matters, economic matters, regarding various environmental problems.

A multimedia expert will also create meaningful works on these issues, a work that contains various complaints about the problems at hand. As for the work created, it can be in the form of illustrations, videos, and so on.

Able to Operate Various Computer Software

In the multimedia department, you will also learn a lot about software . There are many applications or software that can be used, ranging from software in terms of editing , design, or others related to multimedia. After you learn these various software, later students will be required to create their own work. The works that have been created can be used as a portfolio to apply for work.

Job Prospects for Graduates are Diverse

In this modern era, multimedia graduates are needed. You can become a much-needed graphic designer in all aspects. This is because, currently, almost all forms of business require attractive images or designs so that later they can bring in more consumers.

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Therefore, in times like these, graphic designers are needed. To help communicate the intent of the product being sold to potential buyers, you can make pictures or videos.

Not only that, but there are quite a lot of job prospects from multimedia majors. Below are some other job opportunities for graduates majoring in multimedia:


This position requires a combination of design and programming skills. The design itself is used to create website layouts , while programming skills are useful in coding websites . The web designer will also be responsible for updating the content and website design if needed. Here below is the jobdesk of a web designer:

Create images that will be inserted into the website using various software, starting from Photoshop and so on.

  • Arrange the layout for the installation of banners, links, animations and so on.
  • Organize website content according to categories to be integrated with navigation links.
  • Build a website from the front page to the final page according to the selected web structure.
  • Doing various tests on each page and checking for errors in HTML, CSS, and so on that might occur.

Graphic Designer

A graphic designer or graphic designer is a person who is responsible for creating designs for various publication needs in print media, websites , posters, product packaging, and creating various visual identities for company branding purposes.

The graphic designer’s workflow usually starts with a brief that will be given by the client, creative director , or account manager , and the graphic designer will develop a creative concept according to the brief and objectives that have been given. Apart from the challenges in generating various creative ideas, graphic designers are also required to be able to work quickly with tight deadlines .

The Graphic Designer’s duties include:

  • Completing various projects and coordinating them with external parties such as agencies , art services , printing, and others.
  • Contribute with the team to achieve the goals of a project.
  • Also meet with the client or art director to find out more about the project that will be given brainstorming with the client.
  • Provide input on the design you want to make according to the target market or the audience you want to target.
  • Make various illustrations or pictures that identify the message of a product.
  • Create various graphic forms, such as product illustrations, logos, and websites .
  • Choose colors, images, fonts, and layouts that can present the results of the illustrations that have been made to clients or art directors.
  • Make revisions given according to feedback or input from the client.
  • Conduct quality checks on various illustrations before printing or publication


Both of these jobs both require high imagination power. Illustrators are tasked with combining their art, design and creativity to produce original visual images across a variety of products and media. Usually, each illustrator has their own characteristics and style that will set their work apart from other illustrators.

Another thing with animators, this work involves the art of making moving images or animations in 2-dimensional (2D) or 3-dimensional (3D) forms. The work of the animators themselves is generally used for films, advertisements, videos, websites , games , and many other media.

The following is a more complete jobdesk for the work of Illustrator and Animator:


  • Communicating and consulting with clients to then adjust the client’s wishes.
  • Translate messages, as well as ideas, and stories in an attractive visual form according to the previous briefing .
  • Designing illustration works to be displayed in library books, advertisements, websites, magazines, newspapers, also in comics, product packaging, and various other products.
  • Displaying these illustration works on social media pages as a promotional tool.
  • Coordinate with the production team to ensure the quality of the illustrations to be displayed.


  • Work creatively to be able to produce aesthetically pleasing designs.
  • Using special generation computer software such as Maya, Flash, and After Effects.
  • Presenting designs for later customer evaluation.
  • Promoting and running a business, especially in the field of animation.
  • Negotiate liaison contracts and work effectively with other design and production staff.

Interactive Media Designer

Interactive media designers are responsible for creating interactive designs involving text, data, graphics, sound, animation, and various other visual effects. This work is also needed to create websites, games, online learning materials , and others. This role is generally similar to that of a software developer, so it is not uncommon for them to be required to make products by coding and testing all product functions that have been made.

Game Modeler/Designer

If you have a passion for games, then it can be channeled into career choices, one of which is to work as a game modeler or game designer. The game modeler’s job is to make the gameplay concept and layout of a game come true.

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As for what is the responsibility of the game designer , including the plot and storyline of the characters, maps, scenarios, as well as the level of difficulty or how to win or lose in the game, and create the game’s user interface.

Where Can You Study Multimedia in Indonesia?

Questions like that are probably often asked by many people, including yourself. For those of you who are interested in studying in this department, here are some campus recommendations that you can consider.

  1. Bandung Institute of Technology (ITB): Faculty of Art and Design (FSRD),
  2. Jakarta Art Institute (IKJ): Faculty of Fine Arts
  3. Trisakti University: Faculty of Art and Design (FSRD),
  4. Pelita Harapan University (UPH): Visual Communication Design Study Program
  5. Multimedia Nusantara University (UMN): Visual Communication Design Study Program
  6. Petra Christian University (UK Petra): Graphic Design Major
  7. Yogyakarta Institute of the Arts (ISI).
  8. Indonesian Art Institute (ISI) Denpasar
  9. Eleven March University (UNS), Solo
  10. State University of Malang (UM), Malang

The multimedia department is one of the majors that is still in great demand by many people. This is not without reason, multimedia majors have very broad job opportunities, you can work at start-ups , teachers, application developers, editors, and so on.

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Among the pages of the printed media are various types of advertisements, including public service announcements that invite us to fight against the corruption that is rife in our country. In our kitchen, we are also surrounded by food packages and seasonings that are carefully designed to attract attention. Meanwhile, in the living room of the television we display the logo of the TV station which is swaying dynamically, as a sign of the change in TV shows.

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Modern life is inseparable from a touch of creativity from graphic designers! If you are someone who has a great interest in the world of graphic design, be it for business or business purposes, or just a hobby to fill your free time, this book contains various interesting tutorials for designing logos, business cards, greeting cards, invitations, labels, and so on. posters and so on!

Digital Multimedia : Technology. Learning Support S

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Because God’s Word says: “Without knowledge, craftsmanship is not good; people who are in a hurry will take the wrong step. Existence misleads people’s paths, then their heart is angry with God. (Proverbs 19:2-3)

This book is here to help PAK and Sunday School and Children’s Services teachers, to use Digital Multimedia as a learning support technology.


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