5 Benefits of Bulu Perindu and the Understanding and Mystery Behind It!

Bulu perindu is – There are many ways that a person can get a life partner or soul mate. Apart from continuing to try and pray, some Indonesian people are still using supernatural methods just to get a mate.

One of the talismans or objects that are often used to be able to attract the opposite sex is the longing feather. Bulu perindu is a magical object that looks like a feather with a length of about 7 cm and a thickness of less than 1 mm.

This object, which is believed to be the ancestral heritage of the people of Central Kalimantan, is then often used to captivate women. Not only that, this object is also often used as a business seller and support for anyone’s work. The many benefits of this object make this heirloom much sought after by many people.

In fact, it is not uncommon for someone who wants to occupy a certain position to use this amulet to make them look dignified. In addition, there are many other benefits that are still rarely known. To find out more about bulu perindu, then see the review until it’s finished, Sinaumed’s.

The definition of longing feathers

A study on the practice of buying and selling Bulu Perindu in the Perspective of Islamic Law (Case Study at Kendangsari Surabaya) says that bulu perindu is a homonym because it has the same spelling and pronunciation meaning but the meaning is different.

Bulu perindu Plus is a small feather like palm fiber which then comes from the heart of a bamboo grove or from the nest of an eagle or eagle which has male and female sexes.

The characteristics are as follows:

  • Shaped like a thick base and thin tip
  • It has a length of 5-7 cm and a thickness of up to 1 ml, with a blackish brown color
  • The shape is a pair, one has male genitals, and the other is female

Bulu perindu is efficacious in compassion if the two ends are then joined or linked to one another. Apart from that, this object also has special features when it is dripped or moistened with water and placed on the floor or on a piece of paper.

It is said that this object can also move like a living creature and squirm like a worm, and when this pair of longing feathers is brought closer or brought together, the ends of the longing feathers will slowly approach each other or wrap around each other.

Getting to Know the Origins of Bulu Perindu

As is well known, some Indonesian people then still believe in mystical objects that are considered capable of bringing good luck. One thing that is believed to captivate a woman’s heart is longing feathers.

Based on the beliefs of the Javanese and Sumatran people, this object is also commonly found in the empty space between two bamboo segments. Getting this thing is not as easy as imagined. Because then, longing feathers can only be found in people who were given a revelation (pulung) by accident.

Therefore, even though someone has cut and split dozens of bamboo, but if you don’t get a revelation, you can’t have this thing. In addition, there is also a belief that longing feathers can be found in eagle nests.

The benefits of longing feathers

This item can be found in several areas. Usually, longing feathers can also be found on bamboo roofs, black eagle nests, and grass roots. This is what then causes this object to be easily obtained when compared to other pellet media.

Objects that are believed to be the ancestral heritage of the people of Central Kalimantan are then often used to attract those they like. That said, this object is also capable of making the person become infatuated with the owner.

The process of using this benefit is very easy, that is, you just blow the tip of a longing feather while imagining the figure you love. It is said that after being blown, a loved one will fall in love instantly.

It is this benefit that makes these heirlooms much sought after by many people. In fact, it is not uncommon for someone who wants to occupy a certain position to use this amulet to make them look dignified. In addition, there are many other benefits of longing feathers that are rarely known. Anything? Here’s the full explanation.

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1. Maintain Authority

One of the benefits of longing feathers is that they can maintain one’s authority. Therefore, those who wish to have authority can use this amulet. Apart from that, bulu perindu is also believed to be able to make a person look charismatic, so that other people will respect him.

2. Attract the Sympathy of Others

Some people who are difficult to get along with also then use this feather so that other people are happy to be close to them. However, this feather is also sometimes used on a person to make others feel sorry for him. However, in some cases, many people are suspected of using the benefits of this longing feather to beg or deceive other people.

3. Business Salesperson

Some people also assume that this type of fur can then be used for trading and reject reinforcements. People believe that the benefits of this longing feather can also bring many customers to their business.

The benefits can also be felt by soaking the feather in a dipper filled with water for 1 minute. Then, sprinkle this water on the office or shop yard every morning. However, once again, this is just a myth that has yet to be proven true.

4. Enchanting Women’s Hearts

The most famous benefit of longing feathers is to captivate women’s hearts. Since ancient times, longing feathers have been considered capable of attracting and captivating women’s hearts. Not surprisingly, longing feathers are also sought after by men.

Apart from that, bulu perindu is also believed to be able to make the couple then separate and reunite. Therefore, for those who want to make their relationship last longer, longing feathers can also be used. Meanwhile, women who use longing feathers will also exude charm or attract the attention of the opposite sex.

5. Soften the Heart of a Partner

Many people also use this female charm feather to get along with their partner. Usually, this feather is also used by people who are having a big fight with their partner. The trick is to dip this feather in a glass of water, then give this water to your partner.

Mystery Around Bulu Perindu

Besides being believed to be able to attract the attention of the opposite sex, these objects are also often used as sellers, such as entrepreneurs and others. After knowing the benefits, here are mysteries that may be rarely known.

1. Bulu perindu comes from grass

The first fact is that many people believe that this object comes from the island of Borneo. According to them, Dayak women then always have a special allure for any man they want to conquer. The bachelor grass itself is then just an ordinary grass which when exposed to water or cigarette smoke can move on its own.

2. Located Between Bamboo Roofs

The Javanese and Sumatran people believe that this object comes from the empty space between 2 bamboo segments. They also believe that only people who receive revelations will get feathers with this supernatural power.

Getting longing feathers is also not as easy as one might imagine. Because, this object can only be found for people who are given revelation (pulung) by accident. Therefore, even if someone has cut down and split dozens of bamboo, it is not certain that he will be able to find this object because he has not received a revelation.

3. It is in the Black Eagle’s Nest

Many people believe that this plant with invisible abilities came from the black eagle’s nest. This in itself cannot be separated from the story of ancient Javanese mythology which states that the mother of the black eagle is the embodiment of the goddess of compassion.

Therefore, many people take this object from the black eagle’s nest in the forest so that they can then marry their idol. That said, longing feathers can also be obtained by someone who gets a revelation in a cage when the eggs have hatched.

As a Result of Using Bulu Perindu Without Directions

This thing can be found in several origins. Usually longing feathers are then found on bamboo roofs, black eagle nests, and on the roots of bachelor grass. This will then cause this object to be easily obtained compared to other pellet media.

Some of the benefits that can be felt by the owner of this object are to help open the facial aura, so that the owner’s face then looks brighter and more attractive. Then, the owner will easily get affection from other people.

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In addition, longing feathers can increase self-confidence, making it easier to get along with anyone. Someone who decides to use bulu perindu is usually motivated by several things. For example, attracting the opposite sex, then making it easier to socialize, and much more. However, when someone wants to use this object, it requires guidance or direction from someone who understands the spiritual world.

Without direction, of course the use of this object as a medium of compassion will not produce maximum results. Yearning feathers can also be found on bamboo roofs. The instructions from that person are of course solely so that you don’t abuse the Bulu perindu media.

In addition, so that the luck that comes from this object can be used optimally in accordance with the intentions that have been fulfilled. Often a person does not feel the results of the luck emitted by longing’s feathers. This itself can be caused by several factors, one of which is not following directions from someone who understands the use of this object.


Basically, longing feathers are believed by many to be objects that can be used to captivate a woman’s heart. This myth has been circulating even though there is no evidence to suggest that it is true. Believe it or not the ability of this object is returned to the reader.

Thus the discussion about longing feathers . Hopefully all the discussion above can add to your insight about longing feathers.

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