5 Benefits of Mining and How to Manage Natural Resources

Added BenefitsMining in Indonesia often leaves a bad impression, for example environmental pollution and natural exploitation. However, on the other hand, there are also benefits to be gained from the mining world, especially for the country. For some people, they don’t know that mining has quite a lot of benefits, and of course it can improve the country’s economy.

Considering that Indonesia is a country rich in mining products. This is because the geographical location of Indonesia is between the Eurasian plate and also the Pacific plate. These plates are formed from young plates which are located in the ring area or commonly known to the public as the Pacific Ring of Fire. The existence of several plate collisions makes the content of petroleum, gas, and precious metals abundant in it.

Then, do you know what are the benefits of mining for this huge country of Indonesia? Although it cannot be denied that there are also negative impacts arising from mining activities. But in reality the Mining Industry is one of the biggest sources of income.

Mining products in the territory of Indonesia have spread to all corners of the region in Indonesia. There are various kinds of mining products in Indonesia that you can find. For example, Petroleum, Tin, Coal, Gas, Gold, Aluminum, Iron, Steel, Sand, and many others. Of course behind all the negative impacts after mining that are often found by the community, there are benefits that can be provided from mining activities. So, what are the benefits of mining it? The following is a review of the benefits of mining for the Indonesian economy. Let’s see the full discussion below.

A. Free of Import Fees

The first benefit is that there is no import fee, this benefit is one of the most important benefits in the Indonesian economy. By using its own mining products, the Indonesian state does not need to import mineral materials from other countries. This can provide an advantage to save on import costs.

Based on the type of natural resources can be divided into two types, with one of them being non-renewable natural resources. An example of such a natural resource is mining. Reporting from an official website from the Ministry of Education and Culture of the Republic of Indonesia, said that mining materials can be divided into three types, including:

– This first type of mining material comes from energy sources or non-metallic mining materials, these types include natural gas, petroleum, and also coal.

– This second type of mining material comes from metals, these types include silver, gold, copper, nickel, tin, bauxite, manganese, and also iron.

– The third type of mining material comes from Industry, this type includes lime, and also asbestos.

With the existence of mining materials that are very varied, Indonesia uses its own mining products. If the Indonesian state uses its own mining products, then Indonesia does not need to import goods from other countries. This can provide an advantage for the country so that it can save on the cost of importing stems. These mining goods have weight, and also the shipping process is quite large for a country that does not have its own mining products. In addition to requiring expenses to purchase mining products, it also requires substantial costs to deliver goods. For this reason, the Indonesian state does not import goods from other countries.

In addition, with this mining industry, the community or local residents can fulfill their daily needs by buying raw materials directly in their own country. This can not only stabilize the percentage of export activity, and also imports, but at the same time can reduce the cost of importing mining products, and also accustom Indonesian citizens to always love domestic products.

B. Sources of Employment

This second benefit is a source of employment, this benefit is one of the benefits that is quite important for the economy in Indonesia. The mining industry is a very large industry which absorbs a large number of workers with various qualifications. Consists of elementary, intermediate, to expert levels. Indirectly, this mining industry can help Indonesia to reduce the unemployment rate which always increases every year.

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Not only that, from the mining industry, the knowledge of someone who lives in the area around the mining area has also broadly increased. In fact, many of them dare to start businesses, such as grocery store businesses, laundry businesses, credit counters, food stalls, and so on. The availability of jobs also helps reduce crime rates caused by economic factors, or the inability of a person to meet their needs, or the difficulty in finding a job.

In addition, mining activities that require a large number of human workers require a large number of workers to fulfill them. Mining products that have spread in almost all regions of Indonesia have made many mining companies stand up. This makes mining activities a source of employment for many people. That way it can help mining activities run quickly and smoothly. And in particular can reduce the number of unemployed in Indonesia.

C. Increasing State and Regional Income

The third benefit is being able to increase state and regional income, this benefit is one of the most important and useful benefits for the Indonesian economy. Because the mining results can provide a very large foreign exchange for the country and the region. Not only that, the processing of natural wealth in the form of mining materials can also have a positive impact on the economy in areas around mining locations to make them more developed. Communities can also set up various businesses around the mining area, for example stalls or other businesses.

The mining industry is one of the major industries that utilizes minerals, including gold, tin, coal, iron ore, asphalt, as well as other minerals to be sold or used as raw materials for production.

With the existence of this mining industry, areas used to establish mining companies or areas close to mining excavations have changed to become more advanced. Even the economy of the region around the area will gradually increase gradually. As for the country, the mining industry, which includes iron ore, coal, tin, gold, and others, is one of the largest foreign exchange earners capable of driving growth and development of the Indonesian state’s economy to an even better level.

D. Transportation and Communication are Becoming More Advanced

The fourth benefit is that transportation and communication are becoming more advanced, this benefit is one of the most important and useful benefits for the economy in Indonesia. In general, mining is carried out in remote areas. Locations that are in remote areas, generally very minimal access to transportation, as well as communication.

Why is the area around the mining area becoming more developed? Because access to mining is not just one. It takes a branching road so that the process of mining products can run smoothly.

With this mining activity, transportation access can change to become more advanced, because the roads needed to access mining require more than one road, so that activities can run quickly and smoothly. So that with the many roads that will be opened, the people in the area around the mine have many access roads to the city or central areas. Also, with this mining activity, transportation routes to various areas are automatically opened. So that it can have an impact, namely road access from the mining center will be easy.

This can not only provide smoothness for the distribution of goods, but can also provide convenience for residents in the vicinity to reach other areas, without needing or spending a lot of time.

Apart from being able to expedite transportation, mining activities or the mining industry are also able to open access to communications, and can also improve communication in these remote areas.

The large number of workers and activities to communicate in the mining area also encourage owners of mining companies and operators to build a signal tower in the area around the location so that communication can run smoothly. This has a positive impact on all communities around the mine.

Thanks to this mining industry, areas that were previously isolated, had difficulty getting a signal, and could not be connected to the internet, are now becoming areas that are starting to open up, and are filled with telecommunications transmitters, so they can access the internet and get a pretty good signal.

If concluded, mining which is generally carried out in remote areas, of course, really needs access to transportation and also communication. The existence of this mining activity has made access to transportation and communication more advanced than before.

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E. Increasing Awareness to Protect the Environment

The fourth benefit is increasing awareness to protect the environment, this one benefit is quite important for a green environment to exist, and will have an impact in the future. Post-mining activities generally make the environment around mining polluted. This pollution has made residents living around the mining area more concerned, and motivated to restore the environment to a green environment. Society will feel more sensitive, and also sensitive to environmental pollution, that’s what can bring a positive impact in the future.

The mining industry can have many positive impacts on society. The residents who initially did not care about the surrounding environment, are now starting to realize the importance of protecting the environment.

Given that the mining industry also has a bad influence on the surrounding environment. Because the surrounding community is now starting to carry out an oversight in order to minimize environmental pollution. In fact, the people around them consciously carry out a reforestation in order to balance the bad effects caused by the mining process.

Based on data obtained from Agincourt Resource, said that mining companies engaged in exploration, mining, and also processing of minerals into silver bars and gold, said that there are five benefits of well-managed mining natural resources. The details include increasing state and regional revenues, increasing awareness of the importance of protecting the environment, sources of employment, advances in communication and transportation technology, and free import fees.

In general, mining is carried out by drilling the soil into the earth’s mantle. These activities can certainly have a negative impact on the people who live around the mining area. However, it also provides many benefits for the needs of society and the country. Certainly in the process of mining activity it is necessary to have an effort to reduce environmental pollution and other adverse effects.

F. How to Manage Non-Renewable Natural Resources

After you know the benefits that you can get from mining activities, it would be nice for you to also understand how to manage non-renewable natural resources, especially mining materials?

If it is interpreted that non-renewable natural resources are natural resources that will run out, if their use is carried out continuously. In order to carry out this recovery, it takes a very long time so that these natural resources can form again as before. Examples of non-renewable natural resources, especially mining materials, include oil, coal, natural gas, gold, iron, silver, and many others.

This, of course, is carried out by the mining industry and other supporters continuously. However, if natural resources are used continuously without knowing limits, and so on. So it is likely that these natural resources can run out quickly. That way, it can certainly have an impact on the next generation or in the future. That is why an effort or method is needed to manage this non-renewable natural resource. So it’s no wonder that protecting these natural resources is very important, and it’s important for you to manage these natural resources properly and usefully. Well, what are they? Here are some ways you can do to manage non-renewable natural resources, especially mining materials, including the following:

– The first way you can do is to make an effort in the form of a savings in all its use.

– Then, the second way that you can do is carry out mining export activities, but not as raw materials, but as materials that have become finished goods or raw materials.

– Then, the third way you can do that is to create an innovative replacement material so you don’t depend too much on just one resource.

These three methods are considered to be able to help you in managing non-renewable natural resources, especially mining materials. Hopefully you can apply the method above in your daily life.

Thus the complete discussion regarding the importance of the benefits of mining for the state, region and society. If you know and understand what are the benefits that can be useful for the economy, and how to manage non-renewable natural resources, it can help you use natural resources wisely and carefully. Hopefully the above reviews can add insight into the knowledge of the readers.

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