4 Examples of Social Interaction Between Individuals

What are examples of interactions between individuals? Before discussing that, let’s get to know more about the important things in it. The important thing concerns the individual or human and an interaction.

Interaction is an activity that must be carried out by every human being. Every day, millions of people interact with other humans. How can this interaction occur? Find out the explanation and examples of interactions between individuals below.

Definition of Social Interaction

Therefore, every human being must interact with each other. Everyone must maintain good relations with each other. This is very important for the survival of fellow humans.

Since a human is born, that human has the instinct to live. They have an aura to get along with people around them. This instinct is one of the most basic human needs.

Used to meet the needs of life. Not only the basic necessities of life. However, like the need for affection, control to inclusion.

Human efforts in order to meet their needs can be realized through a process. This process is called social interaction. Social interaction can occur, if each party is aware of the presence of the other party.

Social interaction is a reciprocal relationship that occurs. This relationship can occur from individual to individual, individual to group, or group to group.

Characteristics of Social Interaction

  • The number of interaction actors is more than one person.
  • There is a communication between the actors.
  • Communication occurs through social contact.
  • Social interactions have clear aims and objectives.
  • Social interaction can be carried out through a certain pattern or social system.

Social Interaction Between Individuals

Interaction between individuals is an interaction process that occurs when one individual provides a stimulus, influence or stimulus to another individual. On the contrary, when an individual is affected, he will give a response, response or a reaction.

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Interactions that occur between individuals have a dynamic nature. Meaning that will be fickle. These changes will adapt to the circumstances and conditions that occur in a society.

The manifestation of the interaction between individuals has many forms. It can take the form of greeting or reprimanding each other, shaking hands, conversing and even fighting.

If the social interaction that occurs gives a reaction that tends to be positive, then the individual will lead to friendship. It can even lead to a partnership. However, if the opposite happens then this negative reaction will allow conflict or conflict between the two.

Ideal Terms of Social Interaction

  • Social interaction has a clear purpose.
  • Social interaction has clear needs as well as benefits.
  • In social interaction, there is suitability, success, and usability according to the function in it.
  • There is conformity with certain rules in a social interaction.

Examples of Inter-Individual Interaction

1. Greet each other

The first example of social interaction between individuals is greeting each other. Even though it looks short, greeting each other is an example of social interaction between individuals.

Like a schoolmate who is not in class. They met in the classroom corridor and were about to head to the cafeteria. When these two school friends greet each other, then social interaction has occurred. Although there was no continuation of the greeting.

2. Shake hands

The second example of social interaction between individuals is shaking hands. This social interaction is also often not realized by many people. Because, sometimes someone just shakes hands without saying a word.

An example is a teacher who used to wait and greet his students at the school gate in the morning. Usually the teacher just stands and greets students who come by shaking hands only.

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Shaking hands in this case is done with the term “salim” or “shake”. Even though there was no chat between the teacher and students, social interaction had occurred. A student who comes to shake hands with the teacher, then the teacher responds and shakes hands with the student. It is enough to say as an example of social interaction between individuals.

3. Talking

Another example of social interaction between individuals is chatting. In this example, of course many are aware of this activity. Many people already understand that what they are doing is a social interaction.

This chatting activity is said to be social interaction because there is reciprocity among the communicators.

For example, like two brothers who are talking in the room. They talk to each other and give each other responses to their conversations. That is an example of interaction between individuals in a conversation.

4. Fight

The next example of interaction between individuals is fighting. Activities that lead to this negative direction are often not known that this is an example of interaction between individuals.

When two people fight, they are said to be having an interaction. Why is that? Because, they do reciprocity. When the first person hits, the second person responds.

The response can be a parry or dodge. It can also be in the form of counter-resistance, so that he hits the person back.

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