31 Examples of Fact Sentences and Explanations of Their Concepts and Characteristics!

Examples of Fact Sentences – In the midst of easy access to information, it is not without gaps. It is like two blades. One side gives benefits and one side gives bad. The easier it is to share and access information, the more false information or rumors or hoaxes will circulate.

Hoaxes can spread massively and quickly. It targets everyone. It doesn’t matter if it’s a teenager or an adult. If this is not handled wisely, it will make people consume more and more false information.

In order to understand more about hoax sentences. Sinaumed’s can listen to the following explanation regarding examples of fact sentences that have been summarized from various sources on the internet.

Fact Sentence Concept

Sentences that we encounter in news articles or other writings can be seen from the side of the language regarding the validity of the information. If examined, sentences can be divided into fact and opinion sentences. A proficient reader can usually feel or distinguish between opinion sentences and fact sentences.

Facts in the Big Indonesian Dictionary (KBBI) mean things (circumstances, events) which are reality; something that really exists or happens. Facts do not mean things that only exist in the head, fiction, or things that have no basis.

From the above understanding, it can be concluded that a fact sentence is an arrangement of language that is real or actually occurs without any opinion, opinion, or author’s perspective regarding an event or phenomenon that is the subject of discussion in the sentence.

Sentences of fact do not mix with the opinion of the author. It is written based on real events without adding or subtracting information. The information here can be used as the main idea in a sentence.

Opinion sentences can be recognized by the opinions, responses, and thoughts of the author of the events that occurred. Opinion sentences are influenced by subjective personal elements. The characteristics of opinion sentences usually contain the words maybe, very, could be, impossible which refer to one’s subjectivity.

In the fact sentence itself there is a conclusion that contains facts, opinions, and supporting responses regarding an event. The conclusion becomes the final opinion of the information. Sinaumed’s will find complementary collaborations between fact sentences and opinion sentences in an editorial text.

In it, fact sentences and opinion sentences are arranged in such a way that they complement each other. The text contains evidence, facts, and logical reasons so that the reader or listener can understand the issue or problem well.

Features of Fact Sentences

The main characteristic of a fact sentence is having accurate data and several other characteristics. Launching from the dream.co.id page, the following are the characteristics of fact sentences.

1. Have Accurate Data

Fact sentences must have accurate data. In every fact sentence regarding an event there is data. The data here can be in the form of dates, statistical numbers, time of events, and other things that have been verified.

2. Be objective

Being objective is interpreted as a statement in a sentence of facts that is general in nature and has been acknowledged for its truth. The truth is recognized by various parties, especially official bodies or institutions.

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3. It Really Happened

Fact sentences must be written according to the conditions that occur in them. “Really happened” can be interpreted as an event that happened seen by other people or eyewitnesses. Only hearing reports from parties who have authority is also included in the characteristics of “actually happened”.

Summarizing from the katadata.co.id page, in simple terms, fact sentences can be identified by the following characteristics.

  • Facts can be proven true.
  • Contains accurate data, for example the date, place and time of the incident.
  • Facts from trusted sources.
  • Its objective nature means what it is and is not contrived.
  • These sentences are added with adverbs and data to describe events.
  • Sentences answer the 5W+1H questions, namely what, who, where, when, how much, and how.
  • The answer is certain.
  • Events turned out to be true.
  • Information extracted in accordance with the facts in the field.
  • Sentences of facts based on findings and using quotations to strengthen the author’s argument.

Types of Fact Sentences

Summarizing from the dream.co.id page, fact sentences are grouped into the following types.

1. Data Sentences

Sentence data usually contains data about an event. The existence of data in the sentence will support that the sentence contains facts. Therefore, the data is valid, comes from a clear source. and really can be proven true.

Sinaumed’s can find data sentences in news texts both in online media, newspapers, magazines, and other forms of text reporting. Data sentences in news texts are important because they involve the nature of news, namely conveying true information.

The following is an example of a data sentence.

“First, Malaysia is an oil exporter (Net Exporter) while Indonesia is a Net Importer. Second, the population of Malaysia is 32 million. This is far less than the total population of Indonesia which reaches 260 million people.” (News source Merdeka.com )

2. Sentence Statement or Confession

The next type of fact sentence is a statement or acknowledgment sentence. It is concerned with providing evidence or legitimacy regarding a certain event that actually occurred. Even a person’s response can be used as a sentence of fact if given as a response.

For example a statement from an expert, researcher, doctor, teacher, and so on. Usually they will be asked to provide feedback on an event that occurred.

Sinaumed’s can better understand statements or confessions from the following examples.

“Pieter Lydian, Country Director Meta in Indonesia stated another important finding in this study is that Indonesian digital consumers utilize many integrated channels such as video and business messaging in their buying process.” (News source Merdeka.com )

3. Sentence News

News sentences consist of facts because they are influenced by the nature of the news itself. The news sentence usually contains information that shows the truth of the news. It contains elements of 5W + 1H ( What, When, Where, Why, Why and  How).

The following is an example of a news sentence.

“Corruption Eradication Commission (KPK) investigators arrested Mimika Regent Eltinus Omaleng. The corruption suspect was arrested at a hotel in Jayapura, Papua, Wednesday (6/9).” (News source Merdeka.com )

Examples of Fact Sentences

The following are examples of factual sentences adapted from the katadata.co.id  and bola.com pages.

  1. The Minister of National Education inaugurated the Faculty of Medicine, University of Muhammadiyah Jakarta, on June 5, 2003.
  2. The country of Indonesia consists of large and small islands.
  3. The multiplication result is 2×5=10.
  4. The number of IPA 4 students is 20 people.
  5. The Indonesian national flag consists of two colors, namely red and white.
  6. Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore and Thailand are members of ASEAN.
  7. Indonesia is located on the continent of Asia.
  8. The UGM campus is located in the city of Yogyakarta.
  9. Ball shape is round.
  10. Lions are carnivorous animals.
  11. 1 hour consists of 50 minutes and 3,600 seconds.
  12. Jokowi is the 7th President of the Republic of Indonesia.
  13. Facebook and Instagram are social media.
  14. Smartphones can be used for photos.
  15. The author of the Harry Potter novels is JK Rowling.
  16. Indonesia is directly bordered by Malaysia and Papua New Guinea.
  17. Russia is a country that has a vast territory.
  18. Indonesia’s independence day is August 17, 1945.
  19. Burning fossil fuels produces carbon dioxide gas emissions.
  20. Jakarta is the capital city of Indonesia.
  21. The lungs function as a respiratory tract.
  22. Hillary Clinton lost the 2016 United States presidential election.
  23. The mosque is a place of worship for Muslims.
  24. The province of Aceh was hit by the massive tsunami in 2004.
  25. The sun rises from the east and sets in the west.
  26. The moon is a satellite of the earth.
  27. Indonesia is an archipelagic country, consisting of five major islands, namely Sumatra, Kalimantan, Sulawesi, Papua and Java.
  28. Sugar can make drinks sweet.
  29. Indonesian is the national language and the official language used in everyday life.
  30. Chickens and birds are included in the category of animals that reproduce by laying eggs.
  31. In the porcupine’s body there are thorns which are used as a tool to defend itself from attacks by other animals.
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Opinion Sentence Examples

After listening to the explanation above, Sinaumed’s already knows examples of fact sentences. To better understand fact sentences, Sinaumed’s can pay attention to the following opinion sentences which have been adapted from the bola.com and pages. Thus, the hope is to find the difference between fact sentences and opinion sentences.

  1. Thin people must rarely eat.
  2. It will rain today, because the sky is overcast.
  3. Girls are smarter than boys.
  4. Learning English is easier than learning German.
  5. Raditya Dika is the best novelist in Indonesia.
  6. Indonesia will be prosperous if it is led by a military.
  7. The woman looks prettier when wearing a brightly colored hijab.
  8. Liverpool looks set to win the Premier League this season.
  9. Cats are adorable animals.
  10. If security is properly regulated, there will be no incidents of convicts escaping from prison.
  11. My crowded classroom can be filled with 40 pairs of windows and chairs.
  12. It’s best to postpone the tour at the end of December because the roads will definitely be jammed.
  13. The coffee is suitable to be eaten with cakes.
  14. Without the hot chilies, the food lacks flavour.

To better understand writing Indonesian sentences, Sinaumed’s can adopt the following books.