21 Examples of Unity Values ​​and Their Supporting and Inhibiting Factors!

An example of the value of unity – Indonesia is a country that consists of a lot of wealth in it. One of them is the wealth of diversity, starting from islands, tribes, customs, culture, religion and so on. However, from every difference that exists, the entire Indonesian nation is able to unite without any divisions between tribes.

This is something that we must be proud of as Indonesian citizens. Because, amidst the differences, we are all still able to maintain the integrity of Indonesia by always uniting and respecting every difference that exists.

The independence that was achieved by the Indonesian state was not a gift given by the colonialists, but because of the determination that Indonesia had to be able to liberate itself. Of course, in the process of independence, the entire Indonesian nation at that time fought together without anyone seeing the differences.

The importance of the unity of the Indonesian nation is also stated in the 3rd principle of Pancasila, in which Pancasila is used as the ideology and guideline for the life of the nation and state. The unity of the Indonesian nation contains many elements and ideals of brotherhood and friendship and is pervaded by an atmosphere of goodness, purity and beauty.

The unity and integrity of the nation must be maintained so that Indonesia can remain intact and continue to be an independent nation.

The Meaning of Indonesian Unity

Basically, the unity and oneness of the Indonesian nation has concepts that must be understood first. The basic concepts of the unity and integrity of Indonesia are such as unity, integrity, nation integration, nationalism and patriotism.

Simply put, unity means a combination, bond, and a collection of several parts which will later become a unified whole. That means, unity is also able to unite various patterns into a container to become one whole.

The unity of the Indonesian nation is none other than the encouragement of the will to be aware of being able to achieve an independent, sovereign, just and prosperous national life. If we look back, of course, history teaches us how important unity is.

Once upon a time, the colonizers succeeded in colonizing Indonesia for quite a long time. One of the factors that made the Indonesian people able to be colonized for a long time was because at that time the Indonesian people were not yet able to unite, the people could not understand the importance of national unity and unity.


Example of the Value of Unity and Unity of Indonesia

After knowing about the meaning of the value of unity and unity. Next, we will discuss together examples of the values ​​of Indonesian unity and oneness. The examples that will be explained below focus on the value of unity that has been and is often practiced in the daily life of the Indonesian people.

So that you don’t get too confused about what are the examples of the values ​​of Indonesian unity and oneness, here is a complete explanation.

  1. Hang out with anyone without the need to see differences such as race, ethnicity, religion or culture.
  2. Appreciate differences of opinion from each existing group.
  3. Participating in the mutual cooperation movement in the surrounding environment is like participating in mutual cooperation in the RT environment.
  4. Always uphold tolerance and easily forgive others.
  5. Always maintain harmony in the community.
  6. Always have mutual respect and respect for differences between ethnic groups and cultures.
  7. Prioritizing public interests over personal interests or certain groups.
  8. Willing to sacrifice for the sake of the nation and the state.
  9. Always develop a sense of love for the Motherland and the nation.
  10. Have a sense of pride to be a part of Indonesia.
  11. Has no selfish nature.
  12. Acknowledge every role of each family member.
  13. Study hard.
  14. Help keep the classroom atmosphere calm.
  15. Able to bring up a sense of kinship in order to create a life that is so harmonious.
  16. Get involved in activities in the neighborhood.
  17. Support the introduction of local culture and arts.
  18. Support the existence of unity among the nation’s children so that unity and integrity can be created.
  19. Provide support and participate in national activities with the aim of developing culture.
  20. Also solve problems in the environment.
  21. Negotiate to be able to solve existing problems.

Those are some examples of the value of Indonesian unity and oneness. Of course there are many more examples of the value of Indonesian unity and oneness. However, as a nation of Indonesia, we should always maintain the integrity of the nation by always uniting and respecting each other’s differences.

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Reasons for the Importance of Unity for the Indonesian Nation

Judging from the examples above, of course we agree that unity is indeed very important for the Indonesian people. However, there are several other reasons that make the position of a sense of unity and oneness so necessary and important for this great nation of Indonesia. The following are some explanations of the importance of unity for the Indonesian people.

1. In order not to be easily divided by other nations

After gaining Indonesian independence, of course we as a nation to continue the services of the heroes must also maintain and maintain unity and oneness. One of the important reasons for maintaining unity and oneness is so that it is not easily divided by other nations.

The politics of devide et impera or if translated into Indonesian is the politics of pitting one against the other will be a reminder to us that unity is very important. Once upon a time, the Dutch divided the indigenous archipelago into two groups, namely those who were helped and those who were fought.

Where the Archipelago group had succeeded in defeating the group that was being fought, the group that was assisted would be asked for payment by the Dutch. Furthermore, the Dutch will ask for special privileges for the group assisted.

This privilege can be obtained in the form of interfering in family affairs, trade monopoly and interfering in the affairs of the empire. This makes a conclusion if there is no sense of unity it will make a group easy to be divided by outsiders.

2. Strengthening National Identity

The next reason is to strengthen the identity of the Indonesian nation. If the identity of a nation can be stronger, of course this will also be one of the methods to maintain the regional culture of every ethnic group in Indonesia.

Not only that, unity can also help strengthen national identity in the face of cultural attacks from other nations because of the rise of the globalization era, like today, which seems to erase boundaries between countries. In addition, the existence of unity can also strengthen national identity so that there are no prominent differences between humans.

3. National Development Can Run Smoothly and Safely

The existence of unity will also facilitate the process of national development. In addition, the existence of unity between nations can also facilitate the achievement of national goals which are already in the opening paragraph 4 of the 1945 Constitution.

The absence of unity can allow for civil disorder. Of course, this condition will divert the government’s focus on the national development process. In addition, the chaos that exists in society is difficult to resolve. Therefore, there is a need for unity between nations to expedite the process of national development while reducing the occurrence of conflicts.

4. Maintain Harmony and Establish Hospitality

The existence of a sense of unity will also be able to maintain peace and be able to establish friendship. In addition, a sense of unity can also create an atmosphere of peace, security and serenity.

The existence of a sense of unity will also make the Indonesian people realize a more balanced, harmonious and more harmonious life among themselves. That means that a sense of unity will be able to overcome all the differences that exist with full awareness.

5. Strengthening National Resilience

The unity and unity of the nation is so important because it is able to become the foundation in maintaining national resilience. In the past, colonialists and imperialists once colonized this nation during the exploration era.

At that time, Indonesian national heroes were able to provide resistance to invaders from Portugal, Spain, the Netherlands, England and Japan. For example, Teuku Umar and Cut Nyak Dhien who fought to expel invaders for the land of Aceh.

At that time, the national heroes tried to rise up against the actions of the invaders by carrying out regional struggles and wars. This explanation is one of the proofs that a sense of unity is indeed so important in order to strengthen national resilience.

6. Prevent war

In order to prevent the occurrence of a conflict that could harm both parties, unity is indeed very important to be instilled in order to maintain the integrity of a country. Without a sense of unity, it can result in short-term and long-term social relationships being damaged.

In addition, the existence of a sense of unity can also make the Indonesian people live side by side and avoid conflicts. In fact, national unity can also be said to be a very powerful weapon to seize, defend and fill independence.


The Benefits of Unity and Oneness

Maintaining the unity that exists in Indonesia is an obligation for the Indonesian people themselves. This is also stated in Pancasila, the third precept. The benefits of unity and oneness, of course, must also be maintained by the Indonesian nation at any time. So, to know more about the benefits of unity for the Indonesian people, here is a complete explanation.

  1. Can be a factor that can strengthen national identity
  2. The sense of helping each other and working together is always ingrained in everyday life.
  3. Harmony and hospitality is always maintained.
  4. Unity and oneness will create a harmonious life in community life.
  5. Mutual cooperation will be carried out well.
  6. People feel safer and more comfortable.
  7. Facilitate the advancement of the nation in various fields.
  8. Strengthening national resilience, so that it is ready to face threats or disturbances from enemies.
  9. Interaction among members of the community becomes more intimate.
  10. The national goals stated in the preamble of the 1945 Constitution are easier to achieve.
  11. Can overcome the differences that exist with full awareness.
  12. National development can run smoothly and safely.
  13. Conflicts in social life will be avoided.
  14. The creation of a peaceful and safe atmosphere in the life of the nation is due to the fact that the people highly uphold solidarity and tolerance.
  15. Avoiding quarrels or hostility in Indonesian society.
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Factors Inhibiting the Unity and Unity of the Indonesian Nation

Maintaining a sense of unity and oneness among nations is not exactly easy. This is because in the course of this life there will be factors that allow division or conflict to occur between community members.

Even so, we as a nation of Indonesia must also maintain a sense of unity that has existed since ancient times. Some of the factors that may become an obstacle to the occurrence of unity and integrity among nations are as follows.

1. The Diversity That’s Within

The diversity that has always existed in the life of Indonesian society is one of the inhibiting factors for the unity and integrity of Indonesia if it is not accompanied by mutual respect, tolerance and respect. Cultural differences will of course allow the emergence of differences of opinion which can foster feelings of hatred that are so excessive, giving rise to conflicts between tribes.

2. Geographical Location

Indonesia is a country in which there are thousands of islands. These thousands of islands certainly have different characteristics. Areas that could potentially separate themselves from the country are those that are farthest from the capital area.

In addition, areas that have influence from border countries or neighboring countries as well as areas that have such a large global influence, such as tourist areas or those that have abundant natural wealth.

Of course, different geographical conditions can be a factor weakening unity and integrity. What’s more, if there is inequality and inequality in development that still cannot be handled.

3. There are symptoms of ethnocentrism

Ethnocentrism is an attitude that really highlights the advantages of its culture and looks down on other people’s cultures. The attitude of ethnocentrism that begins to emerge and is not immediately overcome will be able to weaken the unity and integrity of the nation.

4. The existence of Weak Cultural Values

A strong foreign culture can undermine the nation’s own cultural values, either directly or indirectly. In addition, this will be able to become a factor that can weaken the unity and integrity of the nation.

The direct influence of foreign culture can be through the elements of tourism. Meanwhile, the indirect influence of foreign culture is through print media to electronic media.

5. There is Unequal Development

The development process that is only centered on certain areas can be one of the factors that can weaken the unity and integrity of the nation. This will certainly lead to gaps in various sectors. If this continues to be allowed, then it is not impossible that unity and oneness will fade.

Factors that Drive the Sense of Unity and National Unity

After previously we discussed what are the factors that can influence the weakening of the sense of unity and oneness among nations. Next, we will discuss what factors can be a driving force for a sense of unity and integrity of the nation.

1. Nationalism

The existence of a sense of nationalism can also be a driving factor for unity between nations. Nationalism itself is an understanding to love the nation and its own country. This can also create an awareness that collectively defends, ignores the identity, integrity, prosperity and strength of the nation.

2. High Tolerance

Tolerance is an attitude in which two groups with different cultures are able to relate fully. Indonesia is diverse in many ways. Starting from race, culture, ethnicity and religion, of course, requires a high sense of tolerance to be able to realize unity and oneness.


3. Willing to Sacrifice for the Nation and Country

Willing to sacrifice is one of the factors that can maintain unity and oneness among nations. This was also done by the heroes to be able to win independence from the hands of the invaders.

4. There is awareness to live in society

There must also be awareness of life in society so that we can help each other and participate in all activities in a community group. That way, a sense of peace and security among community members can continue to be well established.

That’s a discussion of examples of the value of unity that you can apply in your daily life. It’s not only possible, but you could say it must be done immediately so that unity can be maintained.

Deepening every Pancasila value is something that needs to be done by Indonesian people. You can also understand the values ​​of Pancasila by reading books about Pancasila which can be found at sinaumedia.com . Reading lots of books and articles will never hurt you, because Sinaumed’s will get #MoreWithReading information and knowledge.

Author: Hendrik