20 Examples of Yourself’s Strengths and Weaknesses in a Job Interview

Your Strengths and Weaknesses – In almost all job interviews, the recruiter will ask about the strengths and weaknesses of the prospective candidate. Perhaps, this seems easy to answer. Even so, it was not that easy. There may even be some of us who still feel confused about what are our own strengths and weaknesses.

In order to be able to answer this question, Sinaumed’s can learn to know themselves well and ask for opinions from those closest to them. If you’re still confused, here are examples of your own strengths and weaknesses along with ways to answer them during a job interview that can be used as a reference for Sinaumed’s !

10 Examples of Strengths Yourself During a Job Interview

The following are some examples of self-advantages that Sinaumed’s can use to answer the question “Tell me what are Sinaumed’s’ strengths ?” during a job interview. The following answers are just adapted to the true strengths of Sinaumed’s , yes!

1. Able to think creatively

There are a variety of jobs that require creative thinking skills. Especially if Sinaumed’s is applying for a job in the creative industry, convey that Sinaumed’s has good creative thinking skills. To convince recruiters, don’t forget to tell briefly about examples of creativity that Sinaumed’s has created in previous organizations and offices along with their impacts and results.

2. Able to Communicate Well

Communication is one of the keys in working especially with other people. Tell recruiters that Sinaumed’s can communicate effectively with others, such as conveying information, receiving directions, written communications, and listening well.

Sinaumed’s can convey these advantages with precise sentences, clear body language, and are easily understood by recruiters as proof that Sinaumed’s can communicate well.

3. High Initiative

Companies certainly like employees who have high initiative. If Sinaumed’s is such a person, Sinaumed’s can convey this as an advantage. Convey that Sinaumed’s is a person who is used to getting work done without being asked by a superior. Sinaumed’s is aware and understands how to get Sinaumed’s work done every day.

Sinaumed’s can convey initiatives to help colleagues, convey ideas/ideas . Sinaumed’s can tell examples of initiatives that Sinaumed’s has done in organizations during college or at old companies to convince recruiters.

4. Can work in a team

At work, Sinaumed’s will be faced with various situations and these will be overcome either by working alone or having to work with other people or a team. Therefore, the ability to work in teams and collaboration is an advantage that Sinaumed’s can convey.

This ability also shows that Sinaumed’s is a flexible, adaptable person, and has good interpersonal skills.

5. Confident

The next example of self-advantage is self-confidence. Self-confidence means that Sinaumed’s believes in the abilities that are owned by Sinaumed’s himself. Convey these advantages with appropriate sentences and body language so that Sinaumed’s doesn’t seem narcissistic or arrogant.

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6. Public speaking

Public speaking is a person’s ability to speak in front of many people. Many people feel uncomfortable and are still afraid when they have to speak in public. If Sinaumed’s has this advantage, it will certainly be a separate assessment for recruiters.

Sinaumed’s can convey this skill by sharing the experiences that Sinaumed’s has gone through when doing public speaking such as being a moderator, presentation, host, or being a resource person at an event. Convey these advantages, especially if the job that Sinaumed’s wants does require these skills such as presenter, reporter, announcer, public relations, account executive and others.

7. Accustomed to Leading Groups

Leadership is the ability to influence others to be willing to do something to achieve a common goal. Sinaumed’s can convey this advantage by telling about the experience of leading in an organization or in a previous job. For example, Sinaumed’s was the head of the committee, the head of the student association, the head of BEM, and so on. If there are good changes while Sinaumed’s is leading, tell me about that too, OK?

8. Neat And Organized

Neat and organized are also advantages that recruiters like. With these advantages, Sinaumed’s is considered to be able to work neatly, pay attention to details, and be able to complete every job properly without missing anything. Sinaumed’s can tell how Sinaumed’s finishes work neatly, makes to-do lists, and always gets all work done on time.

9. Easy to Adapt

Changes in jobs or companies can happen at any time. Therefore, the ability to adjust to change or adapt is also an advantage. Sinaumed’s can tell briefly about experiences that Sinaumed’s has experienced and how to adapt to these changes. For example, there are changes in workflow, software usage, and so on.

10. Want to Learn New Things

In the present, changes in trends and technology occur very quickly. To be able to keep up with developments, Sinaumed’s must have the desire to continue learning about new things. If Sinaumed’s is such a person, this is an advantage that Sinaumed’s can convey. Sinaumed’s can also provide examples of what Sinaumed’s has learned so far.

For example, Sinaumed’s applied to be a Content Writer , then Sinaumed’s told that apart from learning about SEO, Sinaumed’s had also studied copywriting to create attractive and attractive CTA for the articles that Sinaumed’s wrote.

10 Examples of Self Deficiencies During Job Interviews

Now, after understanding your own strengths, here are some examples of your own weaknesses.

1. Too Self-Critical

The first lack of self is overly self-critical. Some people can be highly self-critical, don’t do some things well, and feel like they’re always lacking. This makes Sinaumed’s work very hard to achieve the best results, and sometimes it becomes too much. To reduce this, convey that Sinaumed’s is also learning to respect himself and be more thorough in every job.

2. Lack of Mastery of Certain Software

Software or software used in work will always be updated. Some jobs require Sinaumed’s to be proficient in operating certain software , but if Sinaumed’s is not very proficient in the software , just say so honestly.

Convey that Sinaumed’s is not very good at using the latest software used by the company where Sinaumed’s applies. Even so, Sinaumed’s is a person who has the desire and can quickly learn so that Sinaumed’s is willing to work while learning to operate the software until he is proficient.

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3. Public Speaking / Presentation

Some people do feel uncomfortable and are not used to having to speak in front of many people. If Sinaumed’s is a person who lacks confidence when asked to speak in public, Sinaumed’s can convey this as a weakness.

Even so, don’t forget to say that, Sinaumed’s is also in the process of learning to develop these skills through the community, as well as practicing a lot with people who have good public speaking skills. Also tell if Sinaumed’s has made progress in the learning process.

4. Not yet proficient in foreign languages

Mastering a foreign language is often used as a job requirement . Like, Mandarin, English, Japanese, and others. For example, Sinaumed’s has mastered English, but is not very proficient in Japanese.

Let them know that Sinaumed’s is not very proficient in Japanese, but that Sinaumed’s’ English is good by providing evidence, and is currently learning to develop his Japanese skills by taking courses.

5. It’s hard to believe in other people

There are people who trust easily and can delegate tasks to others. However, there are also people who find it hard to believe and prefer to do everything independently.

6. Lack of Confidence

Lack of self-confidence is a condition in which Sinaumed’s feels that Sinaumed’s is incapable and thinks that other people are better than Sinaumed’s . For Sinaumed’s who are introverted or shy, Sinaumed’s can convey to recruiters that Sinaumed’s is still not used to speaking in front of many people.

Also convey that Sinaumed’s is trying to increase self-confidence by practicing speaking in front of the mirror a lot, taking courses to improve skills, and joining the community.

7. Impatient

If Sinaumed’s is an impatient person, Sinaumed’s can say that Sinaumed’s is impatient at work because he wants to get the job done quickly. Even so, this does not make Sinaumed’s work carelessly.

Sinaumed’s still pays attention to the quality of the work and corrects it again and ensures that everything is in order to minimize errors.

8. Less Organized

Lack of organization or neatness can cause Sinaumed’s to make mistakes, such as sending the wrong e-mail or missing certain assignments. If this is indeed a weakness of Sinaumed’s , say that recently Sinaumed’s has started practicing to be more organized by making daily to-do lists, assisting with task management, and always checking back on work results to make sure everything is neat and no mistakes are found.

9. Minimal Work Experience

For Sinaumed’s who have just graduated or are fresh graduates , they may not have sufficient experience. Convey that Sinaumed’s is not very experienced, but has participated in organizations, internships, or courses that are appropriate for the position. This shows that Sinaumed’s has the desire to develop it.

10. Not Too Mastering Certain Skills

To apply for a job, the company must have the skills criteria that must be possessed by the candidate. If Sinaumed’s has not mastered one of them, Sinaumed’s can convey this to the recruiter.

Those are 20 examples of strengths and weaknesses that Sinaumed’s can explain during a job interview. The key to answering questions of strengths and weaknesses is honesty. Answer each question honestly, but still show that Sinaumed’s is a competent and reliable person in his work.

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