12 List of the Most Dangerous Animals in the World

Almost all animals that live in this world have natural powers that can protect themselves from enemy attacks, be it humans or other animals. This power can be in the form of sharp teeth, very strong energy, and also poison or it can come from the organs of the body. Many of us think that poison is the same as can. Even though they have similarities, basically poison and venom are two different things. Where poison is a substance that can irritate or kill by swallowing or absorbing it. While it can be poison that is in the bodies of animals such as snakes, bees, and also scorpions by injecting it into the bodies of humans or other animals. Whether it’s through the bite or sting of its tail.

Animals that have poison or can be one of the most dangerous types of animals in the world. This is because it is not uncommon for the poison and venom that is released to kill a human in just a short time. What are the most dangerous animals in the world? Let’s find the answer below.

List of the Most Dangerous Animals in the World

There are so many animals that have a funny appearance but actually harm other living things to the point where they can kill humans. In this world, it turns out that there are lots of animals that live side by side with humans. These animals are very dangerous to death. Never underestimate the animals below, including:

1. Box Jellyfish

This marine animal is often found floating or moving slowly in Indo-Pacific waters. It is an invertebrate that has a transparent body shape and can barely be seen. Where this animal is considered by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration as one of the most venomous marine animals in the world.

This box jellyfish contains up to 15 tentacles, each of which grows to be 10 feet long. All the tentacles on the jellyfish’s body are covered with thousands of stinging cells called nematocysts. These stinging cells contain toxins that can simultaneously attack the nervous system, heart, and skin cells.

The poison that was in it was very strong and extraordinary. So that many people become victims of his ferocity. Almost every year, many people experience shock, drown, and even die from heart failure as a result of being stung by this box jellyfish. If there are survivors, they usually have to undergo a long course of treatment, almost taking several weeks.

2. Vipers

One of the most dangerous animals in the world is the viper snake. Where this snake has scales that are shaped like saws and often lives in some areas that are deep, especially in areas with desert climates. Sometimes, they will camouflage naturally. So that it is often invisible to humans.

In addition, this type of snake will usually be active at night and often make hissing sounds as a form of self-defense. The sound comes from a behavior called stridulation, which is when the snake forms a coil and rubs its scales together. This viper snake is also very aggressive with twice the lethal dose in each bite.

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3. Pufferfish

Pufferfish or also known as blowfish usually live in tropical seas around the world. Although they are the second most poisonous vertebrate animals in the world, they can also be said to be even more dangerous because their neurotoxins are found in fish skin, liver, muscle tissue, kidneys, and also gonads. All of which may not be consumed by humans.

Even if you meet this fish in the wild, of course it will still be dangerous. The risk of death from pufferfish is further increased when eaten in countries such as Japan. This fish is considered as one of the delicacies known as fugu and can only be prepared or cooked by a trained and officially licensed chef.

Tetrodotoxin is a substance that is 1,200 times more toxic than cyanide and can cause numbness of the lips and tongue, vomiting, dizziness, difficulty breathing, arrhythmias, muscle paralysis, and death.

4. Black Mamba

Even though species like the king cobra or boomslang are very dangerous because of the poison in their bodies, the black mamba is still more deadly because of its speed. This one species can grow up to 14 feet in length and is one of the fastest species of all snakes in the world. They will crawl at speeds reaching 12.5 miles per hour.

Fortunately, black mambas will generally attack when they feel threatened. However, when they do, they bite repeatedly and deliver enough venom in one bite, which can kill up to 10 people at once. If a person does not receive a correlative antivenom within 20 minutes, then the bite is almost 100 percent fatal because it can cause death.

5. Sydney Funnel-Web Spider

Several types of spiders show off their deadly power with very striking colors, but not the Sydney Funnel-Web Spider. This spider bite can cause death in just 30 minutes. Because, the atraxotoxin in the poison will cause the human nervous system to shorten. Meanwhile, this type of spider is very aggressive and its fangs can penetrate human fingernails. It can even penetrate human shoes because it is so sharp.

6. Saltwater Crocodile

The next most dangerous animal in the world is the saltwater crocodile. This ferocious killer can grow up to 23 feet in length. Then it can weigh more than a ton and is known to kill hundreds of people every year. This type of crocodile is very dangerous because they are reliable swimmers in saltwater or fresh water and can attack very quickly.

7. Tsetse fly

This fly is often considered the most dangerous fly in the world. This type of fly is commonly found in Sub-Saharan Africa, more so throughout the countries in the center of the continent. Meanwhile, this type of fly is a blood-sucking insect that generally eats for hours. Actually, the terror of these animals lies in the protozoa they spread. These parasites are known as Trypanosomes. This microscopic pathogen is a causative agent of African sleeping sickness, a disease characterized by both neurological symptoms and meningoencephalitis, as well as behavioral changes, poor coordination, and disturbances in the sleep cycle that give the disease its name.

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If left untreated, this condition can be fatal. While there is no vaccine or medication that can prevent infection, methods of protection include wearing neutral-colored clothing, as this type of fly prefers dark colors, avoiding bushes during the day, and wearing permethrin-treated gear in very remote areas.

8. Mosquitoes

With a speed of just three millimeters at its smallest size, the common mosquito is even smaller than the tsetse fly, and is one of the world’s most dangerous animals. Several types of mosquitoes can also cause high mortality in humans every year. This type of insect, especially from the genera Aedes, Anopheles, and also Culex, is the main vector of diseases such as Chikungunya, malaria, encephalitis, elephantiasis, yellow fever, West Nile virus, dengue fever, and others.

These diseases collectively afflict approximately 700 million people and kill approximately 725,000 people each year. As noted by the World Health Organization or HO, more than half of the human population is currently at risk of contracting mosquito-borne diseases.

9. Golden Poison Dart Frog

This type of frog has a poison called batrachotoxin, which is a very strong poison that can kill ten adult men using only two micrograms of poison or the equivalent of a pinhead. However, what makes these amphibians so dangerous are their venom glands which are located under their skin. That way, with just a touch, one could run into some trouble. But unfortunately, the deforestation that has occurred has made this frog population dwindling and endangered.

10. African Honey Bees

African honey bees, also known as killer bees, are descended from African bees in the south which were imported from 1956 by Brazilian scientists. The scientists were trying to breed honey bees better adapted to tropical South America. Due to the overly defensive nature of the African honey bee, it is very easy for them to react to disturbances. This dangerous animal is very brutal in hurting its bullies including the sound and vibration from vehicles.

11. Synanceia fish

The most dangerous animal in the next world is a type of fish that has venom among all the fish that live in the sea. This Synanceia fish has a very deadly neurotoxin that can be very fatal for humans. The very deadly poison is along the thorns on its back. It is difficult to identify this fish, because it is considered to be very similar to the shape of a rock and also a mixture of sea sand. The venom from this fish can result in death if not treated immediately within two hours.

12. Freshwater Snail

Apparently, this type of slug carries parasitic worms. So that it can infect people with schistosomiasis. This disease can cause ongoing abdominal pain and sufferers can bleed through their feces or urine. The symptoms that occur depend on the area of ​​the body that is affected. According to the WHO, there are an estimated 20,000 to 200,000 deaths from schistosomiasis.