Why Do We Need to Save Energy? Find Out Why!

Why We Need to Save Energy – In this digital and modern era, we all know that there are more and more needs. The number of new technologies created is of course also accompanied by an increase in the need for energy.

So energy conservation or policies to save energy continue to be echoed. This action is also a policy to reduce energy needs in everyday life.

Especially in the use of fossil fuels. Because fossil fuels are non-renewable fuels, which means they have limited supplies.

The use of non-renewable energy must not be arbitrary. Because if it is used continuously, then this energy will eventually run out and no longer exist.

Then why do we need to save energy? And since when should we start? Check out the following article reviews.



Reasons Why We Need to Save Energy

The Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources or ESDM has actually initiated a program to save energy, namely the 10% cut. The program involves various parties, including the government, business people, community organizations, and especially the general public to reduce energy use by 10%.

The goal is to save energy, which is still the main need for electricity in Indonesia, where now the reserves of fossil energy are starting to decline.

Energy is indeed the main need of today’s society. People’s daily demand makes the demand for energy supply also increase. Though most of it is intended for the supply of fossil fuels.

Community needs are high enough to make reserves decrease every day. In addition, its use also affects global warming. Then more broadly can cause climate change.

When this fossil fuel is burned, the carbon dioxide will rise into the sky and be captured by the atmosphere. This then starts global warming.

According to the Global Carbon Project (GCP), in 2021 the world is predicted to emit as much as 36.4 gigatonnes of carbon dioxide. The high carbon dioxide has an impact on increasing the earth’s temperature.

In November 2021, the earth’s temperature on land and sea surface is 0.91 degrees Celsius. The temperature was the fourth highest for November for the fourth time since 1880.

Global warming is also caused by the greenhouse effect. The increase in greenhouse gases on earth makes the temperature unbalanced. The average temperature on earth increases, and the gases trap heat, so it is known as the greenhouse effect.

The main factor of climate change according to the European Commission is the greenhouse effect.

The increase in the earth’s temperature due to the greenhouse effect causes heat waves to occur more frequently with a longer duration. Earth’s high temperature also causes a series of natural reactions, ranging from weather patterns, oceans, ice and snow including animals and plants.

If the temperature gets even higher, it is possible that it will also cause floods, storms, heat waves, and also droughts in various parts of the world. In addition, it also has a negative impact on human health, such as causing cramps, heat stroke, and can even cause death.

That is the reason why we need to save energy. The bad impact is clearly a warning, so that we can use energy more wisely, including by conserving energy. Don’t let our ignorance and indifference towards energy actually backfire on the life of our beloved earth.

How To Save Energy

The explanation above is sufficient to answer the reasons why we need to save energy. Therefore, let’s implement energy conservation as well as possible. So that we can anticipate what we are afraid of the bad effects of damage to nature.

Well, then how to save energy in everyday life? Here are some ways.

1. Turn off the light

When you want to leave the house, make sure all the lights are turned off. Especially if you are traveling for a long time. Then while sleeping, you can replace the lamp with a low power one, and turn off the lights that are not used.

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2. Turning off the television if not watched

Currently everything can be accessed via mobile phones. Even watching television can already be accessed via HP. Even so, television is still widely used by every home. However, some young people nowadays actually turn on the television more often even though they are actually engrossed in playing with their cell phones.

Therefore, avoid turning on the television when not being watched. It’s best if you turn off the television when you’re engrossed in playing your cellphone, as an effort to save energy.

3. Turn off the air conditioner when the room is not in use

The third way to save energy is to turn off the air conditioner when not in use. Many offices now use air conditioning.

If you work in an office with air conditioning, then first turn off the air conditioning when you get home or when you want to leave. If you also use air conditioning at home, save money by turning it off before traveling.

4. Print paper back and forth

Fourth, you can save energy by printing on double-sided paper. This means you can use both sides of the paper, so you don’t need more paper when printing.

5. Turn off electronic devices when not in use

Fifth, you can use electronic devices to taste. When finished using, immediately turned off. Like when watching television, charging cellphones, using fans, turning on room lights, using washing machines, refrigerators, and so on. Use these tools as necessary, so as not to cause waste.

6. Use energy-saving lamps

You can use electricity with a low voltage, so it doesn’t use up more energy. Some lamps are also available that are energy efficient, so when buying, you can choose one. Not only lamps, of course, various other electronic devices that are more energy efficient should also be used more.

Benefits of Saving Energy

Energy that is used every day of course will run out. Therefore, it is necessary to control its use. One of them is by saving energy. The following will explain some of the benefits of saving energy:

1. Prevent Global Warming

The first benefit is of course preventing global warming. As previously explained, when global warming occurs, there will be a lot of damage to the earth. The balance of human life will be disrupted due to the greenhouse effect.

Therefore, by saving energy, it means that we have also helped reduce fuel use, and save it for the future.

2. Improve health

The more global warming occurs, the more people will be affected. The health hazards lurking in society are becoming more and more. Therefore, by saving energy, we can prevent the negative effects of global warming on health.

For example, choosing to walk or cycle instead of using a motorized vehicle can reduce air pollution. So that the air you breathe becomes healthier. In addition, by choosing such a lifestyle, the body can also avoid obesity, cholesterol and other diseases.

3. Save costs

By saving energy, we automatically save costs. Because the use of energy also requires comparable costs. The more energy spent, the more money is needed.

For example, we prefer to use air conditioning over fans, of course the costs will be cheaper. Moreover, if you prefer to take advantage of the wind by increasing the ventilation of the house and increasing the shady trees around the house, of course the costs incurred will also be much less.

4. Maintain the Health of Electronic Devices

Every electronic device has a useful life, including the electrical devices around us. The more often it is used, of course the tool will be damaged more quickly. So by saving energy, it means we can save on the use of these tools.

So that the performance can last longer. An example is a lamp. Every day of course we need a lamp as lighting. Well, if the lights are used all the time, of course the performance will continue to decline.

It’s different if we use lights more sparingly, the performance will certainly decrease, but the lights will last much longer.

Likewise with other items. If we use a motorcycle for example. The longer and more used, of course the machines will also be easily damaged.

But if we want to save money, of course the machines will be more durable and long lasting. Like by walking or cycling when you want to reach a close place. Motorcycles are only used when we are going to travel far.

In essence, by saving energy, every electronic item will be much more durable and last longer. We also don’t need to buy it often.

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5. Can help save fossil fuel reserves

When all energy is used up, it is possible that the earth we live in will run out of fossil fuels. Because at this time, every level of society has used electricity and energy.

In fact, not infrequently they use it excessively. Today’s young people, for example, when they turn on the television, they actually play with their cellphones and don’t watch television shows. Or excessive use of lights at night.

This example is only in the household realm, not yet touching the industrial realm. We can see the industries that use electric powered machines and the energy needs they use every day. Just multiply it by the number of existing industries.

Therefore, the earth’s energy will eventually run out quickly. Then this is the reason why we need to save energy. By saving, let alone being able to invite other people to save money, we have contributed to saving reserves from fossil fuels.

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Some Alternative Energy to Prevent Waste

In addition to making savings, we can also use alternative energy to prevent wasting natural resources. So what alternative energy can we use to support energy saving? Here’s the review:

1. Utilizing the Sun as a power plant

First, we can use solar energy as unlimited energy for electricity generation. Through the sun’s heat, we can turn it into electricity through the help of solar panels. The use of solar panels uses semiconductor materials, which produce electricity when given heat energy.

Quoted from Interesting Engineering, if a photon of sunlight hits the surface of the material, the electrons will be free and become an electric current.

Indeed, solar panels are still very rarely used, because they are expensive. However, this method will be very effective in preventing energy wastage. In Indonesia alone, this solar panel has been implemented through the 4 MW Badak Solar Power Plant located in Bontang, East Kalimantan.

This solar panel is very effective to use because the sun’s heat has an unlimited amount, and of course it will not run out. Apart from generating electricity, it has also been applied in solar powered cars and smart phones that use solar energy.

2. Wind Utilizers

Gusts of wind that are also not limited can be used as a power plant. The trick is to rotate the windmill which can later produce electricity. The electrical energy from this windmill is very clean, because it does not produce pollution and emissions, in contrast to solar panels.

However, both are equally an alternative to save energy. The use of wind is also very environmentally friendly, and will not disturb the ecosystem of the surrounding plant animals.

3. Utilization of Nuclear Energy

Next is nuclear energy, which can be used to generate electricity. These nuclei generate electricity from a series of physical reactions of substances that produce energy. Even so, this nuclear is quite dangerous, because it produces radioactive substances.

However, this energy is in fact an alternative source that produces the most electricity compared to other energies. Based on a study, it is known that nuclear energy produces electricity 1.5 times more efficiently than natural gas.

4. Utilization of Water as Electric Power

Next is alternative energy that can be obtained from water. The water used to drive the turbine or turbine generator can produce electricity. Its utilization has been applied in hydroelectric power plants or hydropower.

To generate electricity, this hydropower plant uses potential and kinetic energy obtained from water. Water moves from high to low places, so it is used to generate electricity.

An example is river water, which is dammed with a large volume. If it is then released, the discharge can generate electricity. Even so, the use of this water also has risks. For example, if you build dams and turbines, it can threaten animal habitats.

Therefore, making a dam must pay attention to two sides, animals and humans. That way, both of them benefit.

5. Utilization of Geothermal

Then there is still an alternative to geothermal as an eternal source of energy for electricity generation. The heat in the bowels of the earth will produce steam. From this steam, the management of the Geothermal Power Plant or PLTPB can later be carried out. Geothermal power is also commonly called hydro metal power. This energy comes out through the gap like a crater.

So, those are the reasons why we need to save energy. Saving energy also has many benefits. Then to prevent waste, we can use alternative energy that comes from nature.

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