What is Inner Beauty? This Explanation and How to Maximize It

Inner Beauty is – For women or even men, beauty doesn’t always have to look at the physical, but can also be seen through beauty from within. Beauty from within is better known by many people with the term inner beauty . However, not everyone understands further what inner beauty is . For those of you who want to know what inner beauty is and how to exude it, then you can refer to this article, Sinaumed’s.

Definition of Inner Beauty

Beauty is not only about physical because true physical beauty will fade over time. There is something more eternal than that, namely beauty from within or inner beauty . Almost everyone in this world must have heard what inner beauty is and know how to get it.

But unfortunately, not everyone knows about the true meaning behind the word inner beauty they say. Generally, they only know that inner beauty is only the inner beauty that will be seen if they help others.

Everyone, both women and men certainly have it, but not all of them can exude inner beauty. To be able to achieve it, understand its meaning so that your inner beauty shines even more. As we know, inner beauty is true beauty and is a gift possessed by women since they were born into the world.

A research journal entitled Inner Beauty The Friendship Hypothesis by DR Lisa Schmalz, reveals several theories from philosophers about what inner beauty is .

Plato thought that inner beauty defines a beautiful person because of their good morals.

Whereas for other philosophers such as Reid or Gaut, inner beauty is not only about moral goodness but is also closely related to one’s intelligence, sense of humor, and optimism.

Schmalz Ride in his journal mentions several other variables to be able to define inner beauty .

Indeed, inner beauty is closely related to one’s morals, but the intention behind it also determines inner beauty itself.

Immanuel Kant, a German philosopher argues that a person has good morals just because he wants to look beautiful and does not sincerely do so, then that person is not a person who has inner beauty .

So, it’s only natural that these philosophers have different opinions regarding the definition of one’s inner beauty . If you look at the current era, the conclusions in the journal can be a reference for determining what inner beauty is. Today’s society considers neutral inner beauty to come from morals and prioritizes intelligence and a positive self-image.

A more modern approach often associates inner beauty with the expression “Beauty is in the eye of the beholder” which means that beauty, including inner beauty, is subjective. The reason is that what one person considers beautiful may not necessarily be that of another. This can be because the variables to measure beauty from within are very broad.

In other words, every woman must have inner beauty . But the problem is, sometimes they are not able to radiate the inner beauty they have. One reason is there is no sincerity to bring it up. Therefore, when many people say that a woman will be able to have inner beauty when she does good to others.

In fact, not necessarily, because all these good deeds will mean nothing if they are done without sincerity, continuously until they eventually become a habit. One of the keys to bringing out inner beauty is to do good.

Doing good itself is very broad in scope. Not only have to provide assistance in the form of wealth only. Saying good morning, comforting people who are sad, helping grandmothers who are crossing the road and saying thank you are also good deeds that radiate your inner beauty .

If so far you have been doing good to others and want to know whether your inner beauty has appeared or not, there is a simple way to find out. First, take paper, then make the following questions:

  1. How many people do you know who routinely say good morning with a sweet smile every day?
  2. How many people do not hesitate to ask you for help when they are having trouble?
  3. How many people are willing to put up their bodies to defend you voluntarily when you are in trouble?
  4. How many people miss you when you’re not with them?
  5. How many people worry about you when you suddenly don’t show up on time?
  6. How many people immediately come to visit, worry, and are sad when they hear that you are sick or have been hit by a disaster?
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How To Radiate Inner Beauty

How to radiate inner beauty turns out to be very easy for women to do. Inner beauty or what is often known as beauty from within is real and you can prove it.

One thing you need to build is the quality of yourself. Actually, every woman must have her own inner beauty . However, you need to improve even better from now on so that you can shine more and make many men attracted to you because of your strong inner beauty charm. How to Radiate Inner Beauty , including:

1. Can Control Emotions

The first way for women to radiate beauty from within is to easily control their emotions. This one method is proven to emit a positive aura that is good for other people. Therefore, other people will indirectly appreciate and respect you.

2. Cheap smile

Smiling is a way of enhancing the most powerful inner beauty . Smiling can make you calmer and think positively. In one study, people who smiled while performing a stressful task felt more positive afterward than those who didn’t show any expression.

Whoever you meet will definitely be comfortable and positive when you try to build an attitude by smiling. Not only is it useful for others, by smiling, your life will also be much more beautiful than the previous flat days .

So, even if you are having problems, be strong and try to smile.

3. Laugh

Research shows that laughter can reduce stress, anxiety, and depression. It can also improve mood and make our burdens feel less heavy. Laugh more by watching funny videos, comedy films, or making jokes with children.

4. Open Minded

The way to emit a strong inner beauty is to always have an open mind. It will indirectly build a positive aura within you and that way you will be appreciated by others.

5. Be Kind To Yourself

The next way to improve and enhance inner beauty is to be kind to yourself. In this way, you will have good self-confidence. This can be a provision for you to build good inner beauty .

Focus on the qualities within you. It can help find meaning about the pleasures and satisfactions of life.

Someone who is always happy can give positive value to their environment as well. So find out what fuels your desire, the real desire. Open yourself to feel love and affection from others for a more meaningful life.

It’s not an easy thing to dig into the quality of yourself. If you’re still confused, it’s fine to seek inspiration from people you admire or respect. Try to think of the people who had the most memorable personalities no matter what they looked like. Write down what traits and behaviors they have done to make them amazing people.

You can try to practice it on a daily basis as long as it doesn’t conflict with your values ​​and character.

6. Give Support and Praise to Others

The fifth way to increase inner beauty is to give support and praise to others. Although few people are aware of this, this method is supposed to increase inner beauty for you women. Because, in this way you indirectly emit a positive aura.

7. Confident

The sixth way to increase inner beauty is to be confident. Strong self-confidence makes women very special in front of men. Therefore, women are required to always be confident so that their inner beauty will shine continuously.

8. Easy to Communicate

The seventh way to radiate inner beauty is easy communication. This is because communication can build friendship, bonds and relationships with other people and attract the opposite sex.

9. Exercise Routine

It is undeniable that in enhancing inner beauty, it is not only beauty from within that is built, but external beauty as well. One of the ways that must be built is by exercising. Therefore, exercise regularly so that the body and soul are always healthy.

10. Having a Strong Establishment But Still Respecting Others

The ninth way to radiate inner beauty is by having a strong stance but still respecting others. Indeed, for some men to see women with strong convictions is a good plus. But if a woman can’t respect other people then it can make her ilfil .

By still respecting other people, believe me, all the men who are close to you will be amazed and clamored to the seventh heaven.

11. Be Kind To Everyone

In radiating inner beauty, the next thing is to do good to everyone. Because, by doing good will automatically make your beauty shine. Indeed, this point few people realize. However, it could be that the people you have helped think of me as an angel without wings.

Doing good can open minds about other people. Sometimes, we may only see people by their appearance and immediately have negative thoughts about them.

In fact, we do not know what is in his heart. Therefore, doing good will change the mind to be more positive. In addition, we can also respect and respect others more.

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12.Self Care

Taking good care of yourself is a way of radiating inner beauty . There are many ways to do self care , starting from eating a healthy balanced diet, drinking water, and getting enough sleep. Avoid stress to emit positive aura yourself.



13. Be grateful

The next way to radiate inner beauty is to be grateful. Some people often compare themselves with other people whose lives look happier. Things can make him jealous, jealous, low self-esteem, and his mind becomes chaotic.

Therefore, make it a habit to be grateful so that your thoughts stay positive and life feels more meaningful. We can be grateful for whatever we have, whether family, friends, work, or other things that make us happy.

Your mind is a powerful thing. The brain is literally wired to focus more on the negatives than the positives. Practicing gratitude can help rewire your brain to focus more on what is good in life.

14. Positive Thinking

A person can be a bad critic of himself. Over time, this can cause us to form negative opinions about ourselves that will be hard to shake off.

Therefore, it is necessary to stop this, we must speak positive things to ourselves. Learning to think positively is like strengthening muscles. Because, the more often you use it, the stronger the mind is. One way to think positively that we have to do, is to develop optimism .

When we have a sense of optimism, we will not be afraid of failure and see things positively. However, we also shouldn’t be overly optimistic because it will end up being overly confident.

Research shows that small changes in the way we talk to ourselves can impact our ability to regulate our feelings, thoughts, and behavior when under stress. Avoid blaming yourself.

Positive thinking has many health benefits. To always think positively, try the following ways:

Write down three things you like about yourself that have nothing to do with physical appearance.

Positive thoughts change the way the nerves in the brain work so they can help you see yourself in a different light.

Practice looking at yourself in the mirror, smiling often, and praising the qualities you have. Acknowledge all parts of yourself, for example acknowledging that you are friendly, kind, smiling, easy to empathize with, and so on.

Get used to standing straight, forming good posture on the body can project self-confidence. Self-confidence can make other people feel respected and will help you love yourself more easily.

15. Be Yourself

Many people who are recognized as having inner beauty are actually far from perfect. One thing that really stands out about them is that they feel comfortable being themselves and try to live as best they can every day. So, from now on focus on the present, not the past. Enrich yourself with new experiences and become more flexible.

About yourself so you can grow to be a better human being. Embrace every emotion you feel in the process. Those are the things that will make you authentic. Having inner and outer beauty is about being fully human. Formulating yourself in harmony and balance in life in the present is the way to achieve it.

True inner beauty will shine when what you feel and do is aligned with your life goals, and most importantly, be who you really are.

It’s easy for other people to accept someone for who they are, life will be easier when we are honest with ourselves. Inner beauty must also be accompanied by a healthy body. Maintaining health by consuming nutritious food, drinking water and exercising can help reveal your inner beauty.

16. Rest

Everyone certainly needs to rest to calm himself down. Rest can refresh your mind, so you can think clearly and positively. Not only that, resting can also get rid of the anxiety and worry that we feel.

17. Eliminate Drama

When we feel down, we may feel that our life is the saddest thing in the world. Though maybe the reality is not that bad. Dramatizing life will only make life even more sad and the mind becomes full of chaos. Therefore, if you want to think positively, stay away from such dramatic thoughts.

When hanging out with other people, we can be influenced and follow their habits. Likewise, when hanging out with positive people, positive things will be contagious.

Being around positive people has been shown to increase self-esteem and the chances of achieving goals. Therefore, associate with people who can bring us on the good side.

Those are some ways to radiate inner beauty that you can apply. So, from now on, start trying to do inner beauty in order to make life more peaceful.

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Author: Yufi Cantika Sukma Divine

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