Understanding Endurance, Benefits, and How to Train It

Definition of Endurance – Physical fitness must always be considered, maintained, and maintained. If our physical condition is strong, then we will be able to carry out various daily activities smoothly. A person who has a good level of physical fitness will be able to do activities well, for quite a long time, and not experience excessive physical fatigue.


What is meant by endurance is the ability to resist fatigue and quickly recover from fatigue. Someone who has good endurance will be able to carry out activities that are longer continuously. Enhancing the body’s resistance properly can also delay the onset of fatigue.

More simply, the notion of endurance is the ability of living things to mobilize themselves to remain active for long periods of time. Endurance is also related to the body’s resistance, namely the ability to fight, fight, survive, or recover from fatigue. In other words, endurance is a person’s ability to move the whole body with moderate to fast tempo and frequency, for a relatively long time, and without experiencing severe fatigue or pain.

Having good endurance can be one of the main assets that greatly contribute to increasing the ability of various sports that prioritize endurance in the game. There are many sports that rely on endurance as one of their main capital, for example running, martial arts, basketball, soccer, and other similar sports. Endurance is very useful for athletes so they can play well on the field for a long time.

Endurance can be divided into 2, namely muscular endurance and cardiovascular endurance. Muscular endurance is a person’s ability to make his muscles contract for a relatively long time, continuously, while carrying a certain load, while cardiovascular endurance is a person’s ability to use the lungs, heart and other circulatory systems effectively and efficiently to carry out work continuously, for quite a long time, and also with high intensity.

The key to endurance is processing oxygen, the body needs oxygen as a material to produce energy. Oxygen must be continuously included or distributed to all organs or all body tissues that require energy. Each sport definitely requires a certain amount of energy. Endurance or endurance has several other names, namely anaerobic capacity, aerobic power, and also vitamaxsima. Endurance is also symbolized using the VO2max symbol, the units used are liters per minute or cc/kg/BB/ min


1. Improve self-fitness

Practicing endurance is the same as increasing fitness. This can happen because the exercises done to train endurance are also the same as exercises to improve fitness. For example, doing jogging, gymnastics, and or other sports activities on a regular basis can certainly help make your body more fit.

2. More difficult to tire

Doing endurance exercises can also make yourself more energetic and less tired. This can happen because by doing endurance training, it will make yourself accustomed to doing physical activity so that it makes you have more energy when compared to when you are not doing physical activity.

The analogy is, for example, if you are used to doing gymnastics or workouts in the morning before going to work, then your body will have warmed up, your respiratory system will get better, and your body will feel lighter because calories have been burned previously through gymnastics or work-out activities. the outs. However, this will be felt if you do it regularly and continuously.

3. Reducing the risk of heart disease

Heart disease is a degenerative disease or it can also be called an old disease. Old disease is a disease as a long-term effect that is obtained in old age as a result of activities in the past. A person can get heart disease usually caused by not having a healthy lifestyle in his youth, not maintaining a good diet, and consuming unhealthy foods as well. By doing sports activities to maintain endurance, it will help you to reduce the risk of heart disease in old age. This can happen because you are used to training the heart to work while reducing fats in the blood vessels that can hinder heart performance.

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4. Lowering bad cholesterol levels

There are two types of cholesterol in our bodies, namely good cholesterol and bad cholesterol. This bad cholesterol is commonly called LDL or Low Density Lipid which means Low Density Lipid. Bad cholesterol or LDL can cause various types of diseases such as heart attacks, gout, pain in the joints, strokes, and so on.

By doing regular and sustainable body strength training, you can help your body get rid of bad cholesterol while reducing the risk of developing these scary diseases.

5. Control blood pressure

Human blood pressure can be divided into two, namely hypertension or high blood pressure and hypotension or low blood pressure. Both types of blood pressure, both hypertension and hypotension, are not good things for the body.

High blood pressure or commonly called hypertension usually occurs when flowing blood pushes very hard against the arteries which causes the heart to have to work very hard to pump blood throughout the body. If this continues continuously, it can cause various types of diseases such as heart disease and stroke.

Not only physically, maintaining endurance data also has a positive effect on mental health, including for people with hypertension. According to the American Heart Association (AHA), exercise is recognized to reduce stress levels in a person. There is also stress can make blood pressure rise temporarily. If this situation occurs continuously it will cause permanent hypertension.

Low blood pressure or hypotension is a condition in which blood pressure is much lower than it should be. It can occur both as a symptom of a variety of conditions or as a condition on its own. If blood pressure is too low, eating can cause blood flow to vital organs, especially the brain and kidneys to be obstructed or reduced.

Practicing endurance with light exercise such as leisurely walks, light workouts, yoga, and so on will help in dealing with low blood pressure and make blood pressure more stable than usual.


Endurance or body resistance can be maintained and increased through various kinds of physical exercise. Proper exercise can maintain and increase endurance well. So what are the right types of physical exercise to increase endurance?

1. Muscle Exercise

Muscle training or basically also known as muscle endurance training is the ability to fight or withstand heavy loads in a relatively long period of time. In order to increase the endurance of the muscles, the usual forms of exercise are sit-ups, pull-ups, push-ups, planks, and also squats .

It can be seen from the examples of exercises that have been mentioned, apart from maintaining endurance, these forms of muscle training can also be used to measure and train muscle strength and endurance. For example , pull-ups will have a good impact on the arm and shoulder muscles, squats can help increase the endurance of the thigh muscles, while  push-ups can train the strength of the arm and chest muscles.

2. Jogging , running, and light walking

Jogging or running is a light sport that can be done by anyone, anywhere, and anytime. Jogging or running within 15-30 minutes and done regularly every day can increase endurance and train leg muscles.

Meanwhile, running long distances at a slow tempo or walking leisurely for long distances can also provide benefits for increasing endurance and improving cardiovascular fitness.

3. Cycling

Currently, cycling is becoming a trend in various circles, both children and adults. The right cycling activity can have a very good impact on body fitness and health. Cycling can train stamina and maintain and increase heart strength. In addition, cycling can also strengthen and train leg muscles.

4. Aerobics

Doing high-intensity aerobic exercise can have a good impact on heart muscle training and also increase stamina. This can happen because when doing aerobics, almost all the muscles in the body move.

5. Fartlek

Fartlek or also known as speed play is one of the various forms of exercise to increase endurance. This exercise is a combination of different forms or different types of running. Whether it’s slow running, fast running, twisting fast running, and also jumping.

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Fartlek also has benefits besides training endurance, fartlek  also has a function to increase agility, train reflex responses, train muscles, and help synchronize the eyes, brain, and movement.

6. Up and Down Bench

Up and down the bench as the name suggests this activity is useful for maintaining endurance by just getting up and down from the bench. The items needed are only a bench, but adjusted to your height. Movement up and down the bench can be done in the following way:

  1. The bench is placed on a flat surface such as the floor
  2. You stand in front of the bench.
  3. Then, you start up on the bench and then down again.
  4. Then, up again and down again.
  5. Make movements up and down the bench, adjusting to the abilities you have

This activity is also useful for practicing breathing and increasing the strength of the thigh, calf and leg muscles.

7. Circuit Training

Circuit training is an exercise that is carried out by making several training posts. Each post has a form of training with a specific purpose and function. The main purpose of this training is basically to combine various forms of exercise that are useful for improving various physical components. Circuit training activities are carried out in stages and continuously.

Circuit training activities can be done in various places, for example in the wild, in the field, or just using tools for weight training. Here are some things to consider in circuit training activities :

  • The distance to be covered .
  • Weights or training weights.
  • Light and heavy variations of each post.
  • Involvement of various muscles (upper body muscles, lower body muscles, small muscles, large muscles).
  • The time spent doing the movement or exercise.
  • Focus on the physical component to be trained (eg agility or speed).
  • The number of repetitions of the exercise.

The following is an example of a circuit training form with multiple post objectives:

  1. Post 1 warm up for 10 minutes
  2. Post 2 does skipping exercises (playing jump rope) for 40 seconds.
  3. Heading 3 did a shuttle run (run back and forth) with a distance of 5 meters seven times.
  4. Pos 4 sit ups 20 times.
  5. Pos 5 push up 30 times.
  6. Post 6 back up 30 times.
  7. Pos 7 squat jump 30 times.
  8. Post 8 squat thrust 30 times.
  9. Post 9 cools down for 10 minutes

8. Training intervals

Interval training is a form of exercise to maintain endurance by requiring several factors. The following factors are needed in interval training :

  1. Sets the distance to be traveled. For example 100, 300, or 600 meters according to ability.
  2. Determines the number of repetitions of the run. For example, 300 meters six times.
  3. Set the tempo or rhythm of running speed (seconds / minutes).
  4. Set rest times or intervals. The rest time between running repetitions is set for seconds or minutes. Rest can be done by controlling your breath, walking slowly, jogging, or light exercise.

9. Swimming

Swimming is a sport that is quite popular with many people from all walks of life, both children and adults because it is fun and can be used as an activity for refreshing. Besides being fun, swimming also has various benefits for health and fitness, one of which is to increase stamina.

When swimming, the whole body will work to fight the water. This high resistance will be useful for training muscles and increasing stamina in the body to become stronger.

10. Yoga/Pilates

And the last exercise recommendation is yoga or pilates. Movements performed in yoga or pilatee activities generally aim to help train balance. However, from these goals it is possible that yoga or pilates are also effective for maintaining and increasing your immunity level.

Various kinds of yoga or pilates movements not only require physical flexibility but also require qualified physical strength. If you are interested in doing endurance training but feel it is too difficult, heavy, or lazy to try the nine sports mentioned, then try practicing yoga or pilates because these exercises are more concise, can be done anytime, and anywhere.

Enough of the summary regarding the meaning of endurance , its benefits, and also how to train it. Thank you for visiting, I hope this article is useful and can help you.