The Best Hours of Tahajud Prayer and Its Virtue

The Best Hours of the Midnight Prayer and Its Virtues – Salah midnight is one of the worship services in Islam. This prayer service is carried out at night and you have to sleep first. This is what makes the midnight prayer a worship that is quite heavy to do. However, Allah SWT promises many things for his servants who regularly perform midnight prayers.

However, midnight prayers must also be done correctly. Can’t be any time. When is the best time to do it? This article will discuss the best time to perform the midnight prayer. In addition, it will also explain how the priorities are.

Best Hour of Midnight Prayer

1. The First Third of the Night

One of the best hours to perform the midnight prayer is in the first third of the night. The first midnight prayer can be done after the evening prayer. Limit on the first time around until 22.00.

A Muslim who wants to pray the midnight prayer can immediately carry out the midnight prayer after the evening prayer. Must still sleep before the midnight prayer.

2. Third of the Second Night

The second time to perform the midnight prayer is in the second third of the night. This time around 22.00 until early morning. Precisely at 01.00. Compared to the first third of the night, this time is somewhat more important. This is because the third time on the second night is believed to have fadhilah and many of its own features.

In the second third of the night, many people are asleep. Therefore, the midnight prayer service is quite heavy. Muslims who wish to perform the midnight prayer are advised to get up at the prime time. It is believed to get more priority.

In the hadith narrated by Abu Dawud, there is an explanation of one of the superstitions. The hadith reads “Whoever gets up (prays at night) and reads ten verses, he will not be recorded as negligent. Whoever wakes up (night prayer by reading a hundred verses) will be recorded as those who submit. And whoever wakes up (night prayer) by reading a thousand verses then he will be recorded as muqanthirin (those who get many times the reward). Infinity”.

3. The Last Third of the Night

The third time that can be used for the midnight prayer is in the last third of the night. The time of the last third of the night starts at 01:00 until just before dawn. Among the three best times to perform the midnight prayer, the last third of the night is the most important.

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This happens not without reason, the last third of the night is the best time to worship. At this time it is believed to be an efficacious time. Especially when you want to pray to Allah SWT.

During the last third of the night, Allah SWT descends into the sky of the world. According to a hadith narrated by Bukhari and Muslim, Rasulullah SAW said “Every night Allah SWT descends into the sky of the world until the last third of the night remains. He (Allah SWT) also said, “Is there any servant of Mine who asks so that I will surely give him what he asks for? Is there any servant of mine who prays until surely I will answer his prayer? Is there any servant of mine who makes istighfar until I forgive his sins?”

The Excellence of the Midnight Prayer

The midnight prayer is a very good practice to do. Allah SWT says in the letter Al-Isra verse 79 “And part of the night, perform additional midnight prayers (as a form of worship): hopefully your Lord will raise you to a commendable place”.

Therefore, the midnight prayer service has many benefits and advantages for anyone who performs it. Here are the virtues of the midnight prayer:

1. Get a commendable and noble place

One of the virtues of the midnight prayer is that it is placed in a commendable and noble place in the sight of Allah SWT. This is the promise of Allah SWT to his people. Allah SWT promises to elevate His people to praiseworthy places. This is promised to Muslims who are diligent and sincere when carrying out the midnight prayer. The midnight prayer which is performed sincerely and diligently and to hope for the pleasure of Allah SWT will bring many benefits.

2. His prayer was granted

The next priority for carrying out the midnight prayer is that the prayers that are being said can be answered. Allah SWT promises to grant the prayers of a Muslim who is an expert at midnight prayers, or regularly performs midnight prayers.

Rasulullah SAW once said this in a hadith. Rasulullah SAW said “At night, there was a time when a Muslim asked for the good of the world and the hereafter, surely Allah SWT gave him. It goes on every night.” In the hadith narrated by Muslim and Ahmad from Jabir

3. Removing sins and mistakes

Not only granting the prayers that are said, the midnight prayer also has other virtues. The priority is as an eraser of sins and mistakes that have been made. In the hadith, Rasulullah SAW said “Do qiyamullail. Because that’s the habit of the pious people before you, a form of taqarrub, an eraser of sins, and a hindrance to doing wrong.” HR. Tirmidhi from Abu Umamah Al-Bahili.

4. Become a master of dhikr

A Muslim who regularly performs the midnight prayer will become a dhikr expert. This was conveyed directly by Rasulullah SAW. Rasulullah SAW explained that someone who wakes up at night, then wakes up the other members of his family and performs two rak’ahs will get a good reward. They will be included in the group of women and men who remember Allah SWT a lot. This is stated in the hadith narrated by Abu Dawud, Nasa’i, and Ibn Majah from Abu Sa’id Al-Khudri

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5. Be humble

Allah SWT says that people who regularly perform midnight prayers will always be humble and friendly. Humility is emitted through peace of mind in living daily life.

6. The Bridge to Heaven

The midnight prayer is also a bridge to the entrance to heaven. Allah SWT has given a finished product to His servant. The promise is intended for obedient servants to Allah. However, Allah SWT will also give hell as a punishment for servants who disobey Allah SWT.

Allah SWT shows his servants the way to go to heaven. One of them is to perform the midnight prayer service regularly.

The virtue of the next midnight prayer is that it can be a bridge to heaven. Allah SWT has promised heaven for servants who obey Him. Instead, He made hell a punishment for servants who disobeyed Him.

“O people, spread greetings, give food and pray at night when humans are sleeping: surely you all will enter heaven safely.” HR. Tirmidhi

7. Help in the afterlife

“Verily, those who fear Allah will be in (heavens full of) gardens and springs of water. (In Heaven) they can take whatever God bestows upon them. Verily they were before that (in the world) are the people who do good. They sleep very little at night. And at the end of the night they ask forgiveness (to Allah SWT). QS. Az-Zariyat 15-18.

The verse above explains that the midnight prayer has a very great virtue. One of them is that it can become a helpful practice in the hereafter.

8. Maintain physical health

The midnight prayer also has physical benefits. Tahajud prayer is the best therapy for the treatment of various diseases. Therefore, a Muslim who diligently performs the midnight prayers will have good immune system. So that he is not easily infected with viruses or disease. So surely he will always be healthy.

Rasulullah SAW said, “Perform night prayers because it is a tradition of righteous people in front of you, a means of getting closer to Allah, preventing sins, eliminating wrongdoing, and preventing all kinds of diseases from the body.” in the hadith narrated by Tirmidhi.

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That is the best hour and the virtue of the midnight prayer for Muslims. There are many other miracles regarding the midnight prayer. You can find it at

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