Shot Shot Sports: Definition, History, Style, Techniques, and Regulations

Shot put or shot put can be said as a sport that aims to throw a metal ball as far as possible. It’s just that, shot put sports don’t really do throwing movements. Therefore, shot put is very different from other throwing athletics.

Shot put is a sport that performs a repulsion by using as much energy as possible to get a long repulsion distance. By relying on repulsive or pushing movements against a metal ball with a certain weight. In addition, the shot put movement may only use the strength of one hand.

Scoring of shot put is based on the distance between the thrower and the ball or bullet. The farther the bullet or metal ball is thrown, the greater the points obtained.

Well, this article will discuss in full what the shot put sport is to the technique. For Sinaumed’s who want to learn about history, style, technique, equipment to shot put rules, then you can see the full review!

The History of Bullet Shot Sports

The shot put sport was first played during the time of the Ancient Greeks. At that time, the ancient Greeks used stones as a means of exercising, namely by throwing them. In its development, or rather in the Middle Ages, a group of war soldiers had a habit of throwing cannonballs. This habit was eventually referred to as the forerunner to the birth of the shot put sport that is popular today.

Shot put began to be played in a modern form around the 19th century. At that time, the Scottish Highlands Games held a stone or heavy metal throwing competition. The participants will throw the ball at each other to get the farthest distance. Furthermore, the winner will be determined based on how far the throw is from the original position of the thrower or behind the line.

Shot put has become increasingly popular after it was designated as one of the sports in the world’s largest sporting event, namely the modern Olympics. In this competition, the sport of shot put already uses a ball with a predetermined weight or mass and is included in the athletics branch.

The material used for the shot put ball itself uses iron or brass material. The shot put sport was started for men in 1896. Meanwhile, shot put for women was only competed in 1948.

Bullet Reject Style

In an official competition, the shot put sport is known for the two types of styles most used by the participants, namely the O’brien style and the spin style. However, there is one type of style that is especially suitable for beginners, and that is the orthodox style. The orthodox style is usually used for training or educational purposes such as in schools. Here are three styles in shot put sports that Sinaumed’s needs to know about, including:

1. Orthodox style

The throwing style in the shot put sport that is usually used for a beginner is the orthodox style. This is because the orthodox style does not really require a lot of movement. As the simplest and easiest style, orthodox style is perfect for someone who wants to learn or get acquainted with the sport of shot put.

Therefore, it is not surprising that professional athletes rarely use the orthodox style. The thrower can throw a bullet by positioning the body sideways from the landing area. Furthermore, the pitcher can place a metal ball between the head and shoulders and then do the kick-off.

2. O’Brien style

If the orthodox style is commonly used by beginners, then the O’brien style is the shot put style most often used by professional athletes. The O’brien style itself was first used by an athlete from the United States named Parry O’brien.

This style itself is also known as the glide or gliding style, but is now more popular as the O’brien style. In the sport of shot put , O’Brien’s style is done by turning his back to the direction of repulsion

When using the O’brien style, an athlete or thrower must have his back to the landing area. Then, the athlete will make a half-turn or 180-degree movement first before repulsing the metal ball. This means that during preparation, the thrower will face backwards before turning forward.

After Sinaumed’s had gotten used to the orthodox style, O’brien’s style was very suitable to support his shooting skills. The following are several ways to create bullet repulsion using the O’Brien style:

  1. The position of the body is standing back to the direction of repulsion with the body bent and resting on the right leg while the knee is bent. Meanwhile, the left leg is lifted straight towards the direction of repulsion.
  2. The bullet or ball is placed between the neck, close to the chin.
  3. The bullet is held at the base of the finger, not the palm. Then, place your thumb under the bullet.
  4. Next, elbows point out so that they form a 45 degree angle.
  5. When sliding, the left leg can be straightened while rotating the hips.
  6. The right leg is lifted short forward with the left leg swung back to maintain balance.
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3. Spin style

In addition to the orthodox and O’brien styles, a style that is often used in shot put is the spin style. This style was first introduced by Aleksandr Baryshnikov, a shot put athlete from Russia.

Although not as popular as the O’brien style, this technique is also often used by professional athletes when competing in official shot put sports . Please note, spin style requires high skill.

This is because an athlete must first rotate up to 360 degrees at high speed before throwing a metal ball forward. Therefore, this movement has the goal of generating momentum so that it can produce the farthest repulsion distance.

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How to Do Bullet Shot Sports

Well, for those of you who want to get acquainted with the sport of shot put. Here are some ways you can do to do bullet repulsion:

  1. The position of the body standing upright sideways towards the repulsion
  2. Both legs are opened with the left leg straight forward and the right leg bent slightly forward so that it is oblique to the right side
  3. Position your body weight on the right foot and shape your body so that it is more inclined to the right side
  4. The right hand holds and supports the bullet on the shoulder or shoulder
  5. The elbow on the left hand is bent in front so that it forms a slightly slanted upward position and relaxes
  6. The left hand itself has a function to help and maintain balance
  7. The thrower’s gaze can be directed to the repulsion area before throwing
  8. Push your left hand forward full force so that it creates a repulsion on the bullet you are holding
  9. At the time of putting the shot, the right leg which is positioned behind can be lifted to increase the repulsion force

Basic Techniques in Shooting Shot Sports

In shot put, the main principle that must be understood by throwers is to push or push against a metal ball by relying only on the strength of one hand. One of these athletics sports aims to produce a repulsion or push of a metal ball as far as possible from the starting position or starting line .

So that Sinaumed’s can do a shot put properly and correctly. The following are some basic techniques that must be understood, including:

  1. Metal balls can be placed on the bases of the fingers instead of the palms. Spread your fingers a little, then use your thumb to hold the metal ball so it doesn’t fall.
  2. Next, position the metal ball between your head and shoulders, just below the jaw.
  3. While holding the metal ball, the pitcher can make sure to keep the elbows of the arms high and appear in line with the shoulders.
  4. Position your body sideways with the shoulder position of the hand free of the metal ball pointing towards the landing area.
  5. Open both legs to form a straight stance and bend the leg that is far from the landing area, it will automatically make the body lean back.
  6. Rotate your hips so they are facing the opposite direction from the landing area.
  7. When preparing to take off, the thrower can push off with the back foot and rotate the hips so that the body is facing the landing area.
  8. Open the arm holding the metal ball slightly wide, facing forward at a 45 degree angle while trying to push the metal ball with all your might.
  9. When repulsing or throwing, also add a wrist push similar to the motion of shooting a basketball.

The basic principle in shot put is basically the initial movement that must be understood by beginners. After mastering these principles, throwers can try throwing styles like the professionals, namely the O’brien style or the spin style. This is necessary to generate more momentum and achieve maximum distance when taking off.

Bullet Reject Sports Equipment

The International Association of Athletics Federations or abbreviated as IAAF is an organization that oversees various branches of world athletics, one of which is shot put. The IAAF or now also known as World Athletics has standardized the size of metal balls and fields that may be used for shot put matches.

Some of the equipment and rules of shot put that you need to know include:

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1. Metal ball

The IAAF has decided that the weight of the metal ball used in shot put is 7.26 kg for men and 4 kg for women. The materials or materials that must be used for metal balls usually consist of solid iron or brass elements. However, it is also possible that several other types of metal that are not softer than brass can be used.

2. The shape of the field

For the size of the field used in shot put sports it must be circular, with a diameter of 2.135 meters on a concrete field and a landing sector marked with an arc on a grass field with an angle of 34.92 degrees. In addition, the circle contained in the shot put has a 10 cm high stop board at the front before entering the landing sector.

Bullet Shot Regulations

Determination of the winner in shot put sports is determined based on the distance that can be achieved. An athlete who manages to get the longest shot distance is entitled to win the match or race.

In an official shot put competition, athletes will generally get the opportunity to shoot four to six times. If there is a draw or tie, the athletes will be given one more chance to determine the winner.

In addition to the game rules in determining the winner of shot put, there are also several other rules that need to be considered when participating in shot put competitions, including:

  1. An athlete or pitcher must be ready after his name is announced. The athletes were only given 60 seconds to start the movement.
  2. In order to meet safety objectives, athletes must tap their fingers but are not allowed to wear gloves.
  3. A metal ball can be placed near the neck throughout the movement. If the metal ball is released and does not stick near the neck during the movement, then the result of repulsion can be considered invalid.
  4. Shot put may only use one hand and the shot must be above shoulder height.
  5. An athlete may use the entire circle, but the feet are not allowed to move outside the circle or touch the stop board in the front area of ​​the circle.
  6. Repulsion is considered valid if the metal ball lands on the landing sector at an angle of 34.92 degrees. The referee or judge will count the metal ball’s first landing point.
  7. An athlete may not leave the circle before the metal ball or throw has landed on the landing sector, and may only leave the circle from behind.

Shot put is basically an athletic sport that relies heavily on arm muscle strength to achieve maximum results. Shot put sports may not be done by just anyone.

This is because there are equipment and locations that must be prepared adequately and professionally. In addition, it is necessary for a coach or instructor to use shot put so as not to create a danger to yourself or those around you.

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Other Athletic Book Recommendations

For Sinaumed’s who want to do shot put, they can prepare the equipment and place in advance. However, apart from preparing shot put equipment, Sinaumed’s also needs to prepare a good understanding of shot put and various other athletic branches.

1. Athletic Learning Strategy

The athletics branch is a sport that has a lot of numbers in the Olympics, starting from shot put, javelin throwing, and so on. However, the enthusiasts of this sport are not as many as other popular sports, especially in Indonesia. One reason is the lack of excitement in athletic competitions. In the Athletics Learning Strategies book, you will find out how to make athletic sports events very interesting, so that many people can watch them.

2. Walk and Run Athletic Coaching

The sport of running is very attached to walking and running, so when you want to pursue this sport, you need special training, especially with regard to walking and running. The Walking and Running Athletics Coaching Book is perfect to serve as a guidebook for those of you who want to pursue athletics.

Thus the discussion of shot put as a sport that is contested in various athletic championships in the world, starting from the meaning of shot put, the history of the creation of shot put, the style for taking off, the basic principles of shot put, the equipment used, to the official regulations commonly used .

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