Room Names in English

Room names in English – Sinaumed’s must have known that English is one of the international
languages ​​that will never die in the future.
The need for English until now is like an
everyday language.
An example is when in an office where there are people with foreign

Now seeing this, until now learning English has been taught starting from the lowest class.

This is also a form of government support to prepare a generation that is smart and can compete on the
international stage.
Learning English can also be started from memorizing some vocabulary in
everyday life,
you know .

Sinaumed’s can start by studying the parts in the house. Even though it sounds trivial, learning
English with objects around us can be the easiest alternative in learning this international

Besides being able to add vocabulary in English. This can also help you speak English more
fluently .

Room Names in the Home Area in English

As explained earlier, learning English will be easier if the vocabulary increases every day.
Learning vocabulary can actually be started from several objects around us.

It is undeniable that there are many objects around us. One of them is the objects in the
room, in English alone there are tens of words.
Even though there are many, we can still
memorize them if there is information support related to the names of the rooms in the area of ​​the house
in English or other objects.

So, here is a description of the names of the rooms in the house area in English. Let’s

  1. Anteroom : The front room.
  2. Armory : Warehouse for storing weapons.
  3. Attic : The attic is right under the roof of the house.
  4. Back Yard : The backyard of the house.
  5. Balcony : Can also be called a balcony. An area that is at the top of
    the house but has a low wall boundary.
    Most are built on the front side of the
  6. Ballroom : A dance hall. This room has a large size without any
    furniture in it.
  7. Basement : A most basic floor of a building. Often in the area of
    ​​hotels and other large buildings.
  8. Bathrooms : Bathrooms.
  9. Bedroom : A bathroom. This room is often used to rest at night.
  10. Boudoir : A dressing room that is often used by women.
  11. Box Room : A small room that is often used to store goods. In addition,
    this area is also often referred to as
    the box room .
  12. Cabin : Cabin.
  13. Cellar : The warehouse room which is at the bottom of the house .
  14. Changing Room : A room used to change clothes.
  15. Chapel : A room used for worship.
  16. Chimney : A chimney in a house or other building.
  17. Cloakroom : A room used for temporary storage of material before entering the house.
  18. Closet : A room used for storage of various types of clothing. Many
    people say that this area is the wardrobe.
  19. Conservatory / Greenhouse : A
    This room is usually used for planting various kinds of
  20. Den : A living room (pronounced informally).
  21. Dining Room : The room used for eating with the family.
  22. Drawing Room : A living room. However, the guest was received by the
    host and given a treat.
  23. Dressing Room : Dressing room. The contents in it are clothes, shoes and
    various kinds of clothing equipment.
  24. Dungeon : A dungeon. This room will mostly be pitch black.
  25. Extra Room : An extra room. Mostly used as an additional room for
  26. Family Room : Family room. Used as a gathering area for the whole
    extended family.
  27. Foey : A lobby or waiting room.
  28. Front Yard : The area of ​​the front yard of the house.
  29. Games Room : Games room. Homeowners can provide attributes such as a
    ping pong table or billiard table.
  30. Garage : Room for parking cars or motorcycles. Most of these rooms will
    be attached to the main house.
  31. Garden : Garden area, mostly used as a place to grow crops for homeowners.
  32. Garret : Attic area. Most are under the roof of the house.
  33. Guest Room : Living room. Usually in the form of a bedroom for
  34. Gym : A special room for indoor sports. Most people call it by the name
    of the gym
  35. Hall : A large room without furniture in it. Most people call it by the
    name of the hall.
  36. Hallway : Aisle area that connects one room to another.
  37. Home Office : Workspace that is in a private house, not an office.
  38. Inglenook: The area of ​​the room near the fire pit.
  39. Kitchen: Kitchen room that contains the equipment and cooking ingredients needed.
  40. Landing: An area that is above the steps. The condition of this room is
    open and connects one room to another.
  41. Larder: A food storage area.
  42. Laundry Room: A room used for
    washing clothes.
  43. Library: A room used to store books.
  44. Living Room : Family room that is used to gather with family.
  45. Loft: The loft area. Its position is usually in the section just below
    the roof of the house.
  46. Lounge Room : A family room.
  47. Music Room : An area used for playing music. Most contain various
    musical instruments.
  48. Nook: The area at the corner of the wall.
  49. Pantry: Kitchen area but on a smaller size.
  50. Parking Space : Outdoor parking area, mostly shaped like a large field.
  51. Parlor: Living room, a room used for gathering.
  52. Playroom: The room used for playing.
  53. Porch: Verandah area, mostly there is furniture such as tables and chairs for homeowners to
    relax on.
  54. Praying Room : Room for worship.
  55. Rooftop: The roof ridge. This room is at the very top of the house
  56. Shed: Warehouse room used to store various kinds of unused objects.
  57. Shower Room : Shower room or a small room used for bathing purposes but with the help of a
    shower .
  58. Sitting Room : A room used for families.
  59. Spare Room : A spare room, mostly used for overnight guests.
  60. Staircase: Staircase, an area used to move floors can also be referred to as a bridge
    connecting one room to another.
  61. Study Room : A room used for study.
  62. Sun Room : A room that on the sides is made of glass. This room is
    usually used to enjoy views of the outside area of ​​the house.
  63. Swimming Pool : Swimming pool
  64. Tack Room : A room used to store nails, armor, saddles
  65. Terrace: Terrace area, an open space in front of the entrance
  66. Toilet: The toilet area or washroom.
  67. TV Room : Room for watching television.
  68. Utility Room : Utility area, mostly used to store various things related to clothes.
    For example the laying area of ​​the washing machine.
  69. Washing Room : A room for washing clothes.
  70. Water Closet : WC room or latrines
  71. Wine Cellar : An underground area that is mostly used for wine or wine storage.
  72. Workroom : A room to work:
  73. Workshop : A workshop or an area used to repair something.
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Room Names In School Buildings In

In the previous point explained are the names of the rooms in the area of ​​the house. So, for
the next discussion, this will be related to the name of the room inside the school.

At least school buildings have several important areas in them. Most of these areas or rooms
can also
be mentioned in English. As previously explained, at this point I
will explain the names of the rooms in the school in English and their meanings.

Now, the explanation below is some of the names of the rooms in the school area in English and their meanings.

  1. Classroom: A classroom that is used for the teaching and learning process.
  2. Staffroom: An administrative room, most people call it the TU room.
  3. Teacher’s room : A room for teachers to gather. In addition, several
    important documents are also placed in this area.
  4. Headmaster’s room : The room used by the principal.
  5. Library: The library area is used to store a collection of books from the school.
  6. Language Laboratory : Laboratory area for additional language
  7. Computer room : Computer room, usually used for computer learning or extracurricular
  8. Hall: Hall Room.
  9. Science Laboratory : A special laboratory room for natural science or natural science
  10. OSIS room : Student council room, this room is used as the student council meeting area and
    stores important student documents.
  11. School Medical Room : UKS room, a room used to provide assistance to students who are sick
    in the school area.
  12. Canteen: Canteen, a dining area for school students or girls.
  13. Parking area : Parking area.
  14. Garden: The garden in the school area.
  15. School Yard : The yard area, usually located in front of the main school room.
  16. Toilet: Toilet or bathroom.
  17. Store room : Warehouse area used to store objects that are no longer used at school.
  18. Mosque : Mosque or prayer room
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Names of Things in the Home Area in English

After knowing several room names at home and school. Of course there will be more vocabulary
Sinaumed’s knows the names of the furniture in the house in English.

Because knowing the names of rooms and furniture in the house using English is one unit.
Imagine if Sinaumed’s only knew the room without knowing the names of the objects
in it using English.
Surely that would be a little troublesome,

Now to make it more fluent and rich in vocabulary in English. The following is a list of
objects in the house using English.

  1. Windows : Windows
  2. Door :
  3. Curtain : Curtains / curtains
  4. Clock : Clock
  5. Couch : Couch
  6. Photos : Photos
  7. Picture frame: Frame
  8. Flower vase : Flower vase
  9. Tables :

Names of Things You Use To
School in English

Going to school, of course, also requires some objects of support. Who would have thought that
these objects had names in English,
you know . So what are these things?
Here is the full review that you can read.

  1. Uniforms : Uniforms
  2. Tie : Tie
  3. Hats : Hats
  4. Shoes : Shoes
  5. Watch : Watches
  6. Bag : Bag
  7. Socks : socks
  8. Skirts : Skirts
  9. Trousers : Trousers
  10. Belt : Belt

Objects in the Classroom Area in

If previously there was an explanation of some of the objects you use at school in English. So
next are some objects in the class, but using English.
Below is a full explanation.

  1. Whiteboard : Whiteboard
  2. Blackboard : Blackboard
  3. Markers : Markers
  4. Chalk : Chalk
  5. O’clock : Wall Clock
  6. Map : Map
  7. Windows : Windows
  8. Door :
  9. Curtains : Curtains
  10. Trash Box : Trash box
  11. Picket List : Picket List
  12. Lesson Schedule : Subject Schedule
  13. Calendar : Calendar
  14. Vase : Flower vase
  15. Table Cloth : Table cloth

Common Building Names In English

The home and school sections have been discussed in the explanation above. Of course, by
reading some of the vocabulary above, you will also be rich in vocabulary knowledge.
Not only
that, you know, there are several common building names that can also have English vocabulary.

Some of the lists below are the names of public buildings or facilities in English.

  1. Airport : Airport
  2. Amusement park : An amusement park
  3. Auditorium : Auditorium
  4. Bakery : A bakery
  5. Banks : Banks
  6. Bars : Bars
  7. Barbershop : A place to cut hair
  8. Bookstores : Bookstores
  9. Bus stop : Bus stop or bus stop.
  10. Café : Café Cafeteria
  11. Canteen : Canteen
  12. Church : Church
  13. Cinema : Cinema
  14. Clinic : Clinic
  15. College/university : College/university
  16. Drugstore : Drug store
  17. Gallery : Gallery
  18. Gas station : Gas
  19. Gym : Gym (exercise place)
  20. Hospital : Hospital
  21. Hotels : Hotels
  22. Internet café : Warnet
  23. Libraries : Libraries
  24. Malls : Malls
  25. Market : Market
  26. Mosques : Mosques
  27. Museums : Museums
  28. Night market : Night market
  29. Office building : Office building
  30. Park : Park
  31. Parking lots : Parking
  32. Pharmacy : Pharmacy
  33. Playground : Playground
  34. Port/harbor : Harbor
  35. Post office : Post office
  36. Public health center : Puskesmas
  37. Rest area : Rest area
  38. Restaurant : Restaurant
  39. Saloon : Saloon
  40. School : School
  41. shop : shop
  42. Sport center : Sports center/sports building
  43. Stadium : Stadium
  44. Stationery store : Stationery store
  45. Supermarkets : Supermarkets
  46. Swimming pool : Swimming pool
  47. Temple : Temple
  48. Theater : Theater building
  49. Town hall/city hall : City hall
  50. Train station : Train station
  51. Zoo : Zoo

So, those are some vocabulary related to room names in English. Even though not everything is
listed, the information above can help
Sinaumed’s in learning English.

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Author: Hendrik Nuryanto