Admin Purchasing Is: Definition, Responsibilities, & Qualifications

Admin Purchasing is – Admin purchasing is an attractive career choice for Sinaumed’s who plan to work in the retail and manufacturing sector. This is because the profession that is generally under the auspices of the procurement department, which is in charge of the company’s logistics issues, is quite valuable and needed by companies even though it is not as popular as supply managers or analysts.

On the other hand, there are also quite a lot of vacancies available, such as in the formal business industry to health. In fact, the career path and salary offer are quite interesting and clear for new employees.

So, let’s learn together about admin purchasing.

What is Purchasing Admin?

Purchasing admins or purchasing administrators are those who manage purchases for companies or organizations. Job duties often involve gathering information from various departments, determining needs, and finding suppliers.

Qualifications for purchasing admins often include an associate’s or bachelor’s degree in business administration or a similar field, experience with budgeting, and communication skills. Strong attention to detail and computer proficiency are required for success in this career.

In essence, they are the officers who have responsibility for the company’s purchasing procedures. Their job is to oversee ongoing transactions and the quality of the logistics that the business entity has purchased.

Not only that, there will be more adjustments regarding responsibilities or job descriptions based on the needs of the business entity. For example, the purchasing admin will be tasked with overseeing the legitimacy of every product purchased at a government agency.

Meanwhile, they will be tasked with ensuring the conformity of the products purchased with the applicable health standards, if they work in the medical industry.

Even so, there are still a number of tasks that are generally required to be carried out by a purchasing admin, regardless of the industrial sector.

Purchasing Admin Duties and Responsibilities

Sinaumed’s, here are the responsibilities and duties of the purchasing admin.

1. Make Purchases of Goods

The purchasing admin is in charge of making purchases of an item that is on the list of goods needed by the industry, which is compiled by the procurement staff. There must be an adjustment between the purchase of goods with the amount and costs available from the company.

In addition, the purchasing admin must also carefully control the quality, quantity, and price of goods when making a purchase.

2. Ensuring Timeliness of Ordered Goods Arrive

The purchasing admin must monitor the shipping process after placing an order for an item. This is important so that the goods ordered for the company arrive on time and the quality is as expected.

If there is no such process, the goods may arrive late and affect the company’s performance.

3. Receiving and Checking the Quality of Coming Goods

The responsibility of the purchasing admin after the arrival of the purchased item is to check the conditions related to the good or damage of the item. The purchasing admin will be responsible for managing the return of goods if damage is found to the goods ordered from the vendor.

4. Make Payment for Goods

Furthermore, payment for goods purchased from vendors will also be the duty and responsibility of the purchasing admin. Very high accuracy is needed for this task because it involves financial problems.

The purchasing admin will also work closely with financial staff at the company in this regard.

5. Documenting Invoices, Purchase Orders, Work Orders, and Invoices

Another responsibility of a purchasing admin is to document every form of invoice, purchase order, work order, to invoice. Later, all of these documents will be needed when the purchasing admin provides financial reports for purchasing goods.

Suspicions of misappropriation of funds can arise, even if even one of these proofs of purchase is missing.

6. Reporting on Purchases Made

Another task is that the purchasing admin must compile a report on the purchase of goods that the company needs. This report, broadly speaking, contains a list of the various items that have been purchased, along with price and quantity details.

Later, this report will be submitted to the company’s top officials.

7. Controlling the Availability of Goods

Even though the purchase of goods has been completed, the purchasing admin task has not been completed. He still has to control the availability of goods previously purchased. For the sake of monitoring the use of goods and analyzing when these goods need to be repurchased, this is done.

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8. Establish Good Relations with Vendors

As a party that will be directly involved with vendors who provide goods, a purchasing admin must also be able to establish a good relationship with them. The reason is, the vendor must be very necessary because the needs of the company’s goods will not be fulfilled without it.

On the other hand, companies can benefit from more affordable prices if the relationship with the vendors is well established.

Admin Purchasing Qualifications and Career Path

The purchasing admin task cannot be underestimated even though it looks easy. The reason is, the company can be threatened with the risk of loss if this task is not completed properly. In order to avoid this, companies certainly set certain qualifications for job seeker candidates who want to pursue a career in a field related to purchasing admin.

So, what are these qualifications, here’s a list in general, according to Ziprecruiter :

  • Have a degree from business or management studies
  • Know basic purchasing functions
  • Understand the basics of business and partnership
  • Have the skills to manage the supply management system
  • Have adequate skills related to communication, both verbal and nonverbal
  • Strong skills in networking and negotiation.
  • Have good interpersonal skills

Workers can expect a clear career path after becoming a purchasing admin. The reason is, they will usually accept a new position as purchasing officer after working for 2 years.

After that, you can get promoted again to become a purchasing or supply chain manager after serving 5 years.

That is how it is. In essence, purchasing admins are those who are specialists in charge of managing the purchasing process in a company. The career option is quite interesting because almost all industrial sectors will require it and the career path is also clear.

For this reason, don’t hesitate to make purchasing admin your top choice if you want to get into business and procurement!

How to Become a Purchasing Administrator

The qualifications we need to start a career as a purchasing administrator include a degree and work experience. While large companies require a bachelor’s degree in business administration, finance, or supply chain management, small companies can hire applicants with an associate’s degree in a business-related subject.

We usually develop our skills for this job by working for several years as a purchasing agent or in a similar entry-level position. Certification is usually not required, but you can pursue accreditation.

Don’t miss it, the salary information for being a purchasing admin is Rp. 3,900,000 per month!

Purchasing Staff

Besides admin purchasing, another term that is often used is purchasing staff. It is important for us to review this term as well so as not to get confused with two different terms.

Purchasing staff are employees who are responsible for purchasing goods, raw materials, and services that will be needed by the business. This position is in the purchasing department and is in charge of purchasing goods from suppliers, for the sake of company operations.

Purchasing Staff are employees who are responsible for buying goods, raw materials, or services needed in the business. Purchasing Staff is in the purchasing department. Purchasing staff are in charge of buying goods from suppliers to support the company’s operations. Just like the purchasing admin.

A purchasing staff certainly requires related skills or skills. The main thing is communication and negotiation. Communication with suppliers regarding goods, and negotiations with them. These two things can help companies to get the best deals on purchases.

Purchasing Staff Duties

Purchasing staff have more or less the same duties and responsibilities as the purchasing admin, namely:

  • Manage the purchase of goods, such as production raw materials to office needs.
  • Have responsibility to purchasing manager and department head
  • Looking for suppliers or suppliers who provide prices and quality according to company standards
  • Communicate well in negotiating the desired price
  • Order goods after the agreement and create a purchase order file
  • Ensuring the quality of the goods that have been ordered
  • Make a list of purchase categories, such as time and type of purchase and purchasing orders
  • Make agreements with the finance division regarding the purchase of goods or materials
  • Monitor orders related to shipments that have been carried out according to the goods request form
  • Make a report which later must be sent to the purchasing manager regarding the goods purchased according to the goods request form


Next, this is the responsibility of a purchasing staff that must be fulfilled!

1. Handle the purchase of company needs

One of the responsibilities of a purchasing staff is to make a purchase plan for goods or services, as the company requires. For example, incidental, monthly needs, buying a new computer or laptop, machine tools, raw materials, and so on.

2. Submitting purchasing order (PO) approval to the company

The responsibility of the purchasing staff after making the PO file is to seek approval from the finance division. The process of ordering new suppliers can be done if the application is approved by the finance division.

3. Monitoring the condition of the goods purchased

After that, the condition of the goods ordered needs to be checked again by the purchasing staff. They have to see whether the goods comply with the specifications ordered, whether there are delays, according to the price agreement, to other criteria.

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In addition, purchasing staff must also ensure quality, timely delivery, price, and all matters related to goods that meet the company’s needs.

4. Record invoices or POs

Then, one of the other responsibilities of a purchasing staff is documenting or recording purchasing order invoices. This will primarily relate to the finance or accounting division.

Skills of a Purchasing Staff

So, what skills should a purchasing staff have? Listen here!

1. Mastering the Application

Microsoft Office is software that is generally used by purchasing staff to create important documents or records. His duties will be related to ordering goods so that documents are needed to track shipments, purchase documentation, and various other things.

Meanwhile, the application that will be used the most is Ms. Excel and Ms. word. Not only that, other software also needs to be mastered by a purchasing staff to make purchasing easier.

2. Communication

Furthermore, the skill that will be needed is good communication. The reason is, there needs to be communication between the purchasing department and suppliers or vendors. So, a purchasing staff needs to coordinate with the finance department for regular payments.

3. Ability to Organize

There is also the expertise of organizing documents that all purchasing staff must master. The reason is, there are various documents that must be kept, both as proof of ordering, delivery, or receipt.

4. Knowledge Related to Taxation

Finally, expertise in the form of knowledge related to taxation is also needed by a purchasing staff. The reason is, knowledge like this is important to help them calculate the cost of purchasing goods.

Not only that, negotiation skills are also needed so that companies can get the right goods from suppliers.

Mistakes to Avoid

If you are going to become a purchasing staff, what mistakes should we avoid, Sinaumed’s? Here’s the list!

1. Paying for goods without approval

First, the mistake of a purchasing staff is not getting approval from the company regarding the purchase of an item. The horror is that things like this can lead to criminal penalties because official documents or files do not complete the purchase of goods.

2. Late paying for goods

Goods or raw materials will arrive late if the purchasing staff pays for the goods late. If so, the company’s operations will be hampered, even halted. This will lead to company losses!

3. Paying for goods takes too long or too quickly

As for what is meant by payment that is too fast, that is, the goods have been paid to the supplier even though the goods have arrived. Conversely, another error is payment that is past due even though the goods have arrived at the factory.

This means a purchasing staff has violated the agreement. That way, the purchasing order process will be greatly disrupted and will show the unprofessional purchasing staff.

4. Make multiple payments

If double payments occur, this will be detrimental to the company, regardless of reasonable humans making mistakes. This will get worse if the product purchased has a high enough price. Due to the inaccuracy of a purchasing staff, payment for goods can occur up to two times.

This error should really pay attention, especially in the manufacturing industry. The reason is, in the process of producing goods, purchasing staff is one of the people who has an important role. For this reason, a reliable and skilled purchasing staff is needed.


After discussing the ins and outs of work as a purchasing staff, we naturally want to know the amount of salary for this position. What’s more, if Sinaumed’s becomes interested in exploring the field of purchasing after reading this article. Don’t worry, the salary of a purchasing staff is usually around 15 percent above the UMK.

A purchasing staff can earn up to 4.5 million rupiah per month, in DKI Jakarta.

Of course, a company will not only have one purchasing staff if they are a large company. They can have a manager whose salary is even bigger.

Sinaumed’s, it’s better to find a company that is big enough if you want to have a career in this field. This is recommended so that we can have a good career path.

Indeed, it is still possible to work in a small or medium company as a purchasing staff, to gather experience. The reason is, we can try in big companies afterwards.

Sinaumed’s, that’s the discussion regarding admin purchasing and purchasing staff. Hopefully, this article can help you be more aware of various job positions and their duties. Visit the site to read other articles and find interesting books to become #MoreWithReading.