Recognize the Purpose of the State of Indonesia According to the 1945 Constitution

The goal of the State – Indonesia was owned when the proclamation and independence occurred, where it was related to a group of people or organizations that it sheltered. The application of objectives can be a guideline for all activities carried out by the state, be it compiling or controlling state equipment like the government. What’s that like? Here is an explanation.

Definition of Destination Country

1. Plato

Plato has the opinion that the purpose of the state is made to advance human decency, be it in groups or individually. These individual creatures mingle, so that they can join to become a society, state and nation.

2. Roger. H. Sultau

According to Roger, every citizen and people in the area where he lives can develop, and express creativity towards thoughts that are as free as possible.

3. Benedict Spinoza

In contrast to Benedict’s opinion which stated that the purpose of a country is to carry out peace, peace, and of course to eliminate fear. The state exists to shelter its people and create a stable atmosphere to ensure their comfortable life.

4. Aristotle

Aristotle argued that the perfection of a state takes precedence over the aspect of justice. To realize this, a country has laws and regulations that function as guarantors for society. So, every member in society can obtain human rights that are nation and state.

5.John Locke

According to John, the purpose of the state is to maintain and guarantee the fulfillment of human rights contained in community agreements. In this condition, the state must provide space for society so that they can fulfill every right and result, namely by respecting equality.

State Goals Based on the Welfare State Concept

This is managed according to the money that is in the management of the state. State finances can in fact be a major milestone in realizing the goals of the state, so that managers must be able to maximize each sector well in order to achieve common prosperity.

So, if you look further, the goals of the Indonesian state can be classified according to the concept of a welfare state or welfare state. What is the welfare state ? A welfare state that gives more role to the government in managing the country.

In the book Globalization and the Welfare State by Bo Soderten, a state with such a concept will usually maximize security and social welfare for broad groups. The state can take a direct role in realizing social justice for all Indonesian people.

What are the efforts of the state in realizing this concept? Mastery over all economic power within the national scope, both from the regulatory sector or those owned by the state over certain units. Don’t get me wrong, the units in question will get the maximum profit according to the government’s goals, that is what is meant by people’s prosperity.

Because of this, BUMN or State Owned Enterprises were created as we know them today. The business activities they carry out even cover all sectors such as fisheries, plantations, agriculture, manufacturing, postal and telecommunications, and construction.

  1. Programs funded by the government, employers, or employees with benefits to compensate for losses or overcome loss of income due to various reasons such as retirement, illness, widowhood, even employment.
  2. There are so-called categorical or universal benefits or general tax funding with benefits for households with children or people with disabilities.
  3. Tax based benefits or programs intended for those with income below the income threshold, without being taxed.
  4. Programs that are paid for by employers and managed by the government are called occupational benefits . The benefits are for people looking to give birth, get sick, or retire.
  5. Programs funded by public taxes or known as social assistance , means-tested benefits for low-income people by looking at the conditions of their households. People who don’t have enough income, even no income at all.
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As for the social security system that covers all Indonesian citizens, in fact there is no such thing as yet, so there are only four systems that are based on compulsory contributions and only cover workers in the formal sector and their families. The government can organize insurance-based social security to meet the needs of all Indonesian people.

Indonesia’s Goals According to the 1945 Constitution of the Republic of Indonesia

With these guidelines, the Indonesian state can develop and not be far from civilization. Understanding the purpose and direction of our own country’s development is important so that the intention to prosper and advance it is not only carried out by certain parties, but the entire population and society.

A simple example is the rights and obligations of the state that is held. The rights that must be obtained by all Indonesian citizens and every person are in the form of Human Rights or HAM in the sense that they have the right to live, to obtain equal legal protection, and to education.

Who will take the role? Of course, the Indonesian people themselves where they have to protect and support their nation. However, it is not only protection because it is an effort to educate and provide a school like a university or any building as a place for learning.

Actually, peace is easily achieved or realized with one person as the leader. The government makes the rules and guides the community to carry out a number of programs with good intentions.

State Goals in Pancasila

If you follow Pancasila as the main principle or guideline for realizing the country’s goals, then you have to look at the following points.

  1. The implementation carried out by the government must guarantee that all Indonesian residents can embrace and worship according to their respective beliefs.
  2. Citizens are not forced to follow or adhere to a certain religion, but they are obliged to embrace a religion according to the law in force in Indonesia
  3. Deviations committed by the government can support inter-religious tolerance. One another can be involved in conflict or get scolded.
  4. Government administration is also intended for all citizens and residents who are very happy.
  5. Understand every human being from creativity, taste, and intention with other humans.
  6. Uphold that independence is the right of all nations and colonialism must be abolished from the world, including Indonesia.
  7. Administration of government can form or create peace in a strong civilization, as well as eliminate the existence of self-assertion or certain groups based on race, skin color, descent, to racism.
  8. Understanding what Indonesian unity is is the first step to growing values ​​and a sense of shared destiny among the people.
  9. The essence that we know in the fourth precept is democracy as a form of state that has guidelines from the people, by the people, and for the people.
  10. Leaders for government administrators who handle their fields from low to high levels must be someone with careful planning and based on common sense, no longer a leader who doesn’t want to listen to the point of rejecting the opinions of the population.
  11. Leaders can hold deliberations to make decisions and reach consensus. At the highest level, these activities are created or carried out by high-ranking officials, people’s representatives who sit in state institutions such as the DPR.
  12. Talking about the country’s resources, wealth and assets, they belong to the state which can be utilized or used as well as possible to achieve common interests. Its implementation is regulated according to government decisions from the potential and capabilities of each region.
  13. Government administrators are obliged to protect every Indonesian nation which will later influence the country’s development according to their respective fields. In this way, the ideals of a prosperous and just society can be realized, where these ideals are not only physical or material, but also have a spiritual aspect.
  14. Government administrators use principles that love and care about development. With the realization of these aspects, there will be no such thing as fraud in the implementation of work.
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The government can seek and organize a national education system that is useful for increasing piety and faith, as well as good morals in educating the nation’s life in accordance with the mandate of the law.

The state can make education a budget priority of at least 20% of state spending and budget acquisitions to support implementation.

Science and technology are advanced with religious values ​​and national unity for their civilization and well-being. That is why the goals of the country can still be carried out and become embodied by the government.

Description of Indonesia’s Country Goals

The elaboration of the country’s goals is divided into four parts, namely the goals of protection, welfare, intelligence, and also peace. The purpose of protection is in accordance with what is stated in the constitution, which is to protect the entire Indonesian nation.

This elaboration is also in accordance with the direction of the goals of the Indonesian nation nationally and internationally. In Sukadi’s Citizenship Education book, it is stated that the true purpose of the state is to maintain peace and achieve justice.

The last goal of civilization is actually a noble goal, in which civilization and progress of the country are the priority. It is different with welfare goals which are intended to fulfill general welfare.

Welfare parameters in Indonesia can be met with three elements, such as clothing (clothing), food (food), and shelter as a place to live. If all three can be fulfilled, society can be said to be prosperous.

Respecting the State Fundamentals to Realize the State’s Goals Nationally

Pancasila as the basis of the Indonesian state is the life view of the nation’s own personality, whose values ​​are intended for the realization of aspirations and ideals. The division of the Indonesian nation will be easier to avoid with this basis.

Feelings of fairness and injustice can also be minimized, so that all Indonesian people will consider themselves equal and equal to other people. Pancasila does contain several values ​​that can be used as a basis for realizing the goals of the state.

The first is the divine values ​​of religiosity which are used as guidelines for the ethical fundamentals of national and state life. Second, human values ​​are more universal.

Furthermore, there are ethical values ​​of humanity that are deeply rooted in association and the environment. Basically, Indonesia has a strong vision and mission, so it doesn’t only care about the plurality of society.

You can think of the four as human values, along with divine values ​​to achieve your goals. Who doesn’t want their dreams to come true? The government also wants it so that the country’s goals succeed in proving that Indonesia can become a prosperous and prosperous country.

In the vision of social justice through the foundation of Pancasila, what is desired is balance. Something that is balanced and not one-sided is the best thing to lead to a better life.

His position is also highly respected because he has several things, such as covering the atmosphere of mysticism, so that he can realize the ideals of law. The existence of this spirit is very important to realize the construction and development of facilities in Indonesia.

Of course, the formulation of Pancasila must be implemented by all citizens, not just one person. You, as part of the citizens of the country, also know, understand, and maintain it so that you can still protect the country.

So, you can break down the goals of the state in general into several points, namely implementing order (1), prosperity and welfare (2), justice (3), and defense (4).

In order to realize the goals of the state, Indonesia does not play a role alone because the people have the right to express opinions and practice what they can. Hopefully, this can be a motivation to pursue a career.