Management Trainee: Definition, Duties, and Salary

What are management trainees? – When the Management Trainee program takes place, each member is in a variety of division choices. In the program studying and observing ongoing business. It is from this program that knowledge and experience increase and expand. The skills possessed are also honed to become proficient and professional according to the division.

Employees who enter through the Management Trainee have the opportunity to get a faster career path than other employees. Those who enter the Management Trainee work while studying. In addition, the salary and benefits received by Management Trainees are usually higher.

Definition of Management Trainee

Management Trainee or abbreviated MT is a management training program that is useful for getting the right candidate who has good quality, and also has the potential to occupy a managerial position. Management Trainees can also be referred to as one of the recruitment of new employees in a company.

Management Trainee positions are usually for those who are still fresh graduates. This is because fresh graduates have qualified experience in the world of work. The aim of the company is to hold a Management Trainee program, because a manager’s position cannot be filled by just anyone. Management Trainee is a system for recruiting new employees who will work under the supervision of managers or other company executives.

With this Management Trainee is expected to become a leader or managerial in the future. Because Management Trainees are required to understand fields such as production, marketing, sales and other operations.

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Management Trainee Recruitment Process

In the case of Management Trainees, recruitment is needed. Recruiting management trainees requires a long process. This is so that the company does not choose the wrong one. The following is the process that goes through:

  1. The recruitment process itself takes quite a long time, around two to seven months. In addition, this program also goes through the selection stage up to seven times.
  2. The Management Trainee program aims to train selected people so they can become future leaders in a company. You should be able to maintain above average performance.
  3. While participating in the Management Trainee process, employment status cannot be said to be permanent employees. In addition, Management Trainee participants are also not allowed to take time off. In this program, if you do a bad evaluation or are not satisfactory enough, you can be expelled at any time without looking at anything.
  4. If you are accepted into the Management Trainee, it means that you must be ready to be placed anywhere.
  5. Maintaining an attitude is certainly very important when you join the Management Trainee program. This is because by maintaining your attitude you can show the company that you are a professional and the right person to get a management trainee position.
  6. Try to be active at every opportunity. With this you can promote if yourself worthy. But don’t be too hasty, give satisfactory work results.

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Requirements to Become a Management Trainee

A Management Trainee must have specific knowledge and expertise. This is what underlies being a management trainee should not be filled by just anyone. Following are the requirements:

  1. Ability to lead individuals or companies. A prospective management trainee must be able to lead, be it a meeting or individually. This is what underlies the ability to become a leader to get a plus value.
  2. Problem solving ability is the ability to analyze problems and find solutions to solve these problems. This skill is very important to become a management trainee, because you can be in the unpredictable position of a problem at any time.
  3. Good communication skills. Good communication is communication that can run effectively. Of course, communication is very important, especially if you want to become a Management Trainee. Here you must be able to communicate quickly, precisely, straightforwardly, decisively and not to beat around the bush.
    There are six factors according to theory that support an effective communication, such as: information that is quite complete, concise delivery, not convoluted, choice of words is full of consideration, conveyed clearly and precisely, the information is not fake, communicates using good manners, respect each other and convey information that has been verified.
    Apart from that, here are tips on good and correct communication that Sinaumed’s can try, such as:
    ● Speak well. Pronounce words clearly, speak in a relaxed manner neither too fast nor too slow. The right intonation in representing communication, but not too exaggerated. Choose words that are appropriate and standard enough. Trying to speak well is not easy, but keep practicing your speaking skills, and apply these techniques. ● Listen to the other person while talking. With this you can digest various kinds of information conveyed by your interlocutor. Don’t interrupt the conversation, because this is impolite and you receive minimal information. ● Adjust to the context being discussed. Do not deviate or even you talk things that are not necessary. Avoid sarcasm or gossip. Make sure the communication you establish remains in context.

    ● In addition you need to pay attention to body gestures. Gestures describe the feelings and thoughts of the other person. Look into the eyes of your interlocutor, this shows that you are interested in the communication you are having.

    ● Don’t be too tense, occasionally insert humor that invites laughter. This aims to break the ice and can also make you more relaxed to continue to the next discussion.

    ● Don’t be too self-centered . Don’t be dominant in the conversation, stop when you feel it’s enough and start to listen to your opponent talking.

    ● Control your emotions, don’t get carried away by your emotions. Ansa should be able to stay calm and control your emotions. By staying calm, you can respond appropriately to the conversation.

    ● Accept that no one agrees with you. Don’t be selfish, always want to be heard and feel that your opinion is the most correct.

    ● Ethics remains the main. Maintain your etiquette when in public. Likewise when establishing communication, respect the person you are talking to.

  4. A management trainee must have foreign language skills. Foreign languages ​​have also become a development in the era of globalization. We must have more language skills to support communication to make it more fluent. Management trainees must have foreign language skills because they will later lead or become leaders of a company. He must be able to lead anywhere, whether in the country or abroad. And later management trainees will meet with clients of various languages ​​and even countries.
  5. Flexibility and adaptation. A management trainee must be able to blend in with a new environment. Must not have a shy nature and do not want to mingle. Besides that, management trainees must also be able to adjust to what they are doing.
  6. The ability to control emotions is very important for a leader. If you are an angry person, you have to start to train that emotion. Emotions will only cloud the atmosphere and lead to a lack of clear thinking. If every problem you face is emotional, then you will have difficulty finding a solution to every problem. Silence your emotions, because if we are emotional then we can easily issue harsh words that can hurt anyone including your subordinates in the office.
  7. Maturity in attitude. A management trainee must be mature in thought and professional in action. Not taking sides with anyone, even if it’s a friend or relative. What’s wrong should still be rewarded accordingly. In addition, don’t be easily influenced by anyone and be firm in taking action.
  8. Relevant or related experience. Make sure the company you choose is your passion, and you have sufficient experience and skills.
  9. Have a management or business degree. However, if you are not from management or business education there is nothing wrong with trying. Because being a management trainee also requires readiness from within.
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Skills Problem Solving Management Trainee

A management trainee is required to have problem solving skills , there are four basic stages in problem solving, namely:

  • Define a problem and also analyze the problem that occurs.
  • Develop alternative solutions. This requires creativity and the ability to think critically and logically.
  • Define a good solution.
  • Implement solutions and evaluate them.

There are several problem solving techniques too! You can use this technique in the world of work, such as:

  • Linear Thinking
    Linear Thinking is a simple problem solving technique also known as the Five Whys. This technique emphasizes asking “why” to find the root of the problem
  • Design Thinking
    Design Thinking is a problem solving technique which is a problem solving by emphasizing the approach from the user side.
  • Creative Problem Solving
    This technique in problem solving uses a balance of logic and creativity to find the causes of problems, and develop innovative solutions.
    Creative problem solving is not just brainstorming or out of the box ideas. But there are also several things that must be emphasized in this process, such as:
    1. Don’t judge or take sides until the brainstorming process is over and you’ve evaluated it
    2. Focus on getting lots of ideas, from the brainstorming process and make a list.
    3. Don’t focus on just one idea
    4. In the forum, make the problem a question. Open-ended questions are easier to engage in creative thinking forum content.
  • Solution-based thinking
    This technique is solution-based thinking helps to solve problems that focus on what actually works.
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Problem solving is very important in work. With problem solving we can be helped to solve a problem. Therefore we must improve problem solving skills. There are several ways that are believed to be able to increase it. Here are ways to improve problem solving, such as:

  • Expand knowledge. You have to add extra knowledge about the work you are doing. Not only that, you can also add to your skills by taking some courses or knowledge that adds to your field of work.
  • Change mindset. If you see problems as burdens, change that mindset. Make problems a challenge for you to grow better and wiser in making decisions.
  • Practice solving problems. Try to practice solving problems from the easiest to the most complicated.
  • Use the mind mapping method. This method helps you to map the information obtained, so you can easily understand a problem.
  • Learn from others. We can learn how other people make decisions about a problem, or deal with that problem. Good leaders learn anything from anyone.
  • Get yourself involved in a variety of projects. This keeps you in a new position, you can walk and get out of your comfort zone. With this you can train problem solving to develop, because you will be faced with various kinds of problems later.
  • Focus on a solution obtained, not on the problem. Train your mind if problems keep you down. This is what causes your mind to become negative. Face the problems that occur and focus on the solution.
  • Continue to practice communication skills. Communication is very important in problem solving. For this reason, always practice communication both individually and to the team.
  • Play games that are useful for sharpening the brain. Sometimes we need entertainment for our brains. But use this opportunity for learning as well.

Benefits of Joining the Management Trainee Program

When you join an MT or Management Trainee, you get lots of benefits, you know! The following are the benefits you get when you take part in the Management Trainee program:

  1. Improve the ability to cooperate both individually and in teams. By following this program the ability to work together will continue to be trained.
  2. Teaches you to be a leader. You will be trained on how to become a good leader or manager later.
  3. Work according to your interests and talents. In the management trainee program you can take part in or try various jobs ranging from finance, marketing, communications to supply chain. With this the supervisor can assess where your best abilities are
  4. Great career path
  5. Improve the skills you have. Because we get quite a lot of learning, we can practice the skills we have better.

Management Trainee Duties

Managers are mentors. In addition, the manager is the person who gives an assessment to the Management Trainee. So it’s no wonder managers and management trainees have a very close working relationship.

Management trainees have quite heavy duties and responsibilities. Following are the duties and responsibilities of the Management Trainee as follows:

  • Supports managers with various tasks. The task includes setting goals and making a policy in the company
  • Understand how the company operates and the applicable SOPs
  • Assist managers in making work evaluations, including writing reports or analyzing data
  • Helping the administrative section
  • Participate in corporate strategic planning
  • Familiarize yourself with personnel tasks
  • Conducting research related to how to increase company profitability and reduce risk
  • Prepare and create presentations
  • Help with other work
  • Participate in meetings, workshops and more
  • Observe and learn from the experiences of other colleagues
  • Listen to input from managers, supervisors and other seniors.
  • Monitor company revenue

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Author: Yufi Cantika Sukma Divine

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