Job Prospects for Graduates of Communication Studies

Job Prospects for Communication Science Graduates – The rapid development of the media in Indonesia makes career opportunities for Communication Science graduates wide open. Therefore you don’t need to worry because the opportunity to get a job for graduates is quite promising.

Starting from working in television, radio, newspapers to digital media, they really need a Bachelor of Communication. Not only that, you can also work in various companies, especially in the public relations division . PR has a vital role, namely as the spearhead of the company in communicating with other parties.

Not only that, the marketing division also requires graduates from Sinaumed’s Communication Studies. Communication is needed in all areas of work.

Because basically communication science was born from various social science disciplines such as sociology, political science, anthropology, and international relations, it’s no wonder that the job prospects for its graduates are quite varied, here are some of them, Sinaumed’s:


Profession Work Department of Communication Science

1. Public Relations

Public relations also designs press releases and contacts people in the media who may be able to broadcast the material, from radio, television, online media to print media. Public Relations is not the same as marketing, but has a very close relationship with each other, if Public Relations is in charge of managing all communication activities, then marketing concentrates on sales.

Public relations also plays an important role in supporting marketing by building product and company images, developing loyalty, and solving various customer problems. Becoming Public Relations itself is required Having good communication skills, both oral and written, as well as excellent interpersonal skills Having presentation skills Having the ability to prioritize and carry out effective planning, as well as knowledge of business principles, resource allocation, HR modeling, etc. other.

Have a point of view and understanding of sales and marketing, including marketing strategies and tactics, product demonstrations, sales techniques, and sales control systems. Have communication and media skills, namely knowledge about media production, communication, as well as techniques and methods of dissemination. Including alternatives to inform and entertain through written, spoken, and visual media. Public Relations responsibilities include:

  • Organizing promotional events such as press conferences, open days, exhibitions, tours and visits
  • Editing and producing internal and external media, ranging from presentations, press releases, articles, leaflets, journals, reports, publicity brochures, information for websites and promotional videos
  • Creating two-way communication by disseminating information to the public, and channeling public opinion to the organization
  • Analyze media coverage
  • Commissioning or conducting relevant market research
  • Compile and distribute news releases for consumption by the mass media
  • Make programs to take deliberate and planned actions in an effort to maintain, create, and maintain mutual understanding between organizations and society.

2. Copywriters

This job is much needed in various companies ranging from newspapers, TV, radio and various other online media . The scope of work for a copywriter is quite broad, from writing a brand slogan to writing a dialogue script for television commercials. From making online shop captions to composing words for an event poster. This job is suitable for you who like a free atmosphere, like to learn new things, or you who are not suitable for the same routine work every day. The professional responsibilities include:

  • Copywriters will play with persuasive words that can influence consumer buying interest and present a variety of interesting and creative content.
  • Understand the media production, communication, as well as techniques and methods of dissemination. Writing advertising content in each media has different characteristics. Writing ad content on Twitter will be different from Instagram. As with the number of Twitter characters and their various limitations, you are required to create clear and immediately understandable advertising content. Meanwhile, Instagram content has various forms, such as IG Feed and IG Story, so the content that will be posted will also be different. Another case with writing blog content, YouTube and others.
  • Copywriters are required to be able to create various attractive and effective taglines , both in oral and written form that suit the needs of the audience .
  • Together with  the account executive , the copywriter discusses the target audience and the core message to be conveyed to the client.
  • Copywriters explore ideas and concepts for visuals and text with other members of the creative team, and present initial ideas to present to the creative director.
  • Copywriters oversee the production stage, while working closely with designers, illustrators, printers, photographers and production companies.
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3. Radio Announcer

If further elaborated, radio broadcasters function as communicators whose job is to provide services to the community ( public service ) by conveying valid and interesting updated information. A broadcaster is also required to have broad insights including understanding music, Sinaumed’s.

So many media are used to convey news today, ranging from print and electronic media, one of which is radio.

Although in general people prefer to seek information through social media, radio still exists among its loyal listeners. This is because radio has the effect of personal closeness with listeners.

Proximity is the great strength of radio compared to other media. As a profession that is based on oral communication, radio broadcasters have links with several other professions such as news announcers, news anchors, newscasters , and reporters.

In general, the main skill needed to become a radio announcer is the ability to speak orally because their job is to convey the information they have to listeners through the medium of sound. However, speaking skill is not the only skill that must be mastered by a radio announcer.

A broadcaster must also have good writing skills in order to compile and organize information so that it is effective and appropriate. Without good writing skills, the preparation and arrangement of information will not be formed properly and the delivery will not be good either.

4. Journalist

This profession is tasked with finding, collecting, selecting, processing and presenting news as quickly as possible to the wider community through the mass media, both print and electronic media. Some political experts argue that journalists are the fourth power in a country after the legislature, executive and judiciary. If this opinion is not exaggerated because in reality a journalist can create or shape public opinion, so that he is able to mobilize a very large power, Sinaumed’s.

5. Reporters

The results of the reporter’s own coverage will go through the editing of the editor or news producer before being broadcast to the public. Based on the Indonesian Journalist Code of Ethics (KEWI) there are several things that a reporter must pay attention to in covering an event, including:

  • Fairness Doctrine: Getting the story right is more important than being the first reporter to broadcast or write it.
  • Cover Both Side: Fair treatment of all parties who are the object of the news, by covering all or both parties involved in an event.
  • Check and double check: Examining the truth of a fact or data several times before writing or reporting it.

6. Marketing Communications

To succeed in his work, a Marcomm is very familiar with the term ‘4P’ in marketing namely product, price, place and promotion. The product here means an idea packaged in a product or service to be marketed. Price and place are the prices offered when selling a product or service, where the product or service will be offered, based on predetermined target consumers. Marcomm also may not leave promotions to attract market attention to the products or services offered.

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A Marcomm, is required to have good marketing and communication skills. Have observant skills , that is, like to analyze to understand the uniqueness and uniqueness of the company’s products or services. Apart from that, Marcomm must also be outgoing, energetic, and open minded as well as being a plus in the work he carries out. ship, or other form. Aims to promote a product or service.

7. Account Executives

An Account Executive must also understand the process and how the sales team works or the sales themselves. Most Account Executive professions also require qualified communication skills, both verbal and non-verbal in order to attract and maintain good relationships with clients. In addition, Negotiation skills are also needed, because Account Executives  will be required to frequently negotiate in order to reach an agreement between clients and prospective clients.

Project management capabilities because an Account Executive will manage more than one client, as well as the ability to assess the needs of each client to assist in appropriate and effective strategic planning. Finally, presentation skills are needed for this profession, because Account Executives must share concept ideas and reports with clients and stakeholders.

8. Event Organizer

EO also arranges accommodation and transportation for event attendees. An EO must have a high level of creativity, starting from managing production, concept and decoration until the event is over, and dedicating free time during the event to provide the right service to clients.

Therefore, this profession is suitable for you who are creative, cheerful, enthusiastic, confident and think positively about the project while still considering the various risks that arise when taking the planning steps. The professional responsibilities include:

  • Meet with clients, and the Company. An event organizer will often meet with clients to discuss the scope of the event
  • Observation, because event organizer services need to know a clear picture of what is projected from an event and what venues can accommodate the size and requirements of the client
  • Hire vendors EO Companies will meet and hire vendors such as caterers, musicians, disc jockeys, photographers, rental companies and decorators, the sooner you book, the better
  • Preparing accommodation, If inviting guests or speakers from out of town for the event or if the event lasts more than one day, then the EO is responsible for preparing accommodation for them
  • Hire speakers. If there will be speakers at the event, the EO is responsible for scheduling their speeches at the event. Usually this applies to corporate clients
  • Coordination and supervision. The next duties and responsibilities of the event organizer are to contact each vendor prior to the event to confirm their duties and request that they arrive earlier to assist with any issues that may occur during the preparation and coordination process
  • Follow Up, When the event is over, you still have to maintain good relations with clients and ensure that they are satisfied with the services provided.

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