Inventor of Morse Code and a Brief History of Morse Code

Inventor of Morse Code – In the world of Scouting, you will definitely be taught various things, especially things related to nature. Therefore, when learning and practicing Scouts will be taught how to treat themselves or others who have been injured or are sick, how to survive in the open or cook, to how to communicate. The activity of communicating in Scouts is quite unique because we are taught how to communicate using tools. One tool that can be used to communicate (in Scouting) is a whistle.

For some people must know a whistle tool. The whistle itself is a tool that can emit a beeping sound when the tool is blown. With the whistle in the Scout equipment attribute, the way to communicate is using Morse code. Like a cipher, we have to memorize the codes in Morse code. This needs to be done so that the whistle can function optimally and the communication can run optimally.

When talking about Morse code, it is actually not only intended as a means of communication for Scout members, but has been widely used in various tools, such as the telegraph. At the beginning of its appearance, this Morse code was used to send messages between two places that were not close to each other. The telegraph was a communication tool that had a fairly wide and fast reach at that time.

Thus, it can be said that this Morse code is indeed a code that functions to communicate. It is inconceivable that at that time Morse code was not found, it is likely that we would find it difficult to communicate.

Who invented morse code? Maybe almost everyone doesn’t know who invented Morse code. In this article, we will explain the inventor of Morse code, so you can find out as soon as possible. So, read this article until it’s finished.

Definition of Morse Code

Basically, Morse code is also often referred to as Morse code, both Morse code and Morse code both have an important role in communication tools at that time. What’s more, Morse code is something important in the development of the field of communication between two very different places, so that at that time Morse code was often used as CW ( constant wave ) radio technology.

Meanwhile, morse code or morse code in the Big Indonesian Language Dictionary (KBBI) means a code in the form of dots and dashes instead of letters, numbers and punctuation used in sending and receiving telecommunications news. Therefore, Morse code can be regarded as a medium that can be used to communicate. In Morse code, it will usually be composed of a period symbol (.) and a line symbol (-). The two symbols will have a certain pattern in order to communicate. In the dot symbol, the sound produced is a short sound. Meanwhile, in the line symbol, the sound produced is a long sound.

At the beginning of its emergence, this Morse code is thought to have appeared around the 20th century or during the time when the telegraph was invented. Therefore, you can say that Morse code and the telegraph cannot be separated because, when Morse code was sent via telegraph, it was one of the communication media that had a fairly wide and fast reach at that time. Due to its wide and fast reach, almost every office in the world uses telegraph to communicate. However, after the invention of the telephone, the use of Morse code and the telegraph began to decrease and shifted to the telephone.

In addition, in 1997, Morse code was also discontinued as an official communications module for the International Navy. The replacement for Morse code as a Navy module is the GMDSS system. Unlike the telegraph, which uses radio waves, the GMDSS system uses satellites to carry out long-distance communications between ships and international land towers.

Even though Morse code is rarely used as a medium of communication, Morse code is still listed in the International Civil Aviation Organization’s radiotelephone guidelines or shortened to ICAO. In general, in Morse code, the most frequently used signal is the “SOS” signal (··· ––– ···). The “SOS” signal is a signal that is often used to signal a danger and this signal has been agreed upon in various international maritime agreements.

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Although Morse code is seen to be used more often as a medium of long-distance communication, Morse code is also often used in Scouting activities. Morse code for Scouts uses a whistle as its medium. In addition, the morse code in Scouting is one of the conditions for obtaining a Special Mark of Proficiency. So, can you use Morse code in Scout activities?

Thus, several signals originating from Morse code have been agreed upon by many countries, especially those directly related to the marine world. In addition, Morse code is arguably one of the media which is the forerunner of humans being able to communicate remotely.

A Brief History of Morse Code

The following discussion is a brief history of Morse code. Talking about the history of Morse code can be said to be quite important because we can find out the origins of Morse code being created in this world.

The history of the emergence of Morse code or Morse code is always related to the beginning of the telegraph being used as a medium for communication. The emergence of the telegraph was motivated by the sending of messages that took a long time to reach the destination. Then, around the 1800s to 1900s, a communication tool known as the telegraph began to appear. Telegraph is a communication tool that can send and receive messages over long distances.

Morse codes consist of letter codes and numeric codes. Each letter of the alphabet contained in a telegraph message can be sent by tapping on it within the dash symbol and dot symbol. The line symbol indicates that the signal is long and the dot symbol indicates that the signal is short.

Every message sent by telegraph operators uses Morse codes. At that time, Morse codes were better known as telegrams. From there, Morse codes were used more often to support telegraph machines so that messages sent arrived properly. With the use of the telegraph machine which was increasingly being used, it had even become a necessity at that time, Morse codes were increasingly recognized by many people.

Morse code also underwent development, so that the Morse code that was first used was different from the Morse code that we know today. The Morse code used today is the Morse code that was officially established at the Conference that took place in Berlin in 1851.

The Morse code used in this telegraph machine was invented by a man named Samuel Finley Breese Morse, or better known as Samuel Morse. He is also assisted by his partner named Alfred Vail and

Morse Code Inventor Biography

His interest in drawing emerged when Samuel Morse was studying at Yale College. At one time, Samuel Morse tried to make a statue made of clay and he made a statue of Hercules. After the teacher saw the statue made by his student, then advised Samuel Morse to take part in the competition. Sure enough, while participating in the competition, Samuel Morse managed to win for his work, so that in the end his self-confidence increased.

After believing that the world of drawing was “his world”, Samuel Morse and several other painters began to try to establish the National Academy and he became its first president. Then, he chose to become a painter from seven in the morning until midnight. In fact, he was also chosen as one of the painters in the circular room in the US Capitol.

After working in the world of drawing for a long time, Samuel Morse became interested in the world of electricity when he saw electromagnetic phenomena that occurred when he sailed from Europe to America around the 1830s. The electromagnetic idea that interested Samuel Morse originated with Cooke and Wheatstone.

His interest in the electromagnetic field made Samuel Morse want to increase his knowledge by studying the sciences that came from an American physicist named Joseph Henry. After studying electromagnetic Joseph Henry, then Samuel Morse began to develop an electric telegraph using a single circuit or single circuit in 1835. Then, Samuel Morse operated his telegraph for the first time at New York University.

When developing the electric telegraph in 1837, Samuel Morse did not work alone, but was assisted by two of his friends, namely Leonard Gale and Alfred Vail. The workings of the electric telegraph developed by Samuel Morse is by pressing the operator button. In this case, the purpose of pressing the telegraph operator’s button was to complete the electrical circuit. After the electric circuit appears, then the electrical signal will move through the cable until the message can be received properly.

In the same year (1837), Samuel Morse and his two friends began patenting his newest telegraph. When applying for a patent, he explained that the telegraph he made contained lines and dots. These lines and dots serve to represent numbers and letters, so they can produce words that can be read. These symbols and lines are now known as Morse code or Morse code.

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After the success of developing and perfecting his telegraph, Samuel Morse began sending messages for the first time using his telegraph. The first message was about “What is God doing!”. The success of Samuel Morse in making a telegraph, apparently made many companies at that time start using Samuel Morse’s telegraph and start building telegraph networks from Washington to Buffalo and Boston.

Samuel Morse died on April 2, 1872 in New York City at the age of 80. He died due to pneumonia, then was buried in the Greenwood cemetery, Brooklyn, United States. Samuel Morse who has passed away left important and historic discoveries for the world. Even the invention of the telegraph and Morse code or Morse code at that time was used by the military. The military uses the telegraph and Morse code for the purpose of conducting long-distance communications and exchanging messages.

How to Memorize Morse Code

To memorize Morse code is divided into 3 methods, namely:

1. Koch’s method

The Koch method is a method commonly used to memorize Morse code with a gradual system. When using this method, we will start with two letters that can be repeated many times. The intervals in this method use the letters E and T.

2. Substitution Method

The substitution method is a method of memorizing Morse code which is usually used in Scouting activities. The equivalent letter in this method is the letter “O”. the letter “O” as a line symbol (-) and the vowels A, I, U, E, O are used as dot symbols (.).

3. Grouping Method

The grouping method is a method of memorizing Morse code by grouping each letter of the alphabet.

Benefits of Morse Code

The Morse code that was created and developed by Samuel Morse has several benefits, including:

1. Can Be Used On Telegraphs

The first benefit of Morse code is that it can be used in telegraphs. With Morse code, the telegraph can function properly, so that every message sent via telegraph can be received properly by the recipient. Therefore, Morse code cannot be separated from the telegraph. Not only that, Morse code also played a role in the development of the telegraph at that time, so that the military also used the telegraph to send and receive messages.

2. As a Communication Media

It’s no stranger that Morse code is very useful for communicating over long distances. Until now, Morse code is still used as a medium of communication, especially in emergencies and dangers. Morse code “SOS” will usually be used to send aid. In addition, the Morse code “SOS” is more often used in the marine world, both national maritime and international maritime.

3. Can be used in Scout Activities

The next benefit of Morse code is that it can be used in Scout activities. Every Scout activity will definitely be explained how to use Morse code. In Scouting activities, Morse code is usually used using a whistle. Whistle is a tool that when blown will produce a sound, priit . In Scouting activities, Morse code is used to call members to gather somewhere.

4. Can Give Secret Messages

The last benefit that can be felt by using Morse code is being able to send secret messages. In this case, the secret message in question is a message that can only be read by certain individuals or people. Therefore, the benefits of Morse code for secret messages are usually only used in the field of intelligence. In addition, the Morse codes used are only known by individuals and groups who have mutually agreed.


After discussing the biography of the inventor of Morse code to the benefits of Morse code, it can be said that Morse code has a very important role and is always related to the development of the telegraph. Currently, Morse code is rarely used by many people because of the invention of the telephone, so that cellphones are more effective and efficient when used. However, in the marine world, one of the Morse codes that are still used is the Morse code “SOS” which functions to give distress signals and ask for help.

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