HR Development: Definition, Objectives, Methods And Functions

Definition of HR Development – You can be sure that all companies want to have superior employees. When a company accepts employees, it is hoped that the employees who apply will be of high quality.

With superior employees, they hope that everything their employees do is perfect. Can do tasks in a short time, complete a lot and efficiently.

But of course expectations will not always be perfect, what is planned sometimes misses. Or there are times when employee performance decreases.

Not all employees can meet the desired criteria, not always what they do is as expected. Sometimes problems come and hinder performance. Therefore it is necessary to hold the development of Human Resources or HR on a regular basis.

Maybe we’ve never heard of HR, but have you ever heard of HR development?

A. Definition of HR Development

Surely we often hear Human Resources or HR. What exactly is HR? Human resources are productive individuals who work as a driving force for an organization, both in an institution and a company that has the function of being an asset so that their abilities must be trained and developed. Macro human resources are the number of people of productive age in a country.

HR includes the power of thought and physical power possessed by each individual or human being. Therefore HR is an important element in company activities. Included with HR are:

  • labor . Labor are individuals who produce goods and services in a company or organization. The workforce is in the range of ages 15 to 64 years. Product age ranges from 20 to 40 years.
  • Experts . Experts are individuals who have a special expertise. Experts are needed by the company.
  • leader . Leaders function to lead the course of the company. Good or bad the way the company is in the hands of the leader.
  • Businessman . Entrepreneurs are individuals who are able to develop their business. Entrepreneurs can also create jobs.
  • Manufacturer . Producers are individuals who can produce goods.
  • Consumers . Consumers are individual users of the goods produced


B. Definition of HR According to Experts

  1. Malayu Hasibuan (2005)
    Human resource development is an effort to improve the theoretical, conceptual and moral technical skills of employees in accordance with the needs of the job or position through education and training.
  2. Mathis (2002)
    Development is efforts to improve the ability of employees in the work environment to deal with various assignments.
  3. Ranupandojo and Hasan (2004)
    Employee development is an effort to improve skills and general knowledge for employees, so that the implementation of achieving goals is more efficient.
  4. Andrew F. Sikula
    said that development which refers to staff and personnel issues is a long-term educational process using a systematic and organized procedure where managers learn conceptual and theoretical knowledge for general purposes. While training is a short-term educational process that uses systematic and organized procedures so that employees in the operational field learn technical knowledge of workmanship for a specific purpose.
  5. Armstrong (1997:508)
    HR development is related to providing learning opportunities, creating training programs and evaluating programs that have been carried out to develop the abilities of employees or employees in an organization
  6. Stewart and McGoldrick
    stated that Human Resources are various activities or activities directed at learning for individuals or groups.
  7. Jan Bella
    stated that education and training are the same as development, which is a process of increasing work skills, both technical and managerial. Besides that, it is also said that education is oriented to theory, is carried out in class, lasts a long time, and usually answers the question ” why” alias why. Through this process a process will be answered. While practice-oriented training is carried out in the field, it is short and usually answers ” how” or how. Through this training it is expected to find efficient formulas in doing work.
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So if human resources are employees who work in a company, it is hoped that they can increase the company’s income with their performance so that they can make them a resource.

HR development is an effort to improve HR capabilities in order to increase company productivity. With the ability of human resources in the company, it will greatly affect the increase in work productivity in the organizational environment, as is discussed in the book Human Resources + Work Productivity

Where there is a process that is passed covering various problems that occur within the company including workers, managers, employees, employees, and other workers or employees. After HR development is carried out, the company goals that have been set can be implemented

C. HR Development Goals 

HR development has a definite purpose. In general, the goal is actually to improve the quality of workers or individuals through education and training programs, but in detail, the objectives of HR development are:

1. Can increase productivity at work

The hope is that every day the productivity of all employees is high. To get it, there must be an injection of performance from the company through human resource development. Learn how to be more productive through the book 6 Secrets of Being a Productive Person Without Feeling Lazy.


2. Reducing Product Damage

Therefore, this needs to be kept to a minimum. HR development ensures that product errors can be minimized. The employees who will be accepted will be given training in advance to explore the extent of their ability to carry out tasks and achieve the targets requested.

Before going into the field, the level of mastery of employees has been tested and the results of their work are good. Just like if you are in an online market, it is very important to have the ability to take good product photos. Learn how through the book Photographing Product Photos for Online Stores with Smartphones.


4. Make sure everything runs efficiently

In order to ensure that training goes according to plan and efficiently, Sinaumed’s must first know how to manage human resources properly and correctly. Everything is discussed in full in the book Human Resource Management for Companies.


5. Improving Leadership Attitudes

Well, HR development aims to improve leadership attitudes. There are a series of activities that will make employees able to have a leadership spirit. The soul of leadership or leadership makes employees know how big the portion is in their work.

Employees must also be able to make the right decisions. Employees must be independent and not depend on others. It is this soul that is trying to grow through human resource development.

6. Creating Employee or Human Morale

If employee morale is good, then a comfortable and conducive working atmosphere can be created. Every employee respects and supports one another, the work atmosphere feels good.

The pleasant atmosphere will impact on the work ethic. Always feeling happy every time you complete a task will have an impact on good work results.

7. Raise Remuneration

D. HR Development Methods

HR development needs to be done through the right methods, so that companies can have reliable employees to help the company. HR development methods include:

1. Training or Training

Training can be carried out internally or externally. Internal training includes training conducted within the company environment. Through this method, trainers can be taken from within the company itself or it can be taken from companies that usually cooperate with other companies to conduct training.

The selected company is a company that does provide the required training services. While external training is carried out by way of employees to training institutions or agencies to conduct training there. Training is something that must be passed by a new employee. Before being assigned, they are required to attend training first.

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2. Apprenticeship

3. Education

For example, a company wants to raise the position of an employee with a D3 degree due to their achievements or potential. Then the company will adopt a policy to provide opportunities to take advanced courses. This policy is certainly far more effective than having to recruit new employees whose performance has not been tested.

4. Job Rotation

The rotation method provides an opportunity for employees to experience a variety of jobs as well as to find out which division the employee is suitable for placement.

When in one division the employee is not suitable, but in another division the results are optimal, then a transfer can be considered. Apart from knowing the right place for the employee, rotation also functions to fill in the vacancies of other employees who are on leave, have sudden leave or resign.

The company will not panic when these things happen. With the rotation method, employees will find a passion for work that might be more suitable for them. And the impact will be good of course on performance.

5. Comparative Study

For example, if a company wants to improve its marketing system, the company will conduct comparative studies with other companies that have different marketing systems. After getting an overview of the method in other companies, then we will try to apply it in the company. Is it better, the same or even lower the results of work.

6. Competency Test

Sometimes because they feel they have been working for a long time, employees are lazy to study. Even though it could be that the company has a new method or policy in terms of production. However, old employees, aka seniors, are usually lazy to learn and prefer to use the methods they have mastered. With the competency test, there is an effort from employees to return to learning.


The purpose of this method is not only to improve the quality of work, but also as a means to transfer the ability of employees or people who have much experience in a job.

8. Outbound

During Outbound there are several games that require quick thinking, leadership and teamwork. Doing the same thing over and over and over for years can lead to boredom for company employees.

One indication of boredom is reduced employee productivity. Before this happens, companies need to hold joint activities outside the company to revive work enthusiasm and get to know each other.

Find various ways and methods of developing human resource methods needed in other companies through the book Human Resource Management, Creating HR Competency-Based Competitive Advantage.


D. HR Development Function

HR development functions according to Sudrajat Cahyono (2015) are as follows:

1. Labor Procurement Function

The function of manpower procurement, among others, first includes activities to determine the need for manpower both in terms of quality and quantity. Companies need to record what abilities are needed from the employees they accept, as well as how many are needed.

Second, human resource development functions to obtain labor sources effectively and efficiently. Workers who are in accordance with these qualifications will benefit the company.

The three functions of labor procurement aim to select applicants, then place the workforce according to the right position,

Fourth, hold the education and training needed to carry out tasks for new workers.

2. Labor maintenance function

The function of manpower maintenance includes the implementation of economic and non-economic programs that are expected to be able to provide work peace for workers, so that workers can work in peace and concentrate. This condition is expected to produce work performance that is in line with expectations.

3. Termination function

Human resource development also functions to terminate or end work relationships, known as Termination of Employment (PHK) for employees who apparently cannot follow what the company wants.

HR development is clearly needed by companies or organizations. Hopefully from the reading above you can understand what HR development looks like. So that you can get to know more about HR, sinaumedia will always be #Friends Without Borders for you to improve employee performance through the best books below.

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