Getting to Know Cultural Lag: Definition, Examples, and Impact

Cultural Lag – Many of us as part of modern society definitely want to know the latest world information just to find out information, add insight, or just looking for entertainment. However, in the midst of today’s development, there are some people who actually choose to close themselves off from their surroundings or even the outside world because they choose not to be the center of attention by following the trends that are happening in society.

The simple impact that is certain to occur from this attitude is that they become less informed about the latest life that is happening in the world or only in the environment around them or become culturally behind. A simple example, when someone chooses not to use a smartphone, their information knowledge about news or world news is less than someone who uses a smartphone.

Another example, if you have ever watched the film Captain Fantastic (2016) this film can be categorized as a result of being left behind in culture because in the film it tells about a family who lives in the forest and does not want to have anything to do with the outside world (urban) even though they still have broad insights. by learning science through books or music taught by their father in the forest but still the result is that they are unable to adapt to the culture of today’s world except what happens in the forest where they live.

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It can be said that this social phenomenon can occur because they refuse to have a new culture emerge even in the midst of the globalization era, either for reasons of maintaining traditional culture or indeed they simply close themselves off from social life. This phenomenon is now known as Cultural Lag or cultural lag.

But with this new term, do we know it well? Or are we even experiencing it ourselves because the world’s development is too fast making us not want to know too much about this world’s development that is getting faster?

So because of that, let’s try to discuss what is Cultural Lag this time ? Definitions, examples, and their impact in our lives. Next, let’s look at the discussion below.

Definition of Cultural Lag

Cultural lag in Indonesian is called cultural lag. In the book Citizenship Education: Building Democratic Citizenship, cultural mismatch is another element of a changing culture.

This cultural lag occurs due to the inactivity of one of the cultural factors. Cultural lag is also known as an imbalance of one cultural factor to accommodate another cultural factor that has changed. Meanwhile, William F. Ogburn explained the theory of cultural shift from a sociological perspective. The theory explained that cultivation and growth would always be different. In theory as a whole, cultural backwardness explains the different levels of cultural progress. Where culture grows fast, while other cultures run slowly.

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Differences in the level of progress are part of cultural mobility. The concept of backwardness has several distinct meanings, such as the period in which a new invention appears and the acceptance of that invention.

This cultural backwardness is part of a social phenomenon that often occurs in society. Cultural change describes what happens in a social system when it experiences change and its effects are unequal. Often, cultural lag is the result of friction between new discoveries and the existing customs of the surrounding community.

According to the sociology dictionary, cultural lag is the period between the entry of new technological developments (material culture) into a culture or a society. Cultural lag can be defined as the time it takes for a culture to catch up with technological innovations. Cultural lag can also be called cultural mismatch.