Get to know other diseases that we need to watch out for and how to treat them

Diseases of Ain – Hearing about other diseases, it seems that they are already familiar to the ears of Muslims, because some time ago there was also a lot of public discussion. Unlike other types of diseases, other diseases are not a type of medical disease that can be cured using certain medications or treatments, because other diseases are diseases of the liver.

Ain disease is one of the various negative supernatural forces that actually existed since the time of the Prophets and Apostles. The disease turned out to be very dangerous, even Rasulullah SAW asked for help from Allah SWT to avoid this disease.

This disease usually occurs in children. In Muslim narrations, Rasulullah SAW advised all his people to ask Allah SWT for protection from disturbances or diseases that befell the child on the day of his birth. The effects of exposure to other diseases are very diverse. This disease can make people who look at it immediately become wretched, sick, even to the point of causing death.

From Aisyah RA, she said which means:

“In the past Rasulullah SAW asked me to do ruqyah to heal ‘ain.”

If you look at other diseases from an Islamic perspective, other diseases are difficult to detect medically, because it is said that these diseases arise because of the envy and envy of other people. So, what exactly is ain disease, then how can you prevent it? Check out the full explanation below.

What is Ain’s Disease?

We cannot deny that in living life there are indeed things and events that we cannot explain with our minds. An example is a disease that cannot be detected medically.

In Islam, Muslims recognize the existence of this disease which is mentioned in a number of hadiths. Another disease is a disease that arises due to evil views that imply feelings of envy and envy or it could even be due to excessive admiration. As a result of that, the view causes illness and even death to the person being looked at.

This refers to and is also narrated in a valid Muslim hadith, that Rasulullah SAW said which means:

“Ain really exists. If there is something that can precede destiny, it’s really different that can. (HR. Muslim)

Ain disease is a term used to describe a misfortune that is spread by one person to another due to feelings of jealousy and envy. In this disease, the eyes that cause admiration when they see something will be followed by a negative mental response.

Simply put, satan takes advantage of jealousy and envy or even an exaggerated admiration through someone’s eyes. He then sends an arrow of jealousy to the person he admires excessively or he hates, causing a disease and even death.

In the book of Tawhid, other diseases are explained as a disease or disorder caused by the presence of eye sight. Sheikh Abdurrahman bin Hasan said, which means:

“A person who looks, causes symptoms to what he sees.” (Fathul Majid Syarah Book of Tawhid, page 69).

The scholars also mention a lot about this disease in several verses like the following, which means:

“Another disease is a look of awe or amazement accompanied by envy from someone who has a bad character that causes harm to the person he sees.” (Sheikh Ibn Hajar al-Asqalany, Fath al-Bari, juz 10. Pg.200)

Not only occurs in adults, this disease can also affect anyone, including children. This is usually marked by when parents take their children for treatment to various places, but they still don’t recover, because the disease is not medical in origin.

In the book Thibbun Nabawi: Review of Shari`At and Medical, it is stated that Imran’s wife had prayed when giving birth to Maryam, Allah SWT said which means:

“So when Imran’s wife gave birth to her child, she said: O my Lord, I have actually given birth to a daughter; and Allah knows best what he gave birth to; and boys are not like girls. Indeed, I have named her Maryam and I seek protection for her and her children from you (maintenance) from the accursed devil.”

In the book Thibbun Nabawi: Review of Shari`At and Medical answers all questions regarding Thibbun Nabawi which are often debated by Muslims, such as other diseases, treatment using honey and habatussauda, ​​cupping, diet, and ruqyah. This book also reveals the relationship between medical treatment and the teachings of the Nabawi which are often misunderstood by Muslims.

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From the word of Allah which is mentioned in the book Thibbun Nabawi: Review of Shari`At And Medical, it can be understood that after a child is born into the world, it is very important for parents to ask Allah SWT for protection from medical and non-medical disorders such as other disease.

Characteristics of Ain Disease

The scholars mention some of the characteristics experienced by someone who is stricken with other diseases. However, these characteristics can vary from one person to another. The general characteristics of other diseases, namely:

  1. Experiencing health problems but not medically detectable.
  2. His face looked lethargic, pale, and also often sweating.
  3. Turns away when he hears the sound of murotal or the sound of the call to prayer/
  4. Often see scary things.
  5. Really like to be alone and like to do strange things
  6. Often feel dissatisfied with all the achievements and blessings given by Allah SWT.
  7. Have no appetite
  8. Often experience cold sweat and urination
  9. Having too much emotion
  10. Have excessive and unnatural fears
  11. The chest feels very tight and accompanied by a feeling of anxiety
  12. Frequent yawning and panting too
  13. Frequent headaches that move around
  14. The heartbeat is very fast and irregular
  15. Experiencing pain that moves from the lower back to the shoulder
  16. Like to feel numb
  17. Burp frequently

Ain’s Disease Caused by Envy and Jealousy

In Thibbun Nabawi’s book it is also stated that the cause of this disease is the eyes of people who are jealous ( hasad ) and amazed (amazed) at children.

Ibn Qayyim al-Jauziyah Rahimahullah said that other diseases could occur without seeing them directly. He said that the souls of people who are the cause of this disease could cause other diseases without having to see it (directly).

In fact, sometimes, there are also blind people who then describe something to the blind person and his soul can cause other diseases, even though he doesn’t see it. So, it is inevitable that Allah SWT orders all of His people to take refuge from hasad. As in the letter al-Falaq verse 5, which means:

“And (take refuge) from the evil of the envious when he is envious.” (QS. Al-Falaq: 5)

However, hasad is a disgraceful act, and is also classified as madzmumah morality. People who feel jealous and also jealous will want someone else’s pleasure or hope that the pleasure will be removed from the person concerned.

Ain Disease Can Occur In Inanimate Objects

Scholars also say that inanimate objects can also be affected by other diseases. An inanimate object affected by this disease can cause damage or be destroyed suddenly. In a hadith, the Prophet SAW prayed which means:

“O Allah, I ask forgiveness and safety from my religion, my world, my family and my wealth.” (Narrated by Abu Dawud)

The scholars made the following verse as an argument that wealth can be affected by other diseases and it is permissible to ruqyah when affected by other diseases. Ibn Kathir said what means:

“Some of the salaf say: people who are amazed at their condition or their wealth or their children, should say maasyaallaah, laa quwwata illaa billaah. This is taken from this noble verse” (Tafsir Ibn Kathir).

How to Prevent Ain Disease

In Islam, several ways have been described that can be done to prevent other diseases. That is one of them by praying for the good of fellow human beings and also asking for safety and protection from Allah SWT.

Rasulullah SAW said, “If one of you sees in his brother something amazing, then pray for blessings for him, because it is true.” (QS. An Nasa-i No. 10872 authenticated by Al Albani in Sahih An-Nasa-i).

In addition, people with this disease can do ruqyah. Other diseases can also be cured by getting closer to Allah SWT. By regularly reading the Koran, dhikr and pray. Some letters in the Al-Quran can also be memorized and read regularly to avoid other diseases. Such as An-Naas, Al-Falaq, Al-Ikhlas, Al-Baqarah, and Chair Verses.

What Are the Impacts of Ain Disease on Babies?

Given the most beautiful, cute, and adorable gifts nowadays, not a few parents are tempted to share their little one’s moments on their social media.

Actually, there is no prohibition for anyone not to share photos or videos of your baby on social media. However, keep in mind that sharing photos and videos of children on social media can be one of the biggest opportunities for the baby to get other diseases.

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Quoting Islampost, this could have happened because of an evil view of the image or amazement at the image. Eyesight contains a essence. Eye sight can be bad for a person’s health, especially in children.

That’s why Rasulullah SAW asked for protection from Allah for Hasan and also Husein when they were still children to avoid the disturbance of Satan and the influence of evil eyes and also incitement.

Reporting from Nahdatul Ulama, in addition to having an evil look full of malice, a look of amazement and overflowing joy without being accompanied by dhikrullah can also have a negative influence on the object.

It has been said that as many as 70,000 people died instantly, after one of the ancient prophets passed through their country looking in amazement at the people and their lives prospered.

In infants, the symptoms of this disease are usually in the form of a baby crying continuously without stopping, then the baby doesn’t want to breastfeed for no apparent reason for a long time and can make the baby experience malnutrition.

And what is no less important to know is that this disease can appear even though the perpetrator’s eyes have no intention of harming the baby. They were just amazed and also amazed.

Ibnul Qayyim Rahimahullah explained that, “The soul of the person who is the cause of ‘ain can cause ‘ain’s disease without having to see.”

“Sometimes there are even blind people, and then you tell them about something, their soul can cause ‘ain’ disease, even though they don’t see it. There are many causes of ‘ain that can be the cause of ‘ain, just by telling a story without seeing it directly,” (Zadul Ma’ad 4/149).

How to Treat Ain Disease

In Thibbun Nabawi: Shari`At and Medical Review, the way to treat other diseases is by reading authentic prayers and also verses from the A-Quran. As narrated by Muslim hadith, Rasulullah SAW once prayed for Hasan and Husein, which means:

“In the name of Allah, I perform ruqyah for you from everything that hurts you, from the evil of every soul or every envious eye, may Allah heal you, in the name of Allah I perform ruqyah for you.” (HR. Muslim)

Allah also always advises His people to always put their trust in them when they are facing trials in the form of illness. In the Al-Quran it is mentioned in the letter At-Tagabun verse 11, Allah SWT says, which means:

“There is no calamity that befalls (a person). Except with Allah’s permission; and whoever believes in Allah, Allah will guide his heart. And Allah is All-Knower of all things.”

It is also important to maintain friendly relations with each other in order to prevent labor incidents that come from jealousy, envy and hatred. Rasulullah SAW said, which means:

“Don’t hate each other, cut each other off, stay away from each other, hate each other. Be you servants of Allah, brothers and sisters.” (Narrated by Bukhari Muslim)

In the ruqyah encyclopedia, it is stated that there are three ways to cure other diseases, including the following way.

1. Take a shower

If there is someone who inflicts ain and it is proven because of that person’s view, then a peruqyah orders that person to take a bath then the water from the bath is poured over the back of the body affected by this disease. The water used must come from a vessel.

2. Ablution

Another treatment taught by the Prophet is ablution. The person who falls on the ain will be asked to perform ablution, then the water used for ablution is poured on the back of the body of the person affected by this disease.

3. Ruqyah

The ruqyah method is almost the same as ruqyah against the influence of the jinn, only there are ways and prayers that are specifically about this disease.

That’s information about other diseases, I hope we are all kept away from jealousy and envy, okay? May we always be surrounded by good people who always keep their eyes on bad things. Sinaumed’s can also read books about other diseases that you can get at so that you have #MoreWithReading information.