Founder of Indomaret, Pioneer of Franchise Business in Indonesia

Founder of Indomaret – The story of the founder of Indomaret has become one of the most well-known inspirational stories among the people of Indonesia. Certainly, many of us often shop at minimarkets. This is because minimarkets have a wide variety of household products that we need. One of the most popular minimarkets in Indonesia is Indomaret. One of these minimarket brands stands under the auspices of a founder who is quite popular in Indonesia, namely the Salim Group.

The Salim Group is a company founded by Soedono Salim or Liem Sioe Lion who came from China and migrated to Indonesia since the Dutch colonial period. He then succeeded in developing various kinds of large companies. Until now, the company he founded is still run by his son, Anthony Salim.

History About Indomaret

Indomaret is a minimarket outlet or retail store established using a franchise system by a subsidiary of the Salim Group. Since 1988 until now, Indomaret has succeeded in developing a target market for selling household products and various services in more than 18,939 outlets throughout Indonesia.

Products or goods sold at Indomaret include snacks or ready-made, ready-to-drink packaged drinks, cosmetics, skincare, household equipment, vegetables, fruits, medicines, electronic payments, and so on. This makes it very easy for consumers to buy the products they need and make payments at one time.

Indomaret Vision

Like companies in general, Indomaret also has a vision that has also been developed from the past until now. Its vision is “To become a national asset in the form of a franchise retail network that excels in global competition”.

The meaning or meaning of the vision above is that Indomaret is developed as a national scale asset. Where the way of development is by opening retailers that offer a franchise system. The best service will always be provided by its employees to consumers who buy various needs at Indomaret. This makes Indomaret one of the minimarkets that can compete globally.

Get to know the Founder of Indomaret

Many people already know about the figure of the founder of Indomaret, namely someone who comes from a conglomerate family and also comes from China, then in the end he succeeded in establishing a business in Indonesia. His name was Soedono Salim or Liem Sioe Liong as mentioned above. Born in China on July 19, 1916, Soedono Salim later died in 2012 in Singapore.

Behind the success of the business he built, Soedono Salim was indeed someone who had an agile personality, was nimble, quick in every job from a young age. At the beginning of his career, Soedono Salim was able to establish a spice business as well as a textile business. In addition, gradually, he was able to develop several types of businesses or businesses and is still standing today. One of the businesses that is very well known by the general public is Indomaret.

The beginning of the establishment of Indomaret was in 1988 in the Ancol area. At that time the building was still a shop in general. Starting from there, Indomaret began to develop from a single store in Jakarta, expanding to various regions in Indonesia. After Soedono Salim began to enter his old age, until he finally passed away in 2021, Indomaret was then directly handled by his son, namely Anthony Salim.

Indomaret successor

One of the sons of the founder of Indomaret named Anthony Salim or Liem Hong Sien, became the owner of the Salim Group company as a substitute for his father. Anthony was born in the Holy City on October 25, 1949. Various kinds of businesses or companies that had been built by his father are now being continued by Anthony and his wife named Franciscus Welirang. However, the current CEO of Indomaret is no longer Anthony, but has been replaced by Sinarman Jonathan.

Various kinds of innovations have been developed in Indomaret’s retail business. Where these innovations have generated considerable profits. Until 2019, Anthony Salim was highlighted by Forbes Magazine. In the article, it was written that Anthony Salim has a net worth of 5.5 billion USD. This is of course because the business he holds does not only reach the local market share, but has reached the international market.

Then, Indomaret, which is known by most people, is under the auspices of a subsidiary company, PT Indomarco Prismatama. However, after being acquired by PT Dyviacom Intrabumi, PT Indomarco Prismatama was replaced with the name PT Indoritel Makmur Internasional, Tbk. Where the company has the status of the parent company Dyviacom.

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Franchise Business Concept

Indomaret became one of the pioneers in the development of the franchise concept in the field of retail stores or minimarkets that sell various kinds of household products in Indonesia. Starting in 1997, Indomaret has opened around 230 minimarket outlets. Then Indomaret can gradually establish thousands or even tens of thousands of new outlets in various regions in Indonesia. Because the franchise business concept is very popular in the retail world, Indomaret won an award as the Excellent Franchise Company in 2003. In addition, Indomaret also has partners with various types of business partners, including business entities, individual businesses, and cooperatives.

Indomaret Revenue

Recorded in the accumulated revenue earned in 2020, Indomaret managed to achieve revenue of up to Rp. 15.86 trillion from various Indomaret outlets throughout Indonesia. Meanwhile, the net profit earned was Rp. 328.8 billion. This is also accumulated in the 2020 profit which comes from all Indomaret outlets in Indonesia.

The distribution of Indomaret retail stores up to July 2031 was noted to have spread across the Maluku, Sumatra, Kalimantan, Java, Sulawesi, NTB, Bali and many more. So it is only natural that Indomaret can achieve huge revenues and profits. This is because almost 18,939 stores in all regions of Indonesia experienced an increase in the conversion of sales of goods or products.

Not only that, promotional or advertising techniques are also carried out to attract many consumers. So that every day, Indomaret stores will never experience a lack of customers. One of the promotions developed by Indomaret itself is the Indomaret shopping system through its official money website called Klik Indomaret.

So that besides customers being able to shop at the physical store, you can also shop via gadgets only online. This will make it easier for customers who don’t want to leave the house to only buy supplies for their daily needs. Especially during the virus season like now. Where the activities carried out outside the home are very limited.

Characteristics and Characteristics of Indomaret

Each type of business or field of business certainly has its own characteristics and characteristics. Like Indomaret, where the business has a motto, “Easy and Economical”. The logo used consists of several color elements such as blue, yellow and red. Each of these colors has its own philosophy that can describe the field of business.

Where the blue color in the logo is a symbol that can provide warmth, serenity, and also maturity when Indomaret serves its customers. Meanwhile, the red color is a symbol of Indomaret’s courage to become a pioneer retailer with superior quality. Finally, yellow is a symbol of joy and sincerity in serving consumers.

Apart from the logo and color, there is also a mascot which is the hallmark of Indomaret. Where the mascot is named Si Domar and is described as an ant animal. Why choose an ant as Indomaret’s mascot? This is because ants are royal, hardworking, diligent and friendly in their environment. Not only that, ants also have excellent teamwork. Likewise with the hope that Indomaret has for the figure of Si Domar.

Awards Won by Indomaret

Because it has provided considerable services to the development of the retail business in all regions of Indonesia, Indomaret has repeatedly received awards from various parties, including:

a. In 2003, President Megawati awarded Indomaret the 2003 Franchise Company. This was the first award received by Indomaret.
b. Then in 2009, Indomaret made it into the Top Franchise in ASEAN
c. In 2012, Indomaret again won its third award, namely entering the ranks of the 250 Top Indonesia Original Brands
d. In 2013, Indomaret was again included in the awards in the form of the Franchise Brand Awareness Survey, the Franchise TOP of minds, and the Social Media Award.
e. Until 2016, Indomaret received an award from President Jokowi, the 2016 Franchise Cup.

How to Join the Indomaret Franchise Business

Currently, Indomaret is one of the franchise businesses that is most in demand by entrepreneurs. Along with the changing lifestyles of the Indonesian people, the Indomaret franchise business has become a business with great potential. Besides being more profitable, the franchise business is also very minimal risk, because the system has been built. The following are several ways you can try to join Indomaret as a very profitable franchise business.

1. Prepare Documents and Files

The document referred to here is one of the main requirements when you are going to open an Indomaret franchise business. One of the conditions that you must meet to be able to join Indomaret is that you must be an Indonesian citizen. So the mandatory documents that must be collected are KTP, KK, and other identities. These documents will later be used as proof that you are a genuine Indonesian citizen under the law.

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2. Preparing a Strategic Location

After all the documents are complete, the next step is that you have to prepare a strategic Indomaret development location. This location will later be used to build your Indomaret store. There are several things that need to be considered when choosing a location, namely the Indomaret location must be easy for consumers to reach with their vehicles, close to main roads or crowded centers, and can also be close to public facilities such as schools or hospitals.

A strategic location will certainly make it easier for your business to reach more consumers. In this case, location is a very important factor so that your Indomaret is visited by consumers. Meanwhile, for the area of ​​the construction site, you have to prepare a land area of ​​120 to 200 square meters.

3. Take care of Business Completion Letters

Apart from other documents and identification, there are other things that you need to prepare, namely one of the permits for business completeness. The documents required are a Building Permit or IMB, a Permit for a Company or SIUP, and a Taxpayer Identification Number or NPWP. You can manage all these files through the relevant agencies. You only need to come directly to the One Stop Integrated Service Office to take care of the documents required above. Meanwhile, for NPWP, you can come directly to the tax office.

4. Preparing Investment Capital

One of the most important things that you have to prepare to open an Indomaret franchise is capital. Capital here is an investment that you need to provide when Indomaret has agreed with our request to be able to join. The amount of capital that must be provided usually depends on the type of franchise business you choose.

Do you choose to open your own Indomaret store or take over an existing Indomaret business? To be able to open an Indomaret business that we build ourselves from scratch, the capital you need ranges from 300 to 400 million.

Meanwhile, if you choose to take over an existing Indomaret, the required investment capital ranges from 150 to 200 million. The investment capital includes royalties during the contract period, which is about 5 years.

5. Register Through the Call Center

After the conditions are complete and fulfilled, then you must register so you can join and open your own Indomaret store. You can register through the call center to number 1500-580 or you can directly visit the Indomaret official website to download the registration form.

6. Presentation Stage

The next step after you have gone through the registration process and have been registered, the verifier team will immediately make a presentation. Where the presentation will be carried out in two stages. The first stage will be carried out by explaining the shop’s profit per month, the amount of investment, the cooperation mechanism, and the operational system.

In the presentation, you need to bring copies of documents in the form of identity documents, copies of building certificates, SIUP, IMB, and NPWP. Meanwhile for the second stage of presentation, the verifier team will provide the results of the feasibility survey, the amount of investment, and budget planning. At the presentation there will also be a contract signing between Indomaret and the franchisor.

7. Store opening

After all the steps and requirements have been met, the next step is the inauguration or opening of the Indomaret store. All opening processes and promotions will be provided by Indomaret. During the process of opening Indomaret, a 5-year contract will be signed at the same time.

When the contract expires, Indomaret will re-evaluate whether the franchisor wants to continue the collaboration or not. Therefore, you must really understand the factors of loss or failure in entrepreneurship so that later you will not experience that failure again.

That was the discussion about who is the founder of Indomaret that you should know. From the story above, we can conclude that the success that Soedono Salim achieved was due to his persistence. Whatever type of work we are doing, we must remain grateful and always ready to develop our potential. Because, business opportunities will always be wide open for all of us.