Fact Sentences: Definition, Characteristics, Types, Examples, and How to Determine Them

Understanding Fact Sentences – Does Sinaumed’s still have difficulty identifying fact sentences? Both in form or example sentences? Exactly, there are still many people who often interpret or determine which sentences are facts and which are not. Ordinary people will find it difficult to distinguish it from opinion sentences because these two types of sentences are often juxtaposed in one particular discourse context. 

Even though fact sentences and opinion sentences have very different application concepts, especially in terms of the intent and purpose of these sentences appearing in someone’s communication. Both verbal and written communication. Sinaumed’s certainly needs to understand and master what fact sentences are because we will often encounter and use these sentences in everyday communication. 

So, if Sinaumed’s is still wrong in defining facts, then there may be a possibility of misunderstandings in communication, for example, we are consumed by hoax news or fake news that sends sentences of facts and opinions in news texts. The following is an explanation of fact sentences, starting from the meaning, characteristics, types, examples, to how to determine fact sentences: 

Definition of Fact Sentences

Talking about fact sentences, it will not be separated from discussing the meaning of sentences and facts themselves. The definition of a sentence in Indonesian is a unit of language consisting of several words that have a certain main idea with the composition of the SPOK or subject, predicate, object, and description. In forming a sentence, you don’t have to have a complete SPOK arrangement, but the most important thing is to have a certain main idea whose SPOK arrangement can be random or reduced and added.   

The definition of fact in a sentence then becomes a trait that shows the form of the sentence or statement in a real situation or event, problem, and discourse context that actually happened. The truth in the fact then creates the characteristics or characteristics of the sentence so that it can display the truth itself linguistically. So facts demand truth to be shown because it has been tested and proven. 

Sentences of fact can then be interpreted as an arrangement of language that is real or actually occurs without the interference of the author’s opinion, opinion, or perspective about the event or phenomenon that is being discussed in the context of the sentence. So it can be concluded that fact sentences can be identified because there are no specific opinion or subjective sentences in the context of the sentence. 

Sentences of Facts in the context of written communication will be found in many news texts from various media. Starting from print media such as newspapers, magazines, bulletins, brochures, and so on, and online or online media such as online news on websites or in the form of videos and graphic illustrations. In practice, news must indeed contain sentences that really happened because it aims to provide information to the public or a large audience. That’s why we can only trust the facts in the news so we don’t get false information. Instead of getting correct information, if we can’t identify facts properly in sentences, we will be misled by the information itself. 

Features of Fact Sentences

To understand the meaning of a fact sentence and determine the sentence, Sinaumed’s can look at the features or characteristics of the facts in the sentence. There are several things that Sinaumed’s can pay attention to in determining whether or not the sentence is factual, such as the following: 

1. There is Accurate Data

The first feature that fact sentences have is the presence of clear data about an event to support the context or intent in the sentence. The form of the data then has various types according to the needs of the sentence. For example, it could be statistics, date and time of incident, statements or confessions, and other things that have been verified. The following is an example sentence that displays accurate data: Based on the 2021 government census, Indonesia’s population will reach more than 2500 million people. 

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2. Be objective

A fact can be detected in a sentence if it is objective which states a neutral or impartial statement of one of the objects being discussed. Rather, it provides a general context that has been recognized as true by many parties. Objectivity in a sentence can be determined from the consideration of existing data in an incident context in order to speak according to the facts without giving an impartial judgement. The following is an example of an objective sentence: Based on Komnas Anak records, the number of violence against children in 2019 increased by 10 percent compared to 2018. 

3. Has Really Happened

The easiest thing to identify whether the sentence is a fact or not is to see the sentence showing a situation that really happened. The context of what really happened in the sentence can then be displayed logically or logically thinking that the incident really happened and many pairs of eyes saw and heard the incident. That is why in determining a sentence of fact there are many elements that need to be involved, one of which is the source of the fact that can appear. 


In practice, Sinaumed’s can find sentences of fact in various forms with specific purposes and contexts. The following are types of fact sentences that Sinaumed’s can find in the use of language in everyday life: 

1. Data Sentences

Data sentence is a form of sentence that contains data to indicate a certain fact in the context of the sentence showing events. The involvement of data in a sentence can be an indicator that the sentence contains facts. The data displayed in the sentence must also have a clear source and legitimacy in order to prove the truth of an incident. Examples of data sentences as follows: 

The Sangihe Islands region has indicated mineral resources of 3.16 million tons with a gold grade of 1.13 grams per ton (g/t) which can be extracted and is estimated to reach 114,700 troy ounces.”–News source from Tirto.id 2. Sentence Statement Or Acknowledgment

Sentences of statements or confessions of a person enter as sentences that are facts because they provide evidence or legitimacy of certain events that these things really happened. In practice a person’s response can become a fact if presented as the response itself. An article of a sentence displays someone’s clear statement with the symptoms or context of the language they have for a truth. 

For example statements from doctors, experts, practitioners, and so on which can prove that the phenomenon really happened or is a fact. The following is an example of an acknowledgment sentence or statement that becomes a fact: 

Based on a study by experts at the Mine Advocacy Network (JATAM) states that gold mining is one of the most voracious in consuming water to extract minerals.”— Tirtto.id news source 3. News Sentence

News sentences become sentences that display facts because they are carried over from the nature of the news itself which must provide factual information. The news sentence in question is containing information that proves a phenomenon that actually occurs from news elements, namely sentences containing 5W 1 H ( what, where, when, who, why, How ). The following are examples of news sentences that show facts:  

Several community groups visited the State Secretariat on Wednesday (29/9/2021) to deliver a letter requesting President Joko Widodo to take action on the removal of 56 KPK employees who did not pass the TWK.”- Tirtto.id news source

Fact Sentence Examples

Here are some examples of fact sentences from various sources that have been proven true: 

  1. The government has officially resumed the project for the State Capital (IKN) or stone capital in East Kalimantan-Kumparan.com news source
  2. The Institute for Research and Community Service (LPPM) from the Faculty of Social and Political Sciences (Fisip) Halu Oleo University has released voting rights data for the 2019 elections. The data shows that as many as 60-70 percent of persons with disabilities in Kendari City do not cast their voting rights—a source News Kumparan.com
  3. The Polish government has sent over 100,000 doses of the AstraZeneca vaccine to Egypt – news source  Kumparan.com
  4. Two motorcycle gang members were arrested by the Bojongpicung Sector Police, Cianjur Regency , West Java, Wednesday (29/9) evening for committing robbery—news source Kumparan.com
  5. The Head of the South Sumatra High Prosecutor’s Office named three suspects in the alleged corruption case in the distribution of grants from the South Sumatra Province Regional Revenue and Expenditure Budget (APBD) funds on September 22, 2021—news source Tirto.id
  6. Muhammad Furqon, a resident of Kampung Bayam, routinely chops vegetable waste to feed his chickens and ducks—news source Tirto.id
  7. The Ahmadiyya congregation has lived in Sintang District since 2004 and there are already 76 people from 20 heads of families-news source Tirto.id
  8. The riot that occurred in an Ecuadorian  prison on Tuesday, September 28 2021, left at least 100 people dead—news source Tempo.co
  9. The Indonesian badminton team managed to qualify for the quarter-finals at  this year’s Sudirman Cup as Group C winners—news source Tempo.co
  10. Semarang Tawang Station now has  a statue of Soekarno located in the polder area—news source Tempo.co
  11. West Nusa Tenggara Governor Zulkieflimansyah provided free tickets for students, students and vaccinators to watch the Asia Challenge junior motorbike racing championship at the  Mandalika Circuit —source Tempo.co
  12.  The Indonesian Fishermen’s Alliance rejects PP No. 75 of 2015 to PP No. 85 of 2021 concerning Types and Tariffs of PNBP in the Marine Fisheries Sector on the grounds that it will be even more burdensome for fishermen during the Covid-19 pandemic—news source Suaramerdeka.com
  13. Minister of Social Affairs Tri Rismaharini confirmed that athletes with disabilities at the 2021 National Paralympics Week had undergone vaccinations—news source Suaramerdeka.com 
  14. Central Java Kick Boxing   succeeded in becoming the overall champion by winning three gold medals and two bronze medals in the  XX PON exhibition  at the Waringin Sports Hall, Jayapura City, Papua—news source Suaramerdeka.com
  15. The Directorate General of Intellectual Property of the Ministry of Law and Human Rights stated that Warkop has the potential to infringe on the intellectual property rights owned by Warkop DKI—news source Assum.co
  16. The Ministry of Health issues Circular Letter HK.02.01/I/2529/2021 concerning COVID-19 Vaccination for Survivors dated 29 September 2021—News source Antara
  17. President Jokowi has officially signed a Presidential Regulation concerning the obligation of state administrators in carrying out public services to keep the data on the National Identity Number and Taxpayer Identification Number—antara news source
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How to Determine Fact Sentences

After knowing the definition, characteristics, types, and examples, Sinaumed’s needs to know how to determine fact sentences. There are several things that Sinaumed’s can observe and do in order to define and determine whether a sentence is a fact or not. The following are things that need to be considered by Sinaumed’s to determine fact sentences: 

1. Understanding the characteristics of the fact itself in a sentence

Sinaumed’s certainly has to understand the characteristics of the fact itself in order to be able to determine that the sentence, both written and written, is a fact. As explained above, the characteristics of a sentence can be said to be a fact if it has accurate data, is objective, and contains events that actually happened with various evidences. 

To determine the proof, Sinaumed’s can use the 5W 1 H formula in the sentence, whether it has been answered clearly and completely or not. If the context of the sentence can logically answer the formula, then it can be determined or said that the sentence is a fact.  

2. Look at the composition or structure of sentences

Sinaumed’s can determine if the sentence is a fact or not by paying attention to the structure of the sentence. Is it complete and clear in providing certain information, namely through the SPOK sentence structure whether it is filled with clear wording or not. If a sentence is even more confusing, in this case it is convoluted in presenting something, you need to be aware that the sentence may contain opinions, not facts. 

Sinaumed’s needs to underline that fact sentences must be clear and to the point in presenting the main idea. So if the sentence structure alone is not correct then it cannot be determined as a fact sentence. 

3. Seeing the Source Who Conveys the Sentence

The sentence becomes a fact if said or stated by the right person. For example, in a fire incident, the statements of sources that are valid are the victims or people who witnessed the incident. So in determining whether a sentence is a fact or not, it can be seen from the source or the person who stated or the author of the sentence. 

4. See the media or platform that contains the sentence

In determining facts, Sinaumed’s needs to trust who produced or those who made the sentence. This shows the credibility of a person, organization, group, and so on in conveying information that really happened. So to determine whether or not the information is true, Sinaumed’s needs to know who produced the facts. 

5. Be Skeptical And Critical In Consuming Information

Determining facts in a phenomenon or problem certainly requires criticality or skepticism to find out the truth. Sinaumed’s needs to be curious so they don’t easily believe and fall for information that isn’t clear. So to determine whether or not a Sinaumed’s information is a fact, it is necessary to verify the data.  

Book Recommendations & Related Articles

Well, that’s an explanation of fact sentences, starting from the definition, characteristics, types, examples, to how to determine the sentence. Has Sinaumed’s been able to define and define fact sentences? Apart from being studied in Indonesian subject matter at school, understanding the fact sentence itself is important for someone in communicating and consuming information. In the midst of technological advances like now, it is easier for us to access and control information. 

That is why understanding the concept of sentences in the context of discourse is also necessary so that we can consume correct information and facts. If Sinaumed’s feels that he is still having trouble determining fact sentences or needs a reference for learning Indonesian, then you can visit sinaumedia’s book collection at www.sinaumedia.com . Sinaumed’s can find references for Indonesian language textbooks that are in accordance with the curriculum in schools as well as books with a broader perspective on the language, such as the following: Enjoy learning. #Friends Without Limits