Examples of Optimistic Behavior and How to Build It

Optimism is an Attitude of Never Giving Up: Find Out the Definition and Benefits – Optimism, as many people know, is an attitude of fighting spirit to the end, or it is called trying to the last drop of blood if it is put into words. In responding to this attitude of fighting until the end, we can find many positive benefits because basically as a modern human being living in an all-competitive era, we are required to strive to get the best results we want to achieve.

As living beings who need socialization, humans always have an optimistic spirit in living life. Optimism or optimism is the belief that future events will have a positive outcome. With this way of thinking, most people will continue to live life with gusto, despite all kinds of trouble. Optimism is a feeling that can be evoked by a person under certain conditions. But there are some people who struggle with having this trait. The causes vary, ranging from the surrounding environment or psychological problems encountered.

The tireless fighting spirit that is born from this attitude of optimism plays an important role in human life, but do we know what the true definition of optimism is and what are the benefits in life? Therefore, here we will try to discuss unyielding attitude, namely optimism and its various benefits in life.

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Optimistic Definition

According to the Big Indonesian Dictionary (KBBI), optimism is the feeling that someone has the same opinion or sees something with a positive mindset. Optimism can also be called optimistic, it is the image of an individual with good self-confidence. According to Robert E. Franken in his book Human Dynamics, explaining that optimism is a range of biological variables in which optimism is seen as the result of a certain explanatory style and leads to a certain way of explaining cognitive approaches.

In another sense, optimism is a form of hope that good things can happen, as well as the belief that problems are resolved with good results. An optimistic attitude can appear in people’s minds. This is in line with Daniel Goleman’s point in his book Working with Emotional Intelligence, which emphasizes that optimism is a strong hope that whatever is faced in life can be resolved properly, even when overwhelmed by problems and disappointments.

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Meanwhile, another definition of optimism was put forward by M Daraei and AR Ghaderi in The Impact of Education on Optimism or Pessimism, published in the Journal of the Academy of Psychology. Indian Applied Studies. Both argue that optimism is a psychological component that is closely related to positive emotions and positive behavior. The positive effects can lead to health, a stress-free life, relationships and good social functioning. From all the explanations above, it can be concluded that a person’s optimistic spirit will bring a positive mental state. So he can handle the problem well. Furthermore, optimism is something that can spark new hopes for a better future.