DPD: Duties, Functions and Authorities

DPD: Duties, Functions, and Authorities – Every country that has been legally established and its government is recognized by the world certainly has government institutions to assist the head of government in carrying out state duties and authorities. This is done with the aim of building and developing the quality of the country. We can conclude that the state must gather a sufficient number of potentially powerful elements to build the integrity of the state. Often, it is these basic elements that underpin a country’s development. These components are the form of the state, the form of government and also the system of government.

The process of this government system has different uses and functions for the state. This system of government is very important for a country. Without a system of government, the country will be in chaos, because the state has not yet determined who will be the head of state, who will hold the highest authority, and the state does not yet know who will represent everyone, etc. The system of government consists of several government institutions which are divided into three, namely the executive, legislative and judiciary.

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As a state institution, it is appropriate to carry out their respective main tasks that have been mandated by citizens properly. In Indonesia itself there are government agencies that specifically manage regions in Indonesia because there are so many provinces and districts in Indonesia. Namely there is a DPD as the name suggests, the Regional Representatives Council or DPD is an organization that represents the interests of a region or even at the provincial level. Even so, the DPD is actually still a nascent organization, having only been established in 2001. However, the functions of the DPD and the duties and powers of the DPD are regulated by the 1945 Constitution. The duties and powers of the DPD are regulated by the Constitution or the Constitution. As a representative of the people, the DPD’s mission literally is to listen to and achieve the common interests of a region.

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But as Indonesian citizens, do we know what the overall duties, functions and authorities are? If you don’t know about the duties of the DPD, then in this discussion we will try to discuss the DPD and its duties, functions and authorities in the country.

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