difference between smart tv and android tv

The Difference Between Smart TV and Android TV

What is Smart TV?

Smart TV is a television set that has an internet connection and access to various online content and applications. It offers the viewers access to various streaming services like Netflix, Amazon Prime, and Hulu. In a Smart TV, the built-in software or operating system is specific to the TV brand, and it also comes with a remote control that helps to navigate the interface. The Smart TV functions as an all-in-one entertainment system, with features for browsing the web or streaming digital media from your mobile devices.

What is Android TV?

Android TV is another operating system for smart television sets. Based on the Android OS used on mobile devices, it is designed specifically for the large screens and remote controls of TVs. It offers the same functions and features as Smart TV, but with a more unified and standardized interface. Some of the most popular streaming services like Amazon Prime, Netflix, HBO, and YouTube are all present on Android TV. Android TV allows you to download applications from the Google Play Store and install them on your TV.

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The Differences Between Smart TV and Android TV

1. Operating System – Smart TV and Android TV have different operating systems. Smart TV has a proprietary operating system specific to the brand, while Android TV is based on the Android operating system that is used in mobile devices.

2. User Interface – Smart TV interface and the control system vary by brand and model device, while Android TV user interface is standard and relatively easy to navigate.

3. Compatibility – Smart TV is not compatible with as many applications as Android TV, which is equipped with the Google Play Store for access to thousands of applications.

4. Updates and security- Android TV is continually updated with security and feature improvements, while Smart TV only receives firmware updates.

5. Casting Capability – Android TV has built-in Chromecast compatibility making it easier to cast content to Android TV.

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In conclusion, Smart TV and Android TV differ slightly in terms of operating systems, user interfaces, compatibility, updates, and casting capability. Android TV is more compatible, standardized, and regularly updated, making it a better option for users who prefer more robust features and functionality. However, if your priority is to access your favorite streaming services, a Smart TV with compatible services might be enough for you.

Table difference between smart tv and android tv

Attribute Smart TV Android TV
Operating System Proprietary Android OS
App Store Limited selection Google Play Store
Integration with Google Assistant Not available Available
Software Updates Dependent on manufacturer Regular updates from Google
Hardware Configuration Hardware varies by manufacturer Standard hardware configuration with consistent performance
Browser May not have a web browser or may have a limited browser Google Chrome browser available