difference between indian and london time

The Time Difference Between India and London


Timezones are an important concept that affects our daily lives, especially if you’re travelling or conducting business across different countries. India and London are two very different places in the world, and their time zones are significantly different. In this article, we’ll explore the time difference between India and London and how it can impact your scheduling and planning.

Time Zones

India and London are in different time zones, with London being five and a half hours behind Indian Standard Time (IST). This means that when it’s 12 noon in India, it is 6:30 am in London. Similarly, when it’s 9 pm in India, it is 3:30 pm in London. The time difference may seem insignificant, but it can have a significant impact on the communication and coordination between individuals or businesses.

Implications for Business or Personal Scheduling

The time difference between India and London can have an impact on scheduling, especially for those engaged in cross-border business or personal communication. If you’re planning a business meeting or a conference call between these two cities, it is important to consider the timezone difference to ensure all parties are available at the same time. This may involve adjusting the meeting time for either of the parties.

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Additionally, if you’re traveling between these two cities for business or personal reasons, it is crucial to keep track of the time difference to avoid missing meetings or flights. It is recommended to adjust your watches and devices as soon as you land at your destination to avoid confusion.


In conclusion, the five and a half-hour difference between India and London time can have a noticeable influence on scheduling and planning, particularly for those in business or personal communication. It is essential to keep track of the time differences to avoid confusion and conflicts. Now that you’re aware of this time difference, it can make it easier to coordinate and plan your activities between these two global locations.

Table difference between indian and london time

As an AI language model, I do not have the capability to provide real-time date and time, and therefore, I cannot provide an accurate table comparing the differences between Indian and London time. However, I can provide you with HTML code for creating a table, which you can update with the correct time information whenever you need it.

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HTML code for creating a table to compare Indian and London time:


City Time Zone Current Time
India Indian Standard Time (IST) [insert Indian time here]
London, UK Greenwich Mean Time (GMT) [insert London time here]

In the above code, you will need to replace the placeholders [insert Indian time here] and [insert London time here] with the actual current time in the respective cities. You can update the time whenever you need to by editing the HTML code.