Definition & Examples of Analytical Exposition text

Definition of Analytical Exposition text & Examples of Analytical Exposition text – Practicing understanding the structure of a text or sentence is an important part of learning Indonesian-English. Besides aiming to enrich knowledge, mastering text forms also facilitates writing and proficiency in English. Check out a more complete explanation of the following Analytical Exposition Text:

Definition of Analytical Exposition

Analytical Exposition text is a type of text that is used to explain a writer’s views on an issue. In other words, this text is an argumentative text. This type of text itself is very popular and can be easily found in scientific books, articles, journals, magazines, academic speeches, and so on.

The purpose of writing Analytical Exposition includes inviting readers to understand an issue raised by the author. Analytical itself also means examining or testing something carefully, while “Exposition” means broadly.

So, literally, Analytical Exposition can be interpreted as a text that tries to describe a problem comprehensively or thoroughly by displaying the supporting opinions carefully.

Communicative goals in Analytical Exposition Text include convincing that a topic deserves attention by providing arguments or opinions that support the main idea or topic.

In Analytical Exposition Text does not only contain one argument, but also various arguments with the same goal. You can also find examples easily in news editorials, advertising text or packaging, pamphlets, and so on. Therefore, it is important to have English skills in making good Analytical Exposition Text. Improve your English skills through the book 7 Habits of Effective English Learning.

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Examples of Analytical Exposition Sentences

Exposition Text is divided into Analytical Exposition or a type of exposition text that begins with a statement showing an attitude, opinion, from the author on a theme which is then discussed and supported by various arguments.

This text closes with an affirmation or restatement of the opinion stated at the beginning, and at the end of the Exposition text or it can also mean text that begins with a statement containing an issue or problem which is then raised as the theme of the writing.

Hortatory Exposition must also be supported by various arguments and supporting evidence which will then direct the reader to the author’s point of view. The following is an example of Analytical Exposition Text and its translation:

Motorcycles are one of the distractions and also the main cause of high levels of stress. Even though motorbikes are considered the most convenient means of transportation, I think motorbikes are still dangerous for humans, animals and the environment. I also think that motorbikes should be banned in residential areas for reasons of noise, air pollution, disease and unnatural accidents.

Meaning: Motorcycles are a nuisance and also the main cause of high levels of stress. Even though motorbikes are considered the most comfortable means of transportation, in my opinion motorbikes are also dangerous for humans, animals, and also the environment. I think motorbikes should be banned in residential area for reasons of noise, air pollution, disease, and unnatural accidents).

In addition, motorbikes also make a lot of noise, making it difficult for babies to fall asleep. When their baby is asleep, the motorbike will pass and wake the baby. Not only that, motorbikes also make it difficult for children to concentrate on their homework. Experts say that extreme noise can cause deafness and lack of concentration.

Meaning: Besides, motorbikes also make so much noise, making babies find it difficult to sleep. When their babies are asleep, motorbikes will pass by and wake the babies up. Not only that, motorbikes also make it difficult for children to concentrate on their homework .Experts say that extreme noise can cause deafness and lack of concentration).

Lastly, motorcycles are responsible for horrific accidents which in some cases lead to death. The riders were traveling so fast that they couldn’t stop in time and ended up crashing into other riders or animals. Fields (1993) stated that motorcycles are known as the biggest killers on the highway.

Meaning: Finally, motorbikes are responsible for horrendous accidents in which in some cases they result in death. Riders go so fast that they cannot stop in time and end up crashing into other riders or animals. Fields (1993) states that motorcycles are known as the biggest killers on the highway).

In conclusion from the arguments above, I strongly believe that motorbikes should be banned in residential areas.

Meaning: In conclusion from the above arguments, I firmly believe that motorbikes should be banned in residential areas).

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Analytical Exposition formula

The characteristics of Analytical Exposition Text and the difference with other texts are in clearly conveying the author’s point of view and using valid research results to support the arguments presented by the author. To defend his argument, the author also supports his opinion by providing pictures or infographics. The linguistic structure of the Analytical Exposition Text itself includes:

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1. Thesis

As in other types of text, the thesis contains the author’s views on a problem in a simple way. This section is also an introduction to the topic or main idea discussed. The thesis is always in the first paragraph of Analytical Exposition Text.

2. Series of Arguments

After the thesis, the next paragraph is in the form of an argument rule which is written to strengthen the author’s point of view by including consistent evidence from the author’s point of view. Usually in an Analytical exposition there are at least two arguments. The more the number of arguments presented, the more the thesis that is carried by a writer.

3. Conclusion or Reduplication

This section is the closing section which is always located at the end of the paragraph and contains rewriting or re-placing the main idea of ​​the rule contained in the first paragraph. As for usually the rule sentence is often used in reduplication, among others: From the actual fact beyond . I head to head believe . Therefore, my conclusion is . lastly . .

In addition to writing structure, there are linguistic elements that need to be considered in writing exposition text. Among them is understanding the linguistic elements of an Analytical Exposition, namely the Simple present tense which generally uses the first (present) form of the verb, such as serve, pour, place, and others.

While the Relational process tends to use words that show or express the author’s opinion, such as feel, experience, realize, sense. Internal conjunctions with connecting words strengthen an argument by connecting two clauses and are divided into five categories, namely:

  • Addition: in addition, further.
  • Comparison : but, rather, on the other hand.
  • Time : second, then, next.
  • Cause and effect : as the result, consequence
  • Causal conjunction: Using conjunctions that show causation such as as a result, accordingly, despite, due to, for the reason.

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Analytical Exposition Questions Exercise

Thousands of macaques are bred or captured from the wild to be used as street performers, or referred to as “monkey masks”. The macaques are accustomed to performing street shows; carrying funny masks, riding bicycles, performing gymnastic moves and doing amusing things. However, such shows need to be outlawed for a few reasons.

First, the monkey mask may be a quiet exploitation of monkeys for money. The monkeys are adorned from chains for long periods to educate them to steer on their hind legs like humans. Their teeth are extracted so that they can’t bite while they are tortured to remain docile. The monkeys are sometimes outfitted in dresses and cowboy hats and created to carry parasols or ride very little bikes. This animal abuse will definitely hurt the monkeys.

Second, the ban of disguised monkey shows can facilitate improved public order. Monkey masks are often performed once traffic is insured at notoriously full intersections. This can disturb the sight and create traffic jams for many motorists or pedestrians. On the other hand, it can also hamper the watching of the shows.

Third, banning the recreation of monkeys may be a necessary public health benefit. It is necessary to rescue the monkeys from street performances and facilitate the prevention of all diseases carried by the monkeys.

The monkeys used in the monkey mask won’t be healthy and can have the potential to cause some diseases such as communicable diseases and diseases. Considering the reasons expressed above, the monkey mask needs to be outlawed because it exploits the monkeys, causes traffic jams and spreads diseases such as communicable diseases.

1. What is the text above?
A. Macaque’s exploitation for money.
B. Work macaques for gymnastic shows.
C. Efforts to stop disguised monkey performances.
D. Reasons why it is necessary to ban the monkey mask.
E. Rescuing monkeys from extinction and exploitation. E. nuts.

2. The monkey mask needs to be outlawed as a result of…
A. It helps improve public orders.
B. It distracts one’s sight and disrupts traffic.
C. It frightens the road users.
D. It makes people laugh.
E. It causes cancer.

3. Were the monkeys mistreated?
A. They are tortured to be docile.
B. they are placed in previous cages.
C. they are left hanging on trees.
D. they are forced to eat torrential.
E. they are unbroken and unhealthy.

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Online Wanting

The internet has generated many changes in our lives. It’s changed the strategy we have a tendency to tend to speak and access information. {the internet|the we have a tendency to tend tob|the net} in addition has changed the strategy we have a tendency to get things. In today’s life, online wanting is growing chop-chop. 

It’s become the latest culture in every country. Buying things online is implausibly straightforward. The only issue to do and do is to jaunt an explicit internet site that sells the merchandise you want. The pc program on the net also allows us to search things fast with varied choices. 

Once the merchandise is chosen and also the payment is formed, the online shopper needs to not sleep for three to five days until the problem purchased involves his/her door. Another sensible advantage of on-line shopping is that things are additionally cheaper than in real stores. among the choice hands, online shoppers need to use caution in choosing products. 

Sometimes, you’re not getting what you want. Another big downside is that the standard of the is however similar things in real stores. That’s the explanation why net consumers ought to check all products offered. 

4. What is the text mainly about?
A. the benefits of on-line wanting.
B. The procedure of wanting on-line.
C. The deficiencies of online desires.
D. Things to do and do once online wanting.
E. The pluses and minuses of on-line wanting.

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5. But can net consumers select products? They have to…
A. attend real retailers
B. have Associate in Nursing account.
C. have a portable computer.
D. visit the planning web site
E. login to their email.

6.”. ought to altogether check the product offered.” What does the bolded word mean?
A. adequately.
B. carelessly.
C. extremely.
D. accurately.
E. completely.

Answer the following questions about Analytical Exposition:

7. The author’s point of view on a phenomenon is called:
A. Conclusion.
B. repeating.
C. Arguments.
D. Thesis.
E. Conjunctions.

8. The following sentence is often used by a writer to conclude their point of view on a phenomenon (Reiteration), except
A. Next issue to com
B. finally
C. Therefore, my conclusion is
D. I head to head believe
E. From the actual fact above

9. The type of tense principle often used in writing an Analytical Exposition is
A. gift easy
B. easy tense
C. excellent Continuous
D. perfect tense Continuous
E. perfective Continuous.

Analytical Exposition Answer Key

1. The answer to Question no.1 is D.

Reasons why it’s necessary to ban monkey masks. In an analytical exposition we can find the main idea by looking at the statement alias reduplication in the last paragraph. In the last paragraph it is also emphasized that “monkey masks ought to be banned…” with reference to the argument “. for it exploits the monkeys, causes traffic jams and spreads diseases like infectious diseases and liver diseases.”

2. The answer to Question no.2 is A.

It helps public orders. In the second paragraph it is stated that the monkey mask is a pillar of Islam and a cause of traffic jams (This can disturb the sight and make traffic jams for several motorists or pedestrians can bog down too watch the shows). A ban on monkey masks would also help improve public orders.

3. The answer to Question no.3 is A.

It helps public orders. In the second paragraph it is stated that monkey masks are a pillar of Islam and a cause of traffic jams (.. {this can|this may|this can} disturb the sight and make traffic jams for several motorists or pedestrians will bog down too watch the shows.). According to the author, banning monkey masks will help improve public order (public orders).

4. The answer to Question no.4 is E.

The pluses and minuses of online looking. In this text, we can see the second and third paragraphs mention the advantages of Iranian language shopping online, marked with the sentence “Buying things online is extremely straightforward.” and “Another smart advantage of online looking . .”. Followed by the lack of Iranian language online shopping principle explained in the last paragraph, marked with the sentence “In the opposite hand.”

5. The answer to Question no.5 is D.

Visit the search website. In the third paragraph, the second sentence states “The sole issue to try and do is to travel to an exact web site, that sells the merchandise you wish.” so as to make the correct answer in principle the Iranian language practice questions for the English Indonesian National Examination is D. Visit the search web site.

6. Answers to question no. 6 is E. completely.

7. Answers to question no. 7 is D. Thesis.

8. Answers to question no. 8 is A. Next issue to come…

9. Answers to question no. 9 is B. straightforward tense

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