Celebrity Meaning: What Does It Mean?

Meaning of Celebrity – Has Sinaumed’s ever used slang in everyday conversation? Slang is now something that is often used by various groups. So many collections of slang words spoken by the wider community, especially by young people.

Celebrity definition

According to the Big Indonesian Dictionary from the Indonesian Ministry of Education and Culture, the meaning of celebrity is a celebrity. Other non-standard forms that are similar to celebrity are celebrities and celeb. Celebrity itself means a person who is famous (famous, famous, well-known).

Celebrities or celebrities (English: celebrity) are famous people because they are too close to the world of news or the press. According to the 3rd edition of the Big Indonesian Language Center Dictionary, celebrity means a person who is famous or famous (usually about artists). The word celebrity in Indonesian is an absorption word from celebrity which comes from English. The word celebrity is the result of the root word celebrate which means ‘celebrate’, ‘celebrate’. Until now, people sometimes refer to the word ‘celebrity’ as ‘celebrity’ or ‘celebrity’.

Ordinary people can also become celebrities because of the mass media attention that is focused on lifestyle, wealth, controversial actions taken, or because of a relationship with someone who was famous first. However, the meaning of celebrity is often associated with the mention of the term “artist”, even though essentially celebrity and artist are very different.

Use of the Word Celebrity

Celebrity as slang is generally used as a title in front of someone’s famous name. Nowadays, the word celebrity is also often combined with social media platforms . For example, the word celebgram refers to celebrities who are famous through Instagram, celebtwit for Twitter celebrities, and celebtok for TikTok celebrities. In terms of meaning, celebrity is actually the same as the meaning of public figures and artists.

According to KBBI, Artists are art experts; artists, artists (such as singers, film players, painters, drama players). While public figures are community leaders. Celebrities may only be viral or famous, but they are not artists or cannot be used as role models. The reason is, there are also many celebrities who are simply famous for creating controversies or negative stories. However, in everyday reality, the word celeb is often used as a pronoun to refer to actors, actresses, singers, models, comedians and influencers.

Celebrity Category

Professions that can be included in the celebrity category include:

1. Singer

A singer is someone who sings a song by issuing a melodic tone through the sound of his mouth, whether with musical accompaniment or not.

Singers can work as single performers (soloists), or join groups, such as choirs, orchestras, ensembles, or acapella. Singers who join, have a popular music group, or band are usually referred to as vocalists.

2. Musicians

Musicians, musicians, or musicians are people who play musical instruments such as guitars, pianos, drums, and so on or people who sing.

A musician can also be someone who writes music (songwriter or songwriter), either for himself or for someone else. The person who creates music is known as a composer. Usually these parts are removed if they also play or sing the music they wrote, but they are still composers because they wrote the music.

Other things that musicians include:

  • composer,
  • music Coach,
  • choir Coach,
  • music Teacher,
  • musicologist

Musicians can also group together to play songs. If the group consists of many people who play musical instruments simultaneously like Beethoven’s music, then it is called an orchestra. If it consists of many people singing, as in a flag ceremony, the name is a choir. If only a few people are together, it is called a band. Sometimes the band has a name that resembles the singer.

3. Model

A model (for women is called a mannequin) or a model is someone who is employed with the aim of promoting and displaying fashion clothes or other products as well as for promotional or advertising purposes or who poses for works of art.

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4. Cast

Actors or also known as actresses (women) and actors (men) are people who play a certain role in a stage action, film or television show. Generally, actors are people who have studied or been specially trained to do plays through a school or course. Actors act in portraying a character so that it looks like a real character.

The term actor is often confused with artist. The word artist actually in English refers to artists. This is due to the similarity in sound with the actress which means, namely the female actor.

5. Athlete

An athlete (which is also often spelled as athlete) or sportsman is someone who is proficient in sports or other forms of physical exercise. According to the Big Indonesian Dictionary, athletes are athletes, especially those who take part in competitions and competitions (strength, speed, and agility).

In certain sports, athletes must have higher than average physical abilities.

6. Disjoki (DJ)

A disc jockey or disc jockey (in English called Disc jockey , abbreviated DJ or sometimes “deejay”) is someone who is skilled at selecting and playing sound recordings or music that has been recorded before. Generally, the recording media used is disc or disc media, and because of his skill in playing these discs, this profession is known as disc jockey, or who is more familiar with the disjoki (spelling in English disc jockey ).

Today, this term does not only refer to the ability to arrange songs or music on disc, but also in other forms of media.

7. Magician

Magic is a performing art that is in great demand by most people in the world, because in its presentation of foam magic it amazes and wonders the audience about the secret behind the performance. Magic is a combination of various existing arts, for example dance, music, visual arts, and so on and is the application of a combination of existing disciplines. For example physics, chemistry, biology, psychology, and so on.

Magic art is not a skill that contains occult or supernatural elements, because every magic trick can be explained. Magic is simply a game of “shrewdness” by the hand, manipulation, the work of a piece of equipment or equipment or the effect that arises from a chemical reaction and which has been trained to the best of its ability by a magician before being shown to others. Therefore, magic can be learned by everyone, as long as the person is willing to practice well.

It’s a shame that until now there are still people who equate magic tricks with magic and mysticism. Magic is considered a supernatural power because it is misled by unscrupulous magicians who only think about money and popularity. A true magician will not let others think too far that magicians contain magic.

8. Presenters

Host or pranatacara (English: master of ceremony which is usually abbreviated as MC, Presenter or Host) is a person who has the task of being the host and leader of events in stage entertainment, shows, weddings, and various similar events. The presenter brings narration or information in an event or activity, or in television, radio and film shows. Hosts usually read a prepared script, but they often have to provide unscripted comments or information.

The MC usually introduces participants or artists who will appear on stage soon, engages in dialogue with the audience, and generally tries to maintain the tempo of the event. Depending on the program being presented, an MC is sometimes required to be able to bring jokes or anecdotes like a comedian.

In an official state event, the MC sometimes acts as a protocol officer. Master of ceremonies In the world of hip-hop and electronic dance music, an MC is a term for a music artist who composes or performs an original song that he or she wrote. An MC is different from a DJ (disc jockey) who plays party music and mixes a variety of pre-recorded music.

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Shock G of Digital Underground, in the book How to Rap, notes that the term ‘MC’ in hip-hop “comes from the phrase Master of Ceremonies”, which explains “the MC prefix to so many rappers’ names” (for example, MC Hammer ).

Television hosts are also involved in script writing when needed. Other tasks that are often carried out by emcees include interviewing characters, moderating discussions, and providing commentary on sporting events, parades, and other events.

9. Director

A director or filmmaker is a person in charge of directing a film according to a manuscript, filmmaker is also used to refer to a film producer. Screenplay scripts are used to control the artistic and dramatic aspects. At the same time, the director escorts officers or technical workers and actors to fulfill his directing insights. A director also plays a role in guiding the technician crew and film actors in realizing their creativity.

10. Music Arranger

The person who arranges the song is called a music arranger (English: arranger). The basic capital that must be owned by an arranger is the mastery of knowledge about harmony.

Arrangement (Dutch: arrangement , English: arrangement ) is the adjustment of a musical composition with the number of singers or other instruments based on an existing composition so that the essence of the music does not change.

In addition, arrangement is an effort made to a piece of music for a performance where the process is not just a technical extension, but also involves achieving the artistic value it contains.

11. Artistic Director

Art director (AD) is a designation for a similar range of professions in theatre, advertising, marketing, publishing, film and television, the Internet, and video games.

Individual fragments of art performances or scenes are generally done by different parties, but overall the function is managed by an artistic director. In particular, the artistic director is responsible for the overall visual appearance and how the visual communication is carried out, establishing a certain mood, elements of contrast, and psychological appeal in the audience. Art directors make decisions about the visual elements to use, the artistic style to use, and when movement is to be used.

One of the most difficult things that artistic directors face is how to translate moods, messages, concepts, and formulated ideas into visual form. During the brainstorming period, the art director, colleagues, and client engage in a process of imagining how the finished scene will look. Occasionally, the artistic director holds the greatest responsibility in unifying the views of disparate parties while reconciling conflicting agendas and inconsistencies in inputs.

12. Politician

Politician or politician is someone who is involved in politics. And also includes political experts. Politicians also include political figures who participate in government. Being a politician or politician means being a voice for the community, because a politician’s job is to carry out policies based on the aspirations of the people, we usually meet politicians as heads of government or as members of parliament at the level of the DPR RI, the Regional Representative Council of the Republic of Indonesia, Provinces, Regencies and Municipalities.

In Western democracies, the term is usually restricted to those in office or seeking to obtain it rather than being used to refer to the experts employed by the aforementioned persons. Such a difference is not so clear if you are guided by a non-democratic government.

Within a country, politicians form the executive part of a government and the office of the head of state as well as the legislature, and government at the regional and local levels.

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