8 Oldest People in the World Who Have a Healthy Lifestyle

Oldest Man in the World – Nobody really knows a person’s age. Sometimes, Sinaumed’s can see children who are still young, who have already left their parents.

Even worse, there are also children who haven’t even been born into this world, but have had to be summoned by the Almighty.

However, there are also people who have a very long life, beyond the age of people in general. It is recorded in history that there were people who lived for more than a century. In fact, statistics show that humans in this era have a life expectancy of only 72 years.

Sinaumed’s would have guessed that these people had gone through various eras and eras, and had witnessed a number of important events in human history. In addition, Sinaumed’s needs to know that the oldest humans in the world recorded in the record are all female.

In this article, Sinaumed’s will recognize the 8 oldest humans in the world. This data was taken from the Gerontology Research Group (GRG), a researcher based in Los Angeles, United States. They have a focus on research related to gerontology, the science that studies a person’s age.

Hopefully, with this article, Sinaumed’s’ knowledge and insights regarding age and human life can increase. Happy reading and happy getting new knowledge, Sinaumed’s!

List of Oldest Man in the World

1. Jeanne Calment

  • Born: February 21, 1875
  • Died: August 4, 1997
  • Age: 122 years and 164 days

Jeanne Louisse Calment or better known as Jeanne Calment is a French woman who was born in Arle, a city on the south coast of France. This figure is recorded in the record books as the oldest human in the world, reaching 122 years and 164 days.

He is often the topic of media discussion because of his very long age. Not only that, researchers are also interested in studying the life of Jeanne Calment, and want to know the secret behind her long life. This woman even outlived her daughter and grandson.

And it turns out, Jeanne Calment does have a fairly healthy lifestyle. He often gets up early, does yoga and gymnastics, and eats fruit. Not only that, this woman also covers her life with a positive mindset, which is said to be one of the secrets behind her longevity.

Interestingly, Jeanne Calment is also known to still smoke a few sticks and drink wine . And these habits do not make his health decline. In the end, Jeanne Calment died on August 4, 1997 for reasons that have yet to be ascertained.

2. Kane Tanaka

  • Born: January 2, 1903
  • Died: April 19, 2022
  • Age: 119 years and 107 days

Furthermore, there are women from Japan who are known to have a fairly high average age compared to other countries. This figure is named Kane Tanaka, a woman from the city of Fukuoka, Japan, who is recorded to have reached 119 years and 107 days old.

Kane Tanaka has quite a lot of life experience to go through. He was born in the era of the Meiji empire, until he finally died during the era of the Naruhito empire. Kane Tanaka can also be said to have been involved in the Second World War, because her husband and son were enlisted in the Japanese army.

Kane Tanaka is also a woman who has conquered cancer 2 times in her life. At the age of 45, this woman was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. And at the age of 103, Kane Tanaka underwent surgery to remove colon cancer.

Behind this long life, Kane Tanaka is known to be a person who diligently prays, adopts a healthy and positive lifestyle, and likes to solve math puzzles to sharpen his brain. Until finally, on April 19, 2022, this woman died at the Fukuoka hospital.

3. Sarah Knauss

  • Born: September 24, 1880
  • Died: December 30, 1999
  • Age: 119 years and 97 days

Sarah DeRemer Knauss, or usually called Sarah Knauss, is the next oldest human in the world. This woman who comes from the United States, specifically the city of Hollywood in the state of Pennsylvania, was recorded to have lived to reach the age of 119 years and 97 days.

This woman had worked in the government of the state of Pennsylvania as an inventory. Sarah Knauss, whose real name is Sarah DeRemer Clark, is married to Abraham Lincoln Knauss, and they have one child named Kathryn. The child himself eventually died at the age of 101 in 2005.

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During her life, Sarah Knauss was known as a cheerful, kind and friendly person. Therefore, when he died on December 30, 1999, many friends and relatives mourned and felt a loss. Nonetheless, they knew that this woman was living the best version of her life.

After Sarah Knauss died, her organs were donated to Harvard Medical School and studied to research human life expectancy, particularly in the United States. Until now, Sarah Knauss is recorded as the oldest human who has ever lived in the United States.

4. Lucille Randon

  • Born: February 11, 1904
  • Age (when the article was written): 118 years and 139 days

Among other women who hold the title of the world’s oldest human being, Lucile Randon is a figure who is still alive today. As of the time this article was written, the woman born in Ales, France, is 118 years and 139 days old and is recorded as the oldest woman and person from France.

The figure of Lucile Randon is known by the public as a devout Catholic Christian. When she was young, this woman had worked as a nun in a church. Not only that, Lucile Randon also worked in government, became a teacher, and preacher before finally retiring at the age of 75.

Lucile Randon also listed herself as the oldest human to successfully recover from Covid-19. He was diagnosed with this virus a month before his 117th birthday. After resting at home, Lucile Randon finally tested negative for Covid-19.

This woman considers her long life to be a gift, but not an entirely good one. Sometimes Lucile Randon wished she could join her family members who had left her first. Even so, he still enjoys his daily life with his grandchildren and great-grandchildren.

5. Prophet Tajima

  • Born: August 4, 1900
  • Died: April 21, 2018
  • Age: 117 years and 260 days

Nabi Tajima is the second oldest female figure in Japan after Kane Tanaka. This woman was born on a small island called Kikajima Island which is located quite far in the southern part of Japan, close to the island of Kyushu and the island of Okinawa.

His name is recorded as the last human born at the end of the 19th century and is still alive when he enters the 21st century. Another figure who also holds the same status as Prophet Tajima is Violet Brown, the oldest human in the world which will be discussed later in the next session.

Not much data can be obtained about Nabi Tajima, considering that this figure lives on a remote island. Some things that are known about this woman are that she reportedly has 9 children, namely 7 sons and 2 daughters, as well as 160 descendants, including the grandchildren of her grandchildren.

Besides that, the reason Nabi Tajima was able to have a long life was again because of his healthy lifestyle. This woman gets enough rest, and eats healthy and nutritious food. In the end, Nabi Tejima died at the age of 117 years and 260 days in a nursing home on the island where he lived.

6. Marie-Louise Meilleur

  • Born: August 29, 1880
  • Died: April 16, 1998
  • Age: 117 years and 230 days

Marie-Louise Fébronie Meilleur or better known to the public as Marie-Louise Meilleur is the oldest woman from the maple leaf country, Canada. He was born in Kamouraska, a city in the state of Quebec, and is recorded to have lived to the age of 117 years and 230 days.

Throughout her life, Marie-Louise Meilleur was married twice. Her first husband was named Étienne Leclerc, who finally breathed his last when he was 39 years old due to pneumonia. With her first husband, this woman had 6 children, 2 of whom died before reaching adulthood.

Her second husband was named Hector Meilleur, whom this woman found in an Ontario city. The husband’s last name was finally used by this woman until the end of her life. Marie-Louise Meilleur again gave birth to 6 children with her second husband.

This figure is known to be fond of smoking until he enters the age of 102. When asked about the secret to her longevity, Marie-Louise Meilleur answered that she worked hard and ate healthy food. This woman died of thrombus disease, namely chronic blood clots.

7.Violet Brown

  • Born: March 10, 1900
  • Died: September 15, 2017
  • Age: 117 years and 230 days

The name Violet Brown was mentioned earlier when discussing Prophet Tajima as the last 2 humans from the 19th century who lived to reach the 21st century. The figure who was born in Montego Bay, Jamaica was recorded to have lived to reach the age of 117 years and 230 days before finally passing away.

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Like several previous women, the last name Violet Brown was obtained from her husband, namely Augustus Gaynor Brown. This woman’s real name is Violet Mosse. This couple is known to have 6 children, all of whom were still alive when this woman died.

When asked about the secret behind her long life, Violet Brown admits that she just lives her life like an ordinary person. Despite that, this woman said that she didn’t eat pork or chicken, and didn’t drink rum and the like.

Violet Brown was the last person to witness the British colonization of Jamaica. This woman died in a hospital in her hometown on September 15, 2017. The doctor who handled her diagnosed that Violet Brown was dehydrated and had an irregular heartbeat.

8.Emma Morano

  • Born: November 29, 1899
  • Died: April 15, 2017
  • Age: 117 years and 137 days

The last woman as well as one of the oldest humans in the world is a woman from Italy known as Emma Morano. Real name Emma Martina Luigia Morano, she was born in the city of Civiasco which is located in northern Italy, in the province of Vercelli to be precise.

Emma Morano was born when Italy was known as the “Kingdom of Italy”, and was still a kingdom. This woman is known to be born in a family that does have a long life. The mother and several other family members lived into their 90s, while one of her younger siblings died at the age of 102.

This woman spends her days in the city of Verbania. There, Emma Moriano married a man named Giovanni Martinuzzi and had 6 children. Unfortunately, their marriage did not work out, and in the end the couple separated 10 years after their marriage.

According to Emma Moriano, the secret to longevity is eating 3 eggs a day, drinking Grappa, grape-flavored alcohol, and occasionally enjoying chocolate. This woman also continues to try to enjoy her life and think positively. Finally, Emma Moriano passed away on April 15 2017 at her home.

The Secret of Longevity

From the 8 oldest humans in the world that have been discussed above, Sinaumed’s can conclude that each of them has their own tips so they can survive above the average human age in general. And apparently, these tips go beyond just living healthy.

The Sinaumed’s could see that some of them were smoking, something that was considered an unhealthy habit. So, what are the tips and tricks of the oldest humans in this world so that someone can live a long life? Here’s the summary.

1. Consuming Healthy Food

Foods such as vegetables and fruits can certainly improve a person’s health, making their chances of living to the age of over 100 wide open, because with this they can avoid dangerous diseases.

2. Sharpen Brain Ability

A healthy body if it is not supported by a healthy mind will certainly not have any effect. The ability of the brain must also be maintained so that a person can think well even though he has entered old age. It is evident that many of them are still able to speak quite fluently even though they are over 100 years old.

3. Think Positive

And most importantly, Sinaumed’s must apply a positive mindset in your life. After you have strengthened your body with healthy food and your mind by training your brain, your body must also be strengthened with positive thoughts, and avoid negative thoughts that have the potential to add to life’s burdens.

4. Pray

Even though you have done the tips above, once again a person’s age depends on the Ruler. No one knows when someone will return before Him. Therefore, Sinaumed’s can pray and ask for health and longevity.

With this, the article that discusses the 8 oldest humans in the world ends, and their secrets for achieving longevity. Hopefully this will inspire Sinaumed’s to maintain your lifestyle, so you can stay healthy, productive, and achieve longevity.

Apart from the tips and tricks above, you can also find knowledge about the human body and how to optimize it for a long life, by reading the book “ Find Out Come on! Encyclopedia: The Human Body ”, the book “ Guinness World Records: Amazing Body Records ”, and the book “ The Complete Guide to Vitamins, Herbs, and Supplements ”.