4 Functions of the Human Mouth in Everyday Life

Functions of the Mouth – When talking about the human body, what we will get are dozens of interesting facts related to how complex God’s creation is. Behind the body parts that look simple and simple, it turns out to have complexities that are still being researched until now.

Nevertheless, there are times when we just “take for granted” what we have. That is, we are too used to our bodies, to the extent that sometimes we forget that our bodies work hard so that we can carry out our daily life well and without problems.

To increase Sinaumed’s’ awareness of how valuable our bodies are, this time we will learn all about the mouth. What we will learn together later is an introduction to the human mouth, the function of the mouth itself, and how to take good care of the mouth.

Human Mouth

Sinaumed’s must have known that the mouth is part of the face. Almost every living thing has a mouth that has various functions. We will discuss the function of the mouth, especially the human mouth together in the next session.

However, maybe what Sinaumed’s needs to understand is that the mouth is not the same as the lips. This is common for young children, who often think that the mouth and lips are the same thing and have the same function. In fact, the lips are actually part of the mouth.

If we discuss more specifically, the lips are the outermost layer of the mouth which is formed from thin skin. This thin skin is the cause of our red lips, because the color comes from the blood vessels in the lips. That is also the reason why our lips bleed easily when bitten or bitten.

After the lips are open, then we can see the other parts of the mouth starting from the teeth, tongue, gums, to the uvula or better known as the uvula. Each of these sections has its own function, all of which we will also discuss in separate sessions.

The mouth discussion section doesn’t end here, Sinaumed’s. The mouth is also connected to several other organs, specifically the nose and ears. Maybe some of you already know that if one of the three organs has a problem, the other organs will also have an effect.

For example, if a person is deaf, you may notice that he cannot get sounds out of his mouth smoothly. Another example, if you have a cold or the flu, you can feel a kind of mucus that is between the mouth and nose cavities.

This is because all three have channels that are connected from one another. Be it the mouth, ears and nose have their own channels that connect them with other organs. The ear is connected to the nose and mouth by the eustachian tube, while the mouth and nose are specifically connected by the nasopharynx.

The discussion above is quite simple and is intended for general readers. If any Sinaumed’s are interested in learning more about the mouth organ, you can look for other reading sources that have more detail, such as the book “Encyclomini Series on Body Miracles: A Wide Mouth” .

Functions of the Human Mouth

Earlier, we already knew the mouth in general terms, starting from the parts of the organ to the relationship between the mouth and other organs on the human face. Now, we will discuss in more detail regarding the function of the mouth based on the several parts of the mouth that we discussed earlier.

For starters, Sinaumed’s needs to understand that because the mouth has many different parts, they all have different functions from one another. To be sure, these parts play a major role in human survival.
At least, there are four functions of the mouth that Sinaumed’s can learn about in this article. Almost every function that will be described involves different parts of the mouth. Let’s look at the discussion below.

Mouth Function in Digestion

This first function of the mouth is perhaps the most widely known function of the mouth. The mouth is the first place where food and drink enter before they are finally digested by other digestive organs located in the body.

When someone is eating, they will chew using their teeth, also known as a mechanical process, to break down food so that later it is easier to process and digest by the digestive organs in the body. However, it is not only the teeth that play a role in the destruction of this food.

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The tongue and gums also play a role in this digestive process. The tongue, in addition to tasting food, will also help in turning food back and forth so that the teeth can work more easily. Meanwhile, the gums play a role in producing saliva, which will help the chemical process of breaking down food.

In this case, what is meant by chemical processes here is the process of destroying food using enzymes. Saliva in the mouth has ptyalin enzymes that help break down food. Finally, food that is already in small form will be swallowed and headed to the digestive tract in the body.

Functions of the Mouth in Respiration

The second function may be a function that is quite rarely thought of, considering that the nose is the main respiratory or respiratory organ in humans. However, the mouth also has its own role in respiration, especially in removing carbon dioxide.

The respiratory system is simply breathing in oxygen from the mouth, which then passes through a number of channels before reaching the lungs, where the exchange of oxygen and carbon dioxide takes place. The last substance will later be excreted out of the body.

Carbon dioxide will usually be thrown back using the nose. Even so, there are times when the mouth can also be an organ that removes carbon dioxide from the body. For example, when someone is exercising, and they have difficulty constantly breathing through their nose, the mouth is used as an alternative.

The mouth can also serve as an emergency respiratory organ in some situations. For example, when the nose is blocked or experiencing nosebleeds, inevitably a person has to breathe through their mouth until their nose can be used again. Of course, this cannot be done frequently because this is not the main function of the mouth.

Mouth Function in Health

The mouth can also be used as an indicator of whether a person is healthy or not. Sinaumed’s, who has visited a doctor, may have had his mouth examined by a doctor to find out what disease you are experiencing. This is because the mouth has a number of parts that can be used as indicators of health.

Some of these parts include lips, mouth, uvula, and gums. When the doctor examines one of the parts of the mouth, he may want to determine what disease the patient has. These parts will look different in the presence of a sick person.

For example, dry lips or tongue can be evidence that a person is dehydrated. This could indicate several diseases that reduce body fluids quickly. These diseases include fever, diabetes, and even kidney failure.

Doctors who are well-versed in their fields understand that many indications of illness, whether minor or serious, can be seen from their mouths. For that, they do a mouth examination first before heading to other parts.


Finally, the function of the mouth that is definitely owned by not only humans, but also animals, is to communicate. By using the mouth, we can communicate with others. What is the secret behind the mouth’s ability to communicate?

The earliest process, of course, starts from the human brain, where someone needs to make sure in advance that they need to initiate communication with other people. After the process is passed, then we will exhale which will become sound.

Of course, the process is not as simple as described above. The breath will be formed as sound waves, which have previously been formed through the phonation process or the sound formation process. Next there will be a resonance process, in which the sound will be amplified before leaving the mouth, which occurs in the esophagus.

Using the mouth, we will carry out the pronunciation process, where we say the word we want. There is a phonation process, a resonance process, and a pronunciation process that allows us to communicate with other people.

With these four functions, it can be said that about half of human needs have been fulfilled properly. What’s more, among these four functions, there is the function of digesting and the function of breathing, something that all living things need.

The mouth is indeed one of the important organs for the human body as a whole. And the explanation above may not be enough for some of you. If that’s the case, Sinaumed’s can read the book ” Limb Series: Mouth ” as an additional reference.

How to Maintain Oral Health

The importance of the mouth makes us have to be able to maintain good health in order to avoid various diseases that can attack the mouth. Some of these diseases vary, ranging from mild categories such as swelling of the gums and canker sores, or severe categories such as mouth cancer.

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The majority of these diseases can strike as a result of people with the disease being careless in maintaining their oral health. So, believe that oral care is not difficult and simple, so one should not underestimate this.

Below, there are at least four ways that Sinaumed’s can apply to take care of your mouth. We hope that after you read this method of treatment, Sinaumed’s’ awareness of caring for and caring for your mouth can increase and you will always be prevented from oral diseases.

Reduce Excess Sugar Consumption

Sugar, even though it tastes good, is actually not good if consumed in excess. The effects can affect many organs of the body, such as the heart, kidneys, brain, and mouth. Of course, none of these effects are good for the organs.

The most noticeable effect of consuming excess sugar on the mouth is the formation of tartar. Worse, teeth can become cavities if this sugar consumption is not stopped. Although this can be minimized by brushing our teeth regularly, it would be better if we also control our own sugar consumption.

Avoid Smoking

Apart from the sugar above, cigarettes also, as many people know, have a negative impact on the body. It can even be said that cigarettes have a worse effect on the human body than sugar. This is very true for the mouth, which serves to suck cigarettes for smokers.

Cigarettes can make your mouth dirty and have bad breath due to the tar and smoke contained in cigarettes. If you continue to smoke, then there is a possibility that smokers can get various types of cancer, ranging from lung cancer, tongue cancer, and of course, oral cancer.

Use Oral Health Tools

There are many kinds of oral health tools. At various drugstores or health stores, Sinaumed’s can find oral health tools such as toothpicks, dental floss, or mouthwash. All of them have good benefits for maintaining oral health.

All the tools mentioned above have the goal of cleaning the mouth. Toothpicks are useful for removing food debris stuck in the teeth, while dental floss can clean smaller food debris between the teeth. In addition, with mouthwash, Sinaumed’s can improve oral and dental health by killing the remnants of germs in the mouth.

Routine Toothbrush

The last method is the most effective way to maintain oral health. It is said to be “oral health” and not “dental health” because by brushing our teeth, we also indirectly clean our mouths of germs that might stick.

When we are brushing our teeth, we also sometimes brush areas in the mouth such as the gums. In addition, we are also encouraged to brush our tongue while brushing our teeth. The parts above, as we discussed earlier, are important parts of the mouth and we definitely have to take good care of them.

Apart from the methods above, there are many other ways to care for your mouth that Sinaumed’s can find. What is clear, how to take care of your mouth and care for your mouth above are simple ways that Sinaumed’s should be able to do without having to spend more effort.

However, if Sinaumed’s is really interested in looking for other ways to take care of your mouth, there are a number of other articles and books that you can make references to. One of the reading sources that you can try to read is the book “Dental and Oral Health What Should You Know?”


Thus, the end of our article which discusses the organs of the human mouth. Sinaumed’s got a lot of information about the human mouth, starting from basic information, the function of the human mouth , and how to properly care for the mouth.

Hopefully, this article can bring various kinds of benefits to you in any form. Sinaumed’s, who is still in school and wants to find out the function of the mouth, I hope you can get information that suits your needs.

Apart from that, for Sinaumed’s who are adults and may already know this information beforehand, whether it’s because of reading or studying at school, I hope this article can remind you of lessons at school, and make you appreciate the existence of your mouths more.

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Author: M. Adrianto S.

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