17 Definition of ICT According to Experts, Its Role and Benefits

Understanding ICT – ICT is one thing that really helps humans. Through ICT, humans can develop and innovate. ICT has also entered various fields of human life. Starting from the fields of education, economics, politics and so forth.

Before getting there, what is the meaning of ICT? Even though it is closely related to humans, many still do not understand what ICT means. This article is here to help Sinaumed’s understand it.

This article will discuss the meaning of ICT in general and according to experts, the role of ICT and the benefits of ICT.

Definition of ICT

The word means “expertise” and ” logia ” means “knowledge”. In a narrow sense, technology can be interpreted as something that refers to objects. The object is used to facilitate human activity.

In terms of terminology, the notion of ICT is a process of conveying information. Information will be conveyed through various data processing. The data processing will involve sending and receiving information using certain symbols.

In another opinion, the notion of ICT is the result of human engineering. These results are obtained in carrying out the process of conveying various information and messages, in the form of ideas or ideas. the delivery is made from one party to another in a way that is faster than usual.

In addition, ICT also makes it possible to use a wider range. As well as longer storage. Therefore, ICT is all technology related to technical equipment, which is used to process and distribute information.

Understanding ICT or information and communication technology includes two aspects. These aspects are information technology and communication technology. Information technology is all encompassing matters relating to a process. Apart from that, it is also used as a tool for assisting, manipulating and managing information.

While communication technology are things that include the use of assistive devices. To process and transfer data originating from one device to another. Therefore, information and communication technology is an inseparable unit.

The definition of ICT contains a broad meaning regarding all activities related to processing, manipulation, management and transfer or what is called the transfer of information.

Another definition of ICT is the science of developing several applications. All of that is contained in a tool or it can also be a machine. As well as materials that can help humans in solving problems.

ICT is a form of a system that aims to facilitate human work. ICT will follow the progress of the development of world technology. The notion of ICT is also a large umbrella terminology that includes all technical equipment for processing and conveying information.

Understanding ICT According to Experts 

1. KBBI (Big Indonesian Dictionary)

The term ICT in the KBBI does not refer to the meaning of ICT in the field of technology and information. However, in KBBI there is an understanding of information technology. The definition of information technology is the use of technology such as computers, electronics, and telecommunications, to process and distribute information in digital form.

2. Ministry of Education and Culture

The definition of ICT according to the Ministry of Education and Culture is information and communication technology that makes all technologies related to the handling of information.

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3. Indonesian Service Center

Understanding ICT or information and communication technology is a form that can not be separated. And has a broad meaning content, regarding all activities. The activities in question are those associated with all processing, manipulation, management and transfer or movement of information from one medium to another.

4. The Oxford Dictionary (1995)

In the Oxford dictionary, the notion of ICT is a study or use of electronic equipment, especially computers that are used for several things. Such as storing, analyzing, and distributing all information. The processed information can be about anything, including words, numbers or numbers, and pictures.


The definition of ICT according to UNESCO is a variety of technological devices and resources. They are used to transmit, store, create and share, or to exchange information.

6. ITTA (Information Technology Association of America)

Understanding ICT is a study, design, implementation, development, support or management of information systems. These things are computer-based, especially in hardware and software applications on computers.

7. Rusman et al

The definition of ICT according to Rusman et al is a series of stages regarding information handling. These stages include the creation of information sources, the maintenance of information channels, the selection and transmission of information, the selective reception of information, the storage and search of information and the uses of information.

Therefore, the notion of ICT or information and communication technology is all activities related to processing, manipulating, managing, and transferring information from one media to another.

Information and communication technology is electronic equipment consisting of two devices. Among them are hardware and software. As well as all activities related to processing, manipulation, management and also the transfer or transfer of information that occurs in one medium to another.

8. Bambang warita (2008: 135)

Information technology is a means and infrastructure. Such as hardware , software , and useware . The infrastructure is a system and method used for several stages. Such as obtaining, sending, processing, interpreting, storing, organizing and using data in a meaningful way. The definition of ICT was conveyed by Bambang Warsita.

9. Susanto

Understanding ICT or information and communication technology is a media or tool. The tool is used for data transfer. Either to obtain data or information, or to provide information to other people. It can also be used as a means of communication. Either one way or two way.

10. Williams and Sawyer (2003)

According to Williams and Sawyer, the notion of ICT is a technological development. This development is a merger of the existence of several computers. Done through a communication line that has a relatively high speed. This makes it capable of carrying a variety of data or video.

11. Eric Desson

Understanding ICT according to Eric Deeson is a solution for humans. ICT or information and communication technology can be used as a tool in fulfilling human needs. As in taking, processing, processing, and transferring various information data. This can be done in a social context that benefits some of the parties concerned.

12. Haag and Keen (1996)

The definition of ICT according to Haag and Keen is a set of tools that will help humans work. In this case, human work will be assisted by information. As well as perform tasks that will relate to information processing.

13. Martin (1999)

According to Martin, the notion of ICT is technology that does not only exist in computer technology or hardware and software. This technology will be used to process and store information. This technology also includes communication technology to send or disseminate information.

14. Lucas (2000)

The definition of ICT according to Lucas is all forms of technology that can be applied. The point is to send information through electronic media.

15.Mc. Keown (2001)

Mc. Keown explained that the notion of ICT refers to all forms of technology that can be used. To be able to create, store, transform and use information in all forms.

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16. Kenneth C. Laudon (2004)

Understanding information technology is one tool that can be used by managers in overcoming the changes that occur. In this case, the changes in question are information that has been processed and stored previously in the computer.

17. Brown, DeHayes, Hoffer and Perkins (2005)

Understanding ICT is a combination of computer technology. The combination is composed of hardware and software. The point is to process, store and distribute information.

The role of ICT

1. The economic field

Information and communication technology plays an important role in the economy. The economic sector is experiencing rapid development thanks to ICT. The following are examples of the role of ICT in the economy:

  •       Electronic Commerce (E-commerce)
  •       Automated Teller Machine (ATM)
  •       Banking SMS

2. The field of education

In addition to the economic sector, the education sector is also experiencing development. All of that thanks to the role of ICT in it. The field of education can experience an innovation. Some of them are as follows:

  •       Online Library (Digital Library)
  •       Electronic School Book (E-book)
  •       Online Class (E-learning)

3. Government Sector

Apparently the government also knows that its people are getting more advanced in terms of technology. In addition, considering that the use of social media is also very high. This is because of the development of ICT. Based on this, the government also creates services in which there is an ICT role. Are as follows:

  •       Electronic Government (E-government)
  •       General Election Results

ICT benefits

Apparently, this cannot be separated from the many benefits provided by information and communication technology. The following are some of the benefits obtained through ICT:

1. Media for exchanging information

A simple example is print media which has now begun to switch to online media. Generally, in the past people would read print media in the form of newspapers to find out the news that was happening. But now that has changed, print media has innovated into online media.

Nowadays, many people can easily read news through online media. Not only that, there have been many news portals that have developed. What makes it even easier is the separation of news that makes it easier for readers, such as news on health, politics, education and others.

2. Means of communication

In the past, maybe people communicated only from one person to another. In addition, they may also have to wait a long time for the information to arrive. However, now it was different.

Communication can be done even from one country to another. This can also be done easily and quickly. This is one of the benefits of information and communication technology.

3. Make work easier

These things must be done in looking for work. Not to mention that they will fulfill the call for an interview if they pass to the next stage. It was certainly a bit tiring for those who came from faraway areas.

However, thanks to the development of information and communication technology all of that can be made easier. Job applicants do not need to come again to submit files. They only need to send via e-mail, so the file is in the form of a file. Likewise with interviews that can be conducted online through various media that have developed at this time.

4. Save costs

5. Increase work productivity

That is an explanation of the meaning of ICT, the role of ICT and the benefits of ICT. Find more information at www.sinaumedia.com . sinaumedia as #FriendsWithoutLimits will always present interesting articles and recommended books for Sinaumed’s.

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