11 Examples of Concluding Papers with Various Themes

Example of a paper conclusion – Sinaumed’s must have known that in any scientific writing, be it a paper or a thesis, there must be a conclusion. The conclusion is always placed at the end of the chapter, usually accompanied by suggestions from the author to related parties. Even though the conclusion is in the last chapter, that doesn’t mean that the writing is haphazard, yes, you still have to pay attention to the procedure or style of the environment. Conclusion in a paper, generally will contain the essence of the entire contents of the paper. Therefore, its existence is placed in the last chapter.

Unfortunately, not a few people are confused about how to write conclusions in a paper. Starting from whether to write in the form of bullet points or paragraphs, and others. Then, what is an example of a conclusion from a paper with various topics and forms of delivery? Come on, see the following reviews!

Example of a paper conclusion based on the theme

Some examples of the conclusions of the following papers are sourced from scientific writings in the form of papers, research articles, and theses.

Technology Theme

Based on the final project paper written by Wandri Okki Saputra, R. Rizal Isnanto, and Ike Pertiwi Windasari in 2014 with the title ” DESIGN OF AN EXPERT SYSTEM FOR LAPTOP DAMAGE DIAGNOSIS IN “DINAR COMP” WEB BASED WITH PHP AND MYSQL “, the conclusions are:

4.2.2. Conclusion Betha Testing Results

Based on the percentage results above, obtained from beta testing, which was distributed to 20 people who said that the software that was built was easy to use, easy to learn, the interface was attractive, quite helpful in identifying damage, symptoms and damage to this application according to reality, and produce fairly accurate conclusions.


  • The application is built based on the PHP programming language and MySQL database. 
  • Expert system knowledge base based on laptop damage and symptoms that are often handled by experts from the computer shop and “Dinar Comp” service.
  • Based on the percentage results from beta testing, the software that is built is easy to use, easy to learn, the interface is attractive, quite helpful in identifying damage, symptoms and damage to this application are in accordance with reality, and produce conclusions that are quite accurate and the application can run well. 
  • Based on the results of alpha testing, the software that has been built has been running optimally, but it is possible that errors may occur when the application is used. So it requires a maintenance process to better know the shortcomings of the application. 
  • The application of an expert system for diagnosing laptop damage is an application of the ability and experience of an expert in diagnosing laptop damage in the form of an application that can be used by customers to diagnose laptop damage.

Language Theme

1) Based on a research journal written by Rohmah Tussolekha from the Indonesian Language and Literature Education Study Program STKIP Muhammadiyah Pringsewu Lampung in 2019, with the title “ERRORS IN USE OF INDONESIAN SPELLING IN STUDENT WORK PAPERS” has the following conclusions:


From the results of the research above, it can be concluded that there are several errors in the use of Indonesian spelling in writing papers for STKIP Muhammadiyah Pringsewu students. Errors are found in writing the background in student papers. These errors, namely errors in the use of capital letters, errors in the use of italics, use of punctuation marks, writing prepositions, prefixes, and writing combinations of words. 

Errors in using Indonesian spelling occur because students are less careful and pay less attention to good writing so that there are still errors that appear in writing papers. 

2) Based on a paper written by Alizka Nur Karunia from the Management department at Dian Nusantara University in 2020, with the title “THE IMPORTANCE OF INDONESIAN LANGUAGE ON STUDENT CHARACTER “, the conclusions are:

Indonesian becomes a pillar in the character education process. The character of each person can be drawn from the language used. If the language used is good and correct, it is likely that the characters will also follow. Characters consist of several types, each character has its own characteristics. However, the main character that must be continuously developed is the character of loving the nation itself with the spirit of nationalism. One way is to use good and correct Indonesian at every opportunity. 

Fiction Theme

Based on a Prose Fiction Study paper entitled ” Characterization and Characterization in Fictional Prose ” written by Dhea Kurnia Danarti et al. in 2017 has the following conclusions:

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  1. Conclusion
  • Characterization is the author’s depiction of characters that represent human types in accordance with the theme and message, and uses analytical and dramatic techniques to describe the character’s character.
  • Character can mean ‘storyteller’ and can also mean ‘character’. Characterization has meaning as an attempt to display the character or character of the character. 
  • Based on differences in point of view and review, a character can be categorized into several types of naming, including main character and secondary character, protagonist and antagonist character, simple character and round character, static character and developing character, and typical character and neutral character. 

Legal Theme

Based on the paper on the Law of Engagement compiled by Satria Dwinugraha with the title ” ANALYSIS OF ACTIONS AGAINST THE LAW IN THE CASE OF THE JATIGEDE RESERVOIR CONSTRUCTION PROJECT ” in 2021, the conclusions are:



  1. Conclusion

When we look at article 1 paragraph 22 of Law Number 8 of 1981 concerning the Criminal Procedure Code which contains the following, namely “Compensation or loss is the right of a person to obtain fulfillment of his demands in the form of a sum of money for being arrested, detained, prosecuted or tried without reason based on the law or because of a mistake regarding the person or the law applied according to the method regulated in this law.” So basically in law, Eroh Rohayati as the plaintiff has the right to claim compensation for the losses he has received. 

Economics Theme

Based on a research journal article written by Listya Endang Artiani from the Department of Economics, Faculty of Economics, UPN Veterans Yogyakarta, with the title “MACRO ECONOMIC IMPACT OF DISASTER: DISASTER INTERACTION AND NATIONAL ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT ” in 2011 has the following conclusions:


In the short term, the post-disaster period, both directly and indirectly, can be overcome because various assistance is obtained, but in this period it is not enough to compensate for all losses, especially those with systemic and secondary impacts that were felt some time after the initial shock of the disaster. The shock consequences of disasters are consistently interpreted as extraordinary events beyond normal conditions, but as a vulnerability due to disasters have not been integrated into development planning. 

In the long term, study the development of important macroeconomic indicators as a reference for making macroeconomic policies after a disaster as a baseline to ascertain the extent to which a disaster disrupts macroeconomics at the level achieved.

The use of models to be used in estimating post-disaster macroeconomic impacts can be adapted to the specified research objectives. However, selecting a more comprehensive model is what is needed for policy recommendations.

Education Theme

Based on a research journal article entitled ” EDUCATIONAL ENVIRONMENT IN IMPLEMENTATION OF CHARACTER EDUCATION ” written by Muhammad Ali Ramdhani in 2014, the conclusions are:


Education is a conscious process carried out for students in order to grow and develop physically and spiritually optimally to reach a level of maturity. Discourse on education is always associated with efforts to build character. On the other hand, character will be formed by various existing factors, and among them are principles, designs, strategies, and learning models which are influenced by the environment. 

Learning is essentially an interaction between individuals and the environment. The environment provides stimulation (stimulus) to the individual and vice versa the individual responds to the environment in the interaction process that changes can occur in the individual in the form of changes in behavior. Individuals can also cause environmental changes, either positive or negative. This shows that the function of the environment is an important factor in the teaching and learning process.

Everyone is expected to have different learning outcomes, because they experience the learning process in different environments. Thus, it can be said that environmental domination has a strong influence on character education.

Social Theme

Based on a research journal article entitled ” LARGE-SCALE SOCIAL RESTRICTIONS (PSBB) AND LOW-INCOME COMMUNITIES ” written by Rindam Nasruddin and Islamul Haq in 2020, the conclusions are:


From some of these explanations it can be concluded that the situation in a number of areas which is causing an increasing number of Corona Viruses (Covid-19) has forced the government to take a number of steps, one of which is implementing the PSBB system. These activity restrictions are intended for residents in an area who are suspected of having been affected or infected with Corona. Large-Scale Social Restrictions (PSBB) rules were made to suppress the development of the Corona Virus (Covid-19) in Indonesia. Of course, with this PSBB regulation, the people of Indonesia can really obey it, because as we know, the threat of the Corona Virus (Covid-19) is a real threat and does not look at the lower class or even the upper class. 

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The implementation of the PSBB regulation is a small step but has a big meaning, but on the other hand it also has an impact on some people, especially those with low incomes because it greatly influences the space for them to make a living. This causes anxiety for people whose jobs are outside, which requires them to limit their activities outside the home, and experience difficulties in meeting their daily needs. 

Culture Theme

Based on the research journal article ” COMMUNITY CULTURE CONSUMPTION BEHAVIOR IN THE LABUHAN AGENG TRADITION AT SEMBUKAN BEACH ” written by Khusniatun Alviyah et al. from Sebelas Maret University in 2020, has the following conclusions:


Preserving culture or traditions that have become a hereditary heritage in a society is not an easy thing in today’s digital era. The development of a more modern era has made people start to abandon traditional things. People consume culture, such as local traditions, no longer purely because of the deep meaning or noble values ​​they want to take, but only as a pleasure or only as a sign or proof that they are also part of this cultured society.

As Jean Baudrillard argues that when we are consuming objects we are actually consuming “signs” which means we are in the process of defining ourselves or our identity. This also happens in the Labuhan Ageng tradition which is held every one Suro night in Paranggupito Village. The Labuhan Ageng tradition on Semmbuh Beach, which was once sacred and thick with mystical rituals, has begun to change into a tradition that is enjoyed more as a ritual tourism object with various entertainments, which in terms of the meaning or function of the ritual has begun to change.

The community participates because they are part of the village community and for other reasons such as wanting to enjoy the entertainment provided, recreation at Semmbuh Beach or simply wanting to document every harbor procession to share on social media. The Labuhan Ageng tradition on Semmbuh Beach, which was supposed to be sacred and thick with mystical rituals, is starting to turn into a tradition that is enjoyed more as a treat from a tourist attraction with various entertainments.

Psychology Theme

Based on a research journal article entitled “UNDERSTANDING THE PSYCHOLOGY OF DIVORCE IN FAMILY LIFE ” written by Agoes Dariyo in 2004, the conclusions are:


Divorce is a fact that often occurs in our society. Often a divorce cannot be avoided by a couple, even though both of them have tried their best to overcome it, but it still fails and reaches a dead end. Both of them have certainly thought of all the risks that must be accepted and borne if they divorce. They become widows or widowers, children don’t have complete parents, life feels unhappy and so on. 

Health Theme

Based on a research journal article entitled ” KNOWLEDGE OF PATIENT SAFETY IN HEALTH OFFICIALS ” written by Ns. Nining Sriningsih and Endang Marlina in 2020, have the following conclusions:


Most of the respondents aged 20–25 years (young adults) were 28 people, 34 were female, 28 were S-1 educated, and the average number of respondents with length of service < 3 years and > 3 years was 25 people. Most of them have good knowledge, namely 31 respondents (62.0%). Most health workers implement patient safety well, namely 33 respondents (66.0%). There is a relationship between knowledge and the implementation of patient safety for health workers at the Kedaung Wetan Health Center in Tangerang City in 2019




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