Understanding Social Media Engagement to Types and How to Count!

The term engagement is a term that you need to understand for those of you who often use social media. Especially for those of you who want to get into the world of business on social media. Why is that? This is because engagement is an important aspect for increasing a company’s reach and relevance in the world of digital marketing.

In addition, engagement is also useful for facilitating profitable relationships between customers and companies. If your social media has unsatisfactory engagement rates, it’s usually difficult for companies to attract customer interest and receive ROI.

In this article, we will discuss this matter further, so that Readers can better understand what engagement is and how to measure it.


Definition of Engagement

Engagement is a benchmark tool used to see the level of audience engagement on social media efforts for online businesses. In addition, engagement can be said to be a parameter that can determine whether the content you present is relevant to the followers or followers of the social media account that you are managing.

Simply put, engagement can also be interpreted as two-way communication, the key of which is feedback. Engagement is the audience’s response to certain messages or content that you post. A good result is when the audience pays attention in the form of a good response.

The term engagement has become a common matrix for evaluating the performance of social media marketing, but it doesn’t always lead to sales. So, it’s not only the aspects of the number of shares, likes, followers that need to be considered when managing a social media, but this aspect of engagement is no less important.

For corporate marketing, this engagement is very important because customer activity and engagement is crucial for every social platform to build a positive brand experience . Not only that, companies also need benchmarks to develop meaningful business relationships with customers and new prospects.

For example, with more than 1.5 billion monthly users, Facebook presence has become a necessity for both online and offline businesses.

Types of Social Media Engagement

There are 3 types of interactions that are included in engagement on social media. Here is the explanation:

1. Conversation

Conversations that occur after you upload content are included in engagement. Usually this conversation occurs in the comments column or Direct Message (DM).

2. Amplification

Sharing or spreading content through Instagram stories and other social media is also included in the engagement category.

3. Reaction

The reactions given to the content you post in the form of likes , comments , emoji responses are also included in the engagement category .

The following are the types of social media engagement as described in the table.

How to Measure Engagement Rate on Social Media

Engagement rate is a formula used to measure the amount of audience interaction with the content you create. That way, you will know how effective the content you have created is and whether it is fit for purpose or not. There are several ways to measure engagement on social media, here are the explanations:

1. Engagement Rate by Reach (ERR)

ERR is the most popular formula used to calculate engagement. ERR results are obtained from calculating the percentage of the audience that interacts based on the total reach of the content. You can use the engagement rate formula to calculate the interaction ratio for one post.

There is also an ERR formula as follows:

ERR = total interactions per post / reach per post x 100

While the formula for finding the average value of all posts is

Average ERR = total ERR / total posts

2. Engagement Rate by Post (ERP)

ERP is used to measure follower interaction on certain posts. Almost the same as ERR, the difference is that this formula uses posts as the measurement parameter, not reach as in ERR.

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There is also an ERP formula as follows:

ERP = Total interactions on a post / Total followers* 100

The formula for calculating the average ERP is

Average ER by post = Total ER posts / Total posts

3. Engagement Rate by View (ER View)

If video is the main content of your account, then ER View is suitable for measuring the engagement you get.

The ER View formula is as follows:

ER View = Total video post engagement / Total video views*100

While the formula for calculating the average ER View is

Average ER View = Total ER View / Total Posts

4. Daily Engagement Rate (Daily ER)

You want to know how often your followers interact with your account every day? You can measure it with the Daily ER, you can also find out which days your followers interact with your account more often, so you can also make strategy adjustments based on these results.

The formula for calculating the Daily ER is as follows:

Daily ER = Total interactions one day / Total followers*100

The formula for calculating the average engagement every day is

Average Daily ER = Total interactions for X days / (X days *followers) * 100

The following is a concrete example for measuring social media engagement:

Let’s assume that in 1 (one month), an account managed by a certain brand publishes 12 content on Facebook, generating 1,200 organic reach.

Then those 12 contents generate the following response:

  • 5 clicks

Which means that the total response is 39

So, to find out the engagement ratio on social media content that month is the following calculation

(total activity response/ engagement : total views/reach) x 100%

Based on the example above, (39 : 1,200) x 100 = 3.25%

So, the engagement rate this month has a value of 3.25%.

When can you say engagement on social media is good?

After knowing how to measure engagement rate on social media. You can see if your social media has good engagement or even less. Generally, a good engagement rate has a value between 1% and 5% . However, this figure will of course be different depending on other factors such as niche, audience demographics, to the number of followers .

The more followers you have, the more difficult it will be to achieve high engagement rates .

How to Get Engagements

There are several ways to get good engagement or engagement from the audience. Here’s how you can follow them on your social media.

1. Post Daily

Keep your account or your brand on top of your audience’s feed or newsfeed using unique content. Consistent posts will make your brand visible to your audience or followers .

It can also remind them that you exist and have something interesting. However, you also need to pay attention not to post too much content per day because it will make your account look like spam to users.

If your account is considered spam , then as a result your posts will be ignored and at worst your account will get a reputation as a useless and unreliable ad spammer . You can consistently post one to three pieces of content to start with.

2. Using Images

The next step is to use images. You need to know that images can increase the level of interaction for all social media platforms. Studies have shown that Facebook posts accompanied by images have an 85% (percent) engagement rate, compared to just 4% for other types of posts. Images also increase re-tweets on Twitter by 35 %

3. Be Personal

The thing to watch out for is that you don’t sound or look like a press release or a journalist. Show the audience that there are people who are really behind the brand or brand that you are going to sell, so that the audience will believe it later.

4. Listen

Engagement goes both ways. You can listen to what people are saying about your brand or brand, then you can respond to criticism in a constructive and positive way.

If a customer has a valid complaint, don’t just admit it, you need to address it. Then, make sure everyone sees how responsive and humble your brand is and they can wait for another post as a follow-up to that complaint.

5. Monitoring

There are several free social media marketing apps used to track shares, tweets , likes and keywords related to your brand .

Sites such as hootsuite , social mention , addictomatic use various types of crawls and algorithms to be able to determine who sees your social media posts and how they respond to them.

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6. Create Contests and Giveaways

Next you can create contests and giveaways, this is the best way to increase interest in your brand. You need to know that everyone will love free stuff.

7. Partnership

Next, you can do a partnership or partnership. Share links or links and generate original content with other popular brands (most importantly not your competitors’ brands ). That way, it will be a differentiator from your brand and your audience’s taste maker.

8. Cover All Social Media Bases

By covering all social media bases, you can produce content for the top social media sites and cross-pollinate your content between them. An example is a more dynamic image-oriented Instagram post link or link to Facebook and Twitter. Like other metrics, engagement or social media engagement cannot be viewed as such in a vacuum.

You can balance engagement with content marketing and knowing how to use it to do more effective marketing means understanding the systems that lie behind the most popular social media platforms, as well as how people use those systems.

How to Increase Social Media Engagement

1. Engagement Analysis

You can analyze by writing down various aspects on social media, such as the number of followers , the number of comments, and shares obtained in each post , and other elements that must be measured.

2. Determine the Right Strategy

Every company has different goals, so the social media strategy that is applied is also different. The strategy applied must be in accordance with the needs of the company and its audience.

3. Creating Interactive Content

Over time, customers will not be satisfied with content that is only informative. In order to get customers involved and prioritized, interactive content is the right choice.

4. Make Customers or Followers Loyal

Managing followers is very important because the interactions they have on your account will have a big impact on increasing engagement . That means, you can invite followers to be directly involved in any content created to increase engagement.

You can do live broadcasts, or share stories in the form of quizzes, surveys and features on other social media.

How to Increase Instagram Engagement

Currently, almost everyone has a personal Instagram account, apart from that, Instagram is also one of the social media that has great potential to be developed as a business medium.

However, to develop a business on Instagram, we need to pay attention to engagement. That way we can find out the attachment of our account to followers on Instagram. Here’s how to increase engagement on Instagram:

1. Consistent in Making Posts

One way to build the trust and loyalty of followers on Instagram is to post consistently and regularly. This will show followers that you are committed not only to the product that will be sold but also committed to your followers or followers .

2. Use Hashtags

If you use hashtags for your posts it will really help to increase engagement on Instagram. Hashtags are useful for sorting and filtering content. However, you also need to pay attention to when you make too many hashtags , they are actually irrelevant. This is because it will make the system think of you as spam.

3. Use One Kind of Filter

Using filters is proven to make your posts more interesting. Sticking to one type of filter will give a different look and identity to the images and videos you post. This can leave an impression on your followers .

4. Post Instagram Stories Regularly

As we know that Instagram stories only last for 24 hours. Every time you add a new story, your profile picture will get a colored circle and your profile will appear in the first row. So, if you post stories daily, then you will also keep the content fresh for your followers with reminders of new content.

5. Use Interactive Features

Another good thing for getting interaction is being able to take advantage of several features such as “ask me questions” , income polls and other features available on Instagram. You can also ask them what content they would like to see or would be interested in.

6. Conducting Analysis on the Content Created

The last tip and how to increase Instagram engagement is to analyze the Instagram content that you upload. In this way, you can find out which content has the most responses and is busiest.

In doing this analysis, you also need to calculate the level of engagement on each post within a certain period of time, for example every month. Apart from that, you also need to record posts and content that have the highest engagement .

Well, Readers, that’s an explanation about engagement , how to increase it and how to calculate your own engagement .