Types of Comics: Definition, Functions and Examples

Types of Comics – You must be familiar with comics. It is true that pictorial reading is entertainment for friends everywhere. Do you even know that comic fans are not only children, but adults also like to read comics.

Just as films are made inseparable from social contexts, comics are no different. Comics play an important role in people’s lives. From the comic media, the teachings of life are taught and preserved for every generation.

Strictly speaking comics were made with various social, economic and political contexts, at different times, because he concluded that studying comics would give an idea of ​​the mentality of a nation. Comics always keep up with the times from the past to the present.

Definition of Comics

Now comics are not only printed in paper form. However, the development of comic technology is produced and distributed via CD Rom. Even now it can also be obtained online through a subscription service. But not many people know what Comics are? Comic Type? function.

1. Wil Eisner

That comics are an art form; successive arts. pictures and other symbols juxtaposed (in a row/next to each other, a difficult term in art schools) in a certain order, aiming to provide information and/or achieve an aesthetic response from the reader.

2. Muhammad Natsir Setiawan

Comics in general are illustrated stories in magazines, newspapers, or other formats, which are generally easy to digest and funny.

3. Marcel Danesi

Comics are narratives created through several images arranged in horizontal lines, strips or boxes (panels), and verbal text from left to right (sequential).

4. Franz and Eisner

The storyline moves through the pictures shown sequentially. More than that the pictures are combined with the ultimate words.

5. Scout McCloud

Comics are a collection of static (non-moving) images arranged neatly and related to one another. How to connect between pictures with one another using storytelling techniques.

Comic Features

Comrades who are comic lovers here also have characteristics that you can get to know more about. What are the characteristics, let’s discuss.

1. The Blend of Story and Language

In appearance, the comic has a dualism that can be observed by friends. Comics have a characteristic of a combination of images (visual) and text. The two of them work together to create creativity that makes comic lovers always want to read.

2. Stirring the Reader’s Emotions

An enchanting storytelling style coupled with pictures is the main attraction. Comics are not afdhol if there are no pictures. But why should there be a story?

Yes, a storytelling style that stirs the reader’s emotions is very necessary as a plot in comics. The picture becomes an affirmation of the emotions in the story.

3. Using Conversational Language

The style of language used in comic storytelling is also unique. The unique style of language used is not the style of writing. In contrast, the style of language in comics uses conversational language.

So even though there may be heavy discussions about politics, romance, social conflicts and so on, comics are still very much in demand.

4. Themed Heroism

Another characteristic that can be recognized is that comics always have the theme of heroism. There is a lot of market segmentation from children, especially making comics with heroic themes.

In addition to continuing to exist, the goal is for children to have enthusiasm and fighting power in doing good. In fact, not only in that realm, but in the realm of thought and philosophy.

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5. Character Depiction

The brilliant technique of depicting characters is a hallmark of comics. Almost all comics that are made always create heroic characters that are remembered by comic readers.

Just like what we already know about heroism in DC and MCU comics. DC comics such as The Flash, Aquaman, Deadstroke, Deadpool, Iron Man, The Atom, Ant Man, Vision, Red Tornado, Green Arrow and Hawkeye and many more. Not to mention comics from other countries such as Japan or even within their own country such as Bima X.

6. Invites Laughter

Humor is a great strength offered by comics. This ingrained characteristic characterizes comic works. Not surprisingly, many people like comics because they are meant to entertain anyone.

Comic Types

There are many types of comics that are usually made. Each type has its own goals and idealization of why the comic was created. However, the difference between one type and another is also useful for giving readers many choices.

1. Comic Strips

This type of comic is also called a cut comic. Because it only contains a few panels. More precisely, there are only 3 to 6 panels made. This type of comic can only be found in online media. You can spend a comic strip in just a few minutes. This is because the story that is raised is also not heavy.

2. Comic Book

Unlike comic strips which only display 3 to 6 panels, comic books can have up to hundreds of panels. The number of panels in this comic is due to the more complex storytelling. So it takes a lot of panels to describe the story.

Comic books can be made into several series. There can be up to tens of series in one type of comic book. Even though there are comics that go on until it seems like they have no end, there are also comics that only end in one book.

3. Humor and Adventure Comics

Humor and adventure comics are in great demand by children. Because this type of comic offers humor for children. Both from conversational texts that often invite laughter. The sense of humor is so high that it is called a comic humor.

Meanwhile, adventure comics often tell about the battle between the protagonist and antagonist. Amazing adventures in the form of quests, defense, struggles, fights or any other action that belongs to the type of adventure. Adventure comics often end with the victory of the protagonist who manages to defeat the antagonist.

4. Biographical and Scientific Comics

Biographical comics usually tell about a legendary character who had exemplary life during his lifetime. The story of the life of the character shown through the picture tells a story.

Meanwhile scientific comics tell about a scientific discovery. The style of writing comic stories is usually a mixture of science and narrative. Examples of comics that contain a mixture of comics and narratives include the invention of electricity, the invention of the lamp, the invention of the telephone and so on.

5. Educational Comics

This type of comic has the theme of education about something. Usually very informative because it aims to inform others about a knowledge. For example, knowledge of how sex education at an early age.

6. Promotional Comics (Advertising)

Comics created for the promotion of a product or service. Promotions carried out using comics are of course packaged in the form of sequential visual images.

However, in comics, it includes advertisements for goods and services. The goal is that buyers or service users know how to use a product or service. Lots of people use comics as a place to advertise their own products.

7. Puppet Comics

Comics seek to preserve the culture of the Archipelago, especially Java, in relation to the world of wayang. Stories made around wayang such as the Mahabharata, Ramayana, Pandhawa Lima, Semar, Petruk, Gareng, and so on.

8. Silat comics

This type of comic revolves around the fight between silat masters. The genre includes adventure. Mostly marked by the number of action scenes or action in this comic. As friends know that Naruto, One Piece, Dragon Ball and so on are included in the silat comic category.

9. Annual Comic

Comics of this type appear every year only once. Because it appears or is published only once a year, it is usually the comics that the audience has been waiting for. The quality of Annual comics is high and prestigious so they only appear once a year.

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10. Online comics

Comics that are published continuously in online media. Access to online comics using an internet connection. This is because it is published on a website that contains online comics.

Technological developments like today make it possible to read comics anywhere and anytime. Only armed with a smartphone in the hands of friends can enjoy comics online.

Comic Function

Comics have a function in human life for both children and adults. There are at least four functions of comics as follows:

1. Entertaining

Comics are basically made to entertain anyone. It doesn’t matter if it’s children, teenagers or adults, the function of comics is to entertain. The entertainment offered by comics is a collection of static images that have a unique storyline.

2. Educate

Besides functioning as an entertainer, comics are also a tool to educate the life of the nation and state. From comics with historical backgrounds, for example, it teaches intelligence to comic fans. Besides that, many comic makers channel teaching in comics. Of course, comics play an important role in educating the children of a country.

3. Preaching

Yes, comics function as a channel of information to people who don’t know about it. From the comics that are made, comic fans get new information about something. Comics are indeed informative but with a more unique delivery.

4. Train Sync

Having comics for comic creators and fans is really cool. This is because comics invite to unite abstract text and real static visualization in accordance with the storyline. Comics train the brain to keep synchronizing ideas in every text and image conversation.

5. Filling the Day with Happiness

It is undeniable that comics have filled childhood with fun and happiness. When I was little, just reading comics, my friends felt very happy. In the past, didn’t you remember that your friends were always waiting for the latest edition of Doraemon comics, which were published on an ongoing basis? It’s a happy moment isn’t it?

Comic Examples

The following is an example of a comic that you already know about the definition, characteristics, types and functions. Now comrades, here are examples of comics based on their types.

1. Educational Comics

2. Comic Biography

3. Adventure Comics

4. Puppet Comics

5. Humor Comics

So that’s how the discussion about the meaning of comics comes down to the examples as above. Oh yes, for friends who want to have comic books, you can check the recommended books below.

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