Supervisor Position: Definition, Role, Function, and Responsibilities

SPV is – Hi You, if you are an employee in a company, you know what a supervisor is, right? However, very few people know about the important role and responsibilities of a supervisor, right? Inside the company there is an organizational structure as the basis for a company to operate normally when running its business.

Therefore, an organizational structure was created that aims so that everyone can work efficiently and optimally. The flow in the structure includes policies or ideas that are compiled, formulated, executed, and can produce a certain output, in this way the company’s goals will be achieved easily.

With this structure, the company can run and develop well. Therefore, every position in a company must have careful planning. With careful planning, it can produce the maximum strategy. Likewise with supervisors who certainly have careful planning to advance the company through human resources or marketing.

However, do you already know about supervisors or usually abbreviated as SPV? If you want to know more about supervisors, then you can see the full review in this article.

However, before discussing supervisors, it is better if we discuss the meaning of planning theory first.

Planning Theory

Planning and formulation are steps taken by managers and executed by their employees. In carrying out the execution, of course there will be supervision, that’s when the supervisor’s responsibilities are in that flow. There is one expression that has always been a guide for humans in carrying out their lives. “Today must be better than yesterday, and tomorrow must be better than today.” This expression shows that humans have a basic desire or instinct to get something better throughout their life.

In a business, it certainly requires careful planning in order to develop the business. The more developed a business, the more profits will be obtained. However, sometimes some people still don’t know how to make the right business plan. You don’t need to worry, through the Business Planning book you can find out the things that need to be considered when making a business plan.

For this reason, humans are equipped with minds, hearts, and limbs so they can strive for that goodness. However, not all human efforts will result in good. There are times when humans get success, but not infrequently also get failure.

To increase the likelihood of success, every human endeavor must be carefully planned. In planning, besides having to take into account his own strengths and weaknesses, humans must also take into account the conditions of the surrounding environment. This calculation is very useful for predicting the results to be received and the risks to be faced.

If the conditions of self and the environment are stable, the predictions made will be closer to accuracy. After planning, humans will find it easier to develop activities to get the good of life. This description confirms that planning activities cannot be separated from human life, both individually and in groups. The following are some important things that can be taken from the description above that humans have a basic desire or instinct to get something better throughout their life:

  1. Humans always want to live better.
  2. The goodness is as much as possible to be felt throughout his life.
  3. Humans should try to live better.
  4. In doing business, humans are faced with various risks.
  5. In order to anticipate risks, humans must plan.
  6. Good planning can only be produced in relatively stable situations.
  7. Based on planning, humans develop activities.
  8. Planning aims to facilitate the achievement of goals in the future.
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Referring to the 8th (eight), you can understand that every human activity always aims to improve the quality of life. If these activities are carried out jointly by a community group based on a mature plan to achieve a common goal, it is often termed development.

Thus, it can be stated that development is essentially the embodiment of basic human desires. Therefore, where humans are found, developments, however small, must also be found.

With regard to the term planning, Coleman Woodbury defines planning as “the process of preparing, in advance, and in a reasonably systematic fashion, recommendations for policies and courses of action, with careful attention given to their possible by-products, side effects, or „ spillover effects” .

Based on this understanding, planning is a series of activities that include preparation, selection of alternatives, and implementation which are carried out logically and systematically, so that the various possibilities that result can be estimated and anticipated. Observing this understanding, it can be understood that no matter how good planning is, it will always have positive and negative impacts. Therefore, every plan must be able to anticipate various possibilities that arise as a result of the implementation of the plan made.

If you want to make a plan with a communication strategy, but don’t know it yet, don’t worry. Through the book Communication Planning and Strategy, readers will know several steps in making careful planning through communication strategies. What’s more, this book is written in a language that is not too heavy, so it will be very easy to understand.

Definition of Supervisors

Managers and supervisors are often considered the same job. This may originate because both of them are tasked with making action plans, can lead people to the same goal and can assign work to subordinates. However, actually, supervisors and managers have many differences in terms of tasks, approaches, levels of management, and so on. Would you like to find out more? The following is a full review of the supervisor.

Interested in learning about supervisors, then you can get the information through books. This Manager & Supervisor book is perfect for those of you who want to become a leader in a team at the company. This book can also be used as a handle or guide so that you can become an optimal manager or supervisor.

Supervisor is a position in the corporate structure that has the power and authority to issue orders to his subordinate co-workers under the direction of his superior’s position. If seen in the organizational structure, usually the position of supervisor is between the manager and the implementing staff .

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A supervisor is required to be able to act as a bridge between the manager and the implementing staff or subordinate staff. The task of a supervisor is required to deal directly with his staff, this is to determine the smooth completion of a project or not. If the manager asks about field developments, then the supervisor understands this thoroughly.

In addition, a good supervisor usually has a high sense of empathy, always accompanies his subordinates, conveys information from managers well, and can embrace every employee under him. That way, every employee feels part of the system and can work optimally. So, it can be concluded that in addition to being responsible to the manager, a supervisor is also responsible for ensuring that the staff working under him work well. Usually, supervisors are divided into several tasks according to their competence and experience, such as production supervisors , marketing, management, and others.

Supervisory role

The word role is taken from the term theater and is an integral part of community groups. According to Wolfman (1992:10) The meaning of the role is the part we play in every situation and how to behave to align ourselves with the situation. The definition of role according to Soerjono Soekanto (2002: 243), namely the role is a dynamic aspect of the position (status) owned by a person, while status is a set of rights and obligations that a person has if a person performs the rights and obligations according to his position, then it performs a function.

In essence, the role can also be formulated as a certain set of behaviors that arise from a certain position. A person’s personality also influences how that role should be carried out.

A supervisor has a role to be responsible for supervising and managing a production and service to consumers, as well as guiding and managing his subordinate co-workers to achieve company goals. In addition, a supervisor must help his subordinates if there are problems, for example with HR staff regarding attendance.

For a number of companies, absenteeism is a factor that determines the amount of salary that employees will receive. Therefore, if there is an error regarding the attendance data, the employee will be harmed. An online employee attendance application is needed to minimize the possibility of these errors. That way, the attendance process will be easier.

So, if you want to be a great supervisor, but don’t know how, then you can find out through books. The Great Supervisor’s Book The Indonesian Supervisor’s Guide is perfect for those of you who want to become a supervisor.